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    Road Kill

    Maybe try this: You can simply pluck them. Use your hands as any tools may damage the quills. It will take a lot of time, so be patient. To clean feathers, place them in a bath of 5 parts warm water, 1 part vinegar and 1 part witch hazel. Let them soak for 24 hours. The astringents will help sanitize the feathers and kill any possible feather mites. Remove and spread out flat on a towel to dry. You can use a blow dryer to help speed this up. Also here is another link for you: http://globalflyfisher.com/tiebetter/preserving-feathers/ Hope this helps.
  2. For sure, i have found the guys on this site more willing to help and seem much more friendly then that other site. Also good to hear from you again. I hope you are doing well and hope the trout gods have been kind to you. Again thank you.
  3. I am in for sure, So I will take a stab in the dark here and ask.........Remy?
  4. So I have to admit.... my father inlaw wanted to go check it out so I went along. So here we go, busy, busy, busy.... a lot stuff very over priced as many have mentioned,but to the meat and potatoes of his trip. Fly fishing or should I say the lack that there of. The "fly shop" was a tiny little corner of the store. VERY little selection ( most of what they had was BP own brand ). One of the staff members was very pleasant but seemed to be more interested in my opinion of the "fly shop". Which I did not mind maybe with enough feed back this section will grow. So I have to be honest and say I will continue to shop at my local shops for all my needs ( they ( BP ) just don't have what I am looking for ), but might go in for a walk about if I am down there. I wish all the best of luck to the store and mall because of the employment for the area. Oh Ricky33, I sure missed my walk around sausage.
  5. For sure! ( but I have to admit I am kind of a noob ) ( But absolutely obsessed with fly fishing ). So maybe you can teach me a thing or two If you would be so kind. By the way I ended up buying Rio gold 6 WF/F. Was at a mom and pop shop yesterday when I was in Kingston, picked it up for$ 52.00! on sale. Could pass that up.
  6. Thanks again for the tip schnipster, And yes i am the same Bow Man. Do you go by the same name on OFF?
  7. Wonderful story, you are a lucky man to have such beautiful neighbors. So am i right to think that santa will bring something nice to him for christmas.
  8. Cheers schnipster, I am actually looking forward to the new learning curve with a glass rod. I think I will stick to 6 weight line, just not sure on which brand yet.
  9. No I got from amazon $ 26.23 delivered!! Could not pass that up. So would 6 weight be ok for this rod? Or do I need to go with 7 weight? I have read that it is not very good with 5 but I thought 6 might be ok, The specs say 5/6 weight. Thanks for the link.
  10. So i am looking for suggestions on some fly line for a 8 foot glass rod ( 6 weight ). I have never used a glass rod so wnat to be sure to "load" it up with the right line. F.Y.I it is a Eagle Claw Featherlight glass rod i picked up for $26.00. Cheers.
  11. The 20th you say well i know what i am doing....... getting my free sausage and hanging with the boys at grimsby tackle! Always free sausage and hot dogs at Grimsby tackle, and great guys to boot.
  12. Sorry to hear you boys did not have much luck, but still better then me...... you where at least out on the water, i had to work all weekend.
  13. Bow Man


    Thank you Coachman, I really think I will have to give this a go sometime. Sorry for my ignorance what is a "bread" fly?
  14. Bow Man


    Question for all you fine gentlemen... do any of you fish for carp on the fly? If so what flies are you using? Thought it would be a amazing fight on the fly. TightLines
  15. Congrats, and welcome to the obsesssion.
  16. Best of luck guys, have a great time and take lots of Pics. ( jealous ).
  17. When is this store opening??? Any confirmed dates yet?
  18. Wow looks amazing, thank you for sharing will try to get out ( depending on work schedule ).
  19. What is this?? I have not heard of this , please do tell? Sorry for my ignorance. cheers
  20. Just last year I sold off all my airsoft gear ( airsoft = B.B's ). played for years. Also did a lot of woodsball. Put preferred airsoft.
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