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    Very nice, I just ordered my 8' 5-6 weight, got it for a steal online $26.73 shipped to my door, cant wait to try it out. I have never fished glass so very excited to learn and try this out ( I have a Okuma SLV 5-6 kicking around I think I will use on this rod ).
  2. If you don't mind me asking, which lake was it Moody or Gibson? cheers.
  3. I will be in Niagara on the lake next weekend and wondering if any one could help me out...... Looking for some spots to do some shore fishing. ( not asking for your honey holes ) just some general areas where I might have some success. Appreciate the feed back. CHEERS.
  4. Any updates? thinking of heading up there this weekend. Just don't want to drive 1hr for nothing. cheers
  5. Anyone have any feed back, looking to head up there this weekend. ( peace bridge area). cheers
  6. Any one have any recent updates? Appreciate it. cheers
  7. Again thanks to all for the PM's I really appreciate the input/help.
  8. Thank you everyone for all the help and a big thanks to those who sent me some PM's. I greatly appreciate it all. Sorry if this topic caused a heated debate, i was not asking for everyone to just post up spots and locations. I am just a gentlemen looking to catch some wonderful trout and needed a little guidance in my pursuit. again thank you.
  9. Really like the new logo. Interested in getting a couple, please keep us informed.
  10. Thank you i understand people not wanting to give up specfics, i am not asking that i just need some "general" info to start me in the right direction. cheers.
  11. Cheers guys, I agree please PM me any info. I am very respectful and a quiet guy.
  12. Good day all, I was hoping some of you could help me out. I would like to get out and fish some small rivers and streams ( for trout ). Just recently bought a nice light setup. But I really don't know of many spots! I know about the Grand and that is about all. Please if any one could just give me some general info on some area's. Any where in the Niagara region is good. I live in Stoney Creek and will travel 1 hr in any direction. I am not asking for any of your "honey" holes just a point in the right direction. If you prefer you can PM me instead. I really appreciate and help. Cheers Bow Man
  13. Was there last weekend, a got skunked! talked to other guys and all the same.
  14. Anyone ..... please can any one tell me what it is like up there . Dont want to to drive 1 hr to be disappointed. thank you.
  15. What are the conditions of the upper right now? Is it fishable? Any body have some pics. Looking to head out around the train bridge area. Cheers and thanks.
  16. Nice.... so when are you going to take out some forum members????
  17. Cheers guys, any more feedback or help would be greatly appreciated. Also would drifting flies work on the upper? thanks again.
  18. How are the trout this time of year in the Upper? What is the best area up there for them? Oh i will be onshore. Appreciate any help or feedback. Cheers.
  19. Thanks for posting... interesting, So by these charts it might also mean that using red power pro line will be less visible then the green. Red fades out at 3m compared to green which has a deeper depth before becoming less visible.
  20. Bow Man

    True Or False

    Nice place to browse, but I will continue to spend my money with my local shop. But I am sure this will hurt some local shops ( that is sad ). I like to shop where the people are fisherman, not salesman. On a side note they have a big fish tank for the kids.
  21. Cheers, I think i will go for a lesson first, but if I decide on Ross will get in touch with you. thanks again.
  22. Thank you all very much, will defiantly look into lessons. and thanks again. Cheers
  23. Just looking for suggestions on some good outfits for a noob, looking for a 9' 6 weight combo. Since it is my first/learning rod was looking to spend $250-$275.00. Open to all input and feedback. Cheers
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