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  1. Welland River is hit and miss for me. I usually can get a pike and/or bass or 2 trolling in my kayak. Lots of people catching walleye and other things on worms/worm harnesses. Cut bait will also likely do well in there. We went out for a couple hours the other night with lures and got skunked. People using bait were doing alright though.
  2. Hope everyone has been having a great summer! I spent most of the summer fishing for bass this year, I thought I'd post a few pics from trips up north. This first one is a personal best Large Mouth (I think). It was close to 23 inches long on the tap measure, caught this one back in July in Ahmic. These next photos are from our backwoods camping trip in Temagami last week. Can't wait to head back up there next year. Caught a massive amount of smallies all day and all night for 3 days. Great fishing! Next time I will stay longer and target the Pike, Walleye and Trout that are up there. Not sure I will get back up north much before winter now, so back to fishing Niagara.
  3. How did you make out at Gravelly Bay? I always forget the fish sanctuary ends mid July, I'd love to get out there before summer ends.
  4. Just posted in the kayak fishing forum. I'm only posting when I catch bigger or more interesting fish, but the fishing in Welland has been fun! Going up north next week, so should have a good report from that.
  5. Got out twice yesterday, started in the morning on the Welland River. Water is pretty clear up towards the aqueduct, lots of fish swimming around (bass and carp). Caught 5 fish in the morning including a decent Large Mouth and a Pike. Took a buddy back out out with me for his first time kayak fishing in the evening along the rec canal and caught a bunch of smallies, including this beauty (close to 20 inches on the tape measure). If you are out there in your kayak this summer and see me, come say hi! Geoff
  6. It's been a while since I've posted....I need to post more often. Well, 5 minutes into my trip on the Welland River tonight I caught a pike, which is what I was looking for. Here is a GoPro video if you want to check it out: https://youtu.be/UAUpjYTFp9s I spent the rest of the time looking for a giant pike/musky that passed the front of my boat, possibly chasing my lure. Biggest thing I've ever seen...it's still out there. But I now have faith the welland river contains some true monster fish after seeing this thing swim under my boat. I don't even know how I would have landed it, it's head was the same size as my dogs (she is a lab)!
  7. I got out with my buddy Eric once for the first time on the weekend (just got my license). It was a great day, I did see one bird (likely a hen) and we heard 2 gobbling in the morning. Wish I could have gotten out more, but will in the fall. I don't have many options down here in Niagara so have to rely on friends taking me to other friends properties for now. I'll have fun shooting my bow all summer getting ready for fall though. Here's a pic of the day, and some decoys...
  8. Thanks guys, I will look into all of these. I work in Hamilton so that might be an option as well. I might sign up to a couple different clubs if I can.
  9. I'm doing the One Stop there, I'll check out the archery range too. Thanks!
  10. Hi folks, I'm looking to practice shooting my bow, does anyone have any suggestions as to where we can practice target shooting around Niagara? I'm in Welland, I know about a few clubs and conservation areas, but if anyone can recommend a good area/club to practice I would be very grateful. I'm willing to sign up to a club and get lessons even. I'm learning to shoot a compound bow and want to take it serious this year.
  11. I just got back from up north again, I might have to try the welland river again one day this week before I go up again, see what's going on. I'm reading in the other posts that it's been raining a lot here and the water is high, that could make it harder to find the pike. I'd like to try Erie again soon too.
  12. I haven't been out in a while. I'm going back up north for a few days and might try the river again when I get back. I could only seem to get them on a live target baitball (jerk bait) the last time I went out. Different story up north though - always get them on a mepps comet up there...bigger ones too. You can find them hugging the shore line sometimes or hanging around under trees and overhangs.
  13. That's a good idea about the paddle. I need to upgrade mine, maybe I'll look into one of those. It's crazy how the gopro plastic can be so junky when it costs so much eh?
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