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  1. Port is frozen up in docks but out towards mouth there is open water, not very thick ice I could kick my boot through it
  2. Was up last week, had a tough time other than Five finger rapidd was good as usual. As for camping we have a place, but I've heard good things about Wolsey lodge
  3. New to bass fishing the grand, would anyone be able to tell me where is a good spot to launch my boat?
  4. Was fishing Saturday at port D Straight out from the docks and one of my buddies left his rod behind and noticed it when he got home. It is a Mitchell Avocet reel with a Shakespeare rod. Hoping someone grabbed it. Thanks
  5. One of the toughest parts of the French, the slot size! Nice pics!
  6. Good for the two boaters to go over and take a picture.. People like that should never be allowed to fish again. That kind of stuff is crap whether you fish for the species or not
  7. Who can prove that one man caught all the fish though? Always wondered about that
  8. 55 per team or per person? And since its 3 fish, conservation licenses can participate as well correct?
  9. looks like it was well worth it. gotta love a great day on the open water
  10. looks beautiful.. what kind of camera?
  11. really eh? come on! maybe because theres so many other options to sled on with all the trails
  12. pretty neat to see the view from space, imagine ripping across superior on a sled
  13. Thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it! Cant wait for bass season now!
  14. Thanks, I ended up going with a 6'6 med heavy rod with a 6:3.1. I got a pretty good deal and couldn't pass it up. Now time to start practicing!! just gonna put a big sinker on the end and practice flipping into a garbage can or something, is that the best way?
  15. Ive always used spinning rods and want to try a baitcasting rod this year for flipping and pitching tubes and senkos. What gear ratio, length and action would you suggest? trying to keep the cost down of course. Thanks
  16. not sure but i heard that fishing world is all out. might want to call before you drive to hamilton
  17. cant wait to fish for cats, great fish
  18. there were a few huts when I drove by on the highway today
  19. rough day for this guy aswell.. hopefully tomorrow will bring some better luck
  20. Alright thanks. I looked and didnt see any. and one of my buddies asked me if I was in for a fishing trip, and I can't say no! I'll make sure to bring lots of bugspray. Thanks alot!
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