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  1. It's exercise isn't it? Exercise is one reason to leave the house that is "permitted
  2. Thats a great spot to fish. Me and my brother call it "The spot", and make a habit of not telling anyone new where it is
  3. Morgans point you have to hunt in a boat. Minimum 500 yards off shore i believe. Lots of people hunt it from boats and have decent luck on a calm enough day.
  4. Largemouth in niagara are few and far between unfortunately, with spots from shore being even tougher to find. Smallmouth are more likely. You can try beaverdams road area, lots of water there to cover. Welland river also. Good luck!
  5. Hey all, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a larger place to rent for a fishing weekend. Every year a group of us (12-15) head up north at the end of september for a fishing weekend. We have been staying at a summer camp basically in a dorm type of building. This year it looks like the place we go may not be doing rentals. looking for a place on a lake, with a boat launch close by. Nothing fancy at all, just big enough to fit our group for sleeping and eating, and a lake to fish in with a dock for 3 boats. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks All
  6. What lake were you on? I fished Tobin lake in Saskatchewan about 10 years ago. Some of the largest pike I have ever caught. Looks like you had an awesome time! Great pics.
  7. Theres good pike fishing there too. Used to be just muskie, but apparently there was some sort of accident and pike were released and they kinda took over. Regular baits for pike and bass work well
  8. I got my boat batteries at pro battery shops on hwy 20 by the allanburg bridge. They were pretty knowledgeable in pointing me to the best battery for my needs. Maybe give them a call and see what they recommend. Pricing was decent as well.
  9. Nice turkey Gunner. Way to go!
  10. received_506031810287356.mp4
  11. Just a straight shank hook. I buy them with the eye opened. Cut the treble hook off and then bend the new hooks eye closed. Works amazing. Can Texas rig a twister tail and they are almost weedless. I like the single hook mostly cause I hate unhooking 3 hooks from a fish (usually 1 in the top lip and 2 in the bottom so the fish mouth wont open).
  12. #5 maps black fury with a single hook (no treble hook). My number one lure, caught more fish on it than any other lure I own.
  13. Thanks for clearing it up. I only ever hunt the controlled hunt. Not an archery guy. Good to know incase I ever take it up though. Thanks again
  14. Thanks Gene. I was wondering if that was the case. So if you tagged out in Archery season you would have to go get a second tag though? (I didnt tag out, just curious). Thanks again.
  15. Just curious if anyone can help me out with my controlled hunt tag. I have successfully been given a tag for this weeks hunt. Usually they mail the tags. This year I didnt get a tag in the mail, but wasnt worried because of the new print at home system. When I log in online it says I have a tag in my licenece summary, but theres no way to print it. I have been able to print all my other tags. Anyone else have this problem? Do I need to go get a tag printed at Canadian tire or something? Hoping to hunt tomorrow, so hopefully can get this resolved today. Thanks in advance.
  16. That's a nice buck Markster. Congrats!
  17. I hope they dont become a problem. That being said, I wouldn't mind if one walked past my deer blind while I was hunting...
  18. Pretty sure this is a catalpa tree. My Dad always loved these trees. Can cut a branch off, and stick it in the ground and you get a new tree. Have to trim them way back every year or they will get huge real fast. Pain to take those leaves up in the fall.
  19. It's a beautiful duck whatever it is...
  20. Canadian tire can help you as well, but has to be during regular business hours during the week because they have to call and verify they can print the tag. Same thing happened to me with my deer tag.
  21. I'm sure it will be tough getting back into your groove without your dog, but once your out there and ducks are flying I'm sure you'll be right back at it. I'm up for hunting with you again for sure. I will make sure to be available before it gets icy out this year though. Lol
  22. Well, just over a month till the season opens. Anyone getting excited yet? I cant wait. Looking for different spots this year, as last year was tough for me. Cant wait to give it a go!
  23. I always liked fishing the south east shore there. Not too many people fish it and can get some bass in there. Dont forget there are the clay pits to the east of bessy rd, as well as the quarry ponds east of cement plant rd. Both require a bit of a hike in. Never had luck in the clay pits, but the quarry ponds I've had a little luck in. Some decent carp in there too.
  24. Lol, so true. I have missed so many bass in my life fishing top water. Top water pike is great though, they always hammer it. Always get a good hook up with pike on top water.
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