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  1. I got out Sunday afternoon for a couple hours, launched my boat in Port Dalhousie, had 3 hits but only caught 1, was about an 18 Pound Brown great fight. I caught it in 40 FOW, down 22FT. between Port Dalhousie and the Beacon
  2. well this sucks take the day off to go fishing and to windy to set the Hut up damn lol
  3. Beauty fish, congrats well done
  4. looks awesome, great job thanks for sharing
  5. sorry I only read the part where he wanted a place to charge his battery at night my mistake .
  6. I was fishing at PC Marina on Saturday, trying out my new Marcum VS385C Camera. There was a beautiful almost identical Rainbow sitting with its mouth inches from my minnows for a good 3 to 4 minutes but he did not take it, was sure awesome to watch though. I also saw 4 pike one very large that hit but I lost and lots of perch in the 4 hours I was set up there.
  7. even though your a habs fan still awesome fish congrats
  8. question if you don't mind, how much line do you guys let out from your cannon ball to the worm harness. I have been hearing everything from 10ft to 90ft?
  9. I had my boat docked at the Kitwat Marina for a week at the end of July, as I took my wife and kids to Sauble Beach for the week. Kitwat Marina is on the Sauble River. In the mornings I fished by myself just anchoring on the river using worms and caught lots of nice bass and a few perch. During the day I took the kids tubing /Skiiing in the lake. Every night we went out just after dinner and did the same as I did in the morning, just anchored and used worms. Everyone caught lots of bass and some perch, most were a decent size. By the end of the week we had an awesome fishfry.
  10. Dutchie

    Local Cats

    just curious if anyone has tried eating any of these cats out of the harbour?
  11. I will take a few for sure Cliff
  12. The weekend can't get here fast enough good luck all
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