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  1. Where did you send your deer for processing?
  2. Trying to figure out who you are but yeah didn’t post that here. but Here is the winter soldier on the wall. Last years buck.
  3. Thanks gents. That one had me shaking and my blood was pumping. What a RUSH!
  4. I’m sharing here good shotgun hunt, 930 this morning.234lbs.
  5. Was out that day, similar results. Milkshake.
  6. Don’t forget to make sure your reel size should be larger ..........10 colours takes up a lot of space, especially if you segment them.
  7. It's the free yearly internship that we do for the government now. But we pay for it.
  8. Foggy. Can't even see it. Check the ice boom cam.
  9. I also used the online function but with no issues. You should be able to go back in and print it.
  10. Sw wind and cold weeks ahead a couple calm days and the bays will be back in business. Sorry frank not yet lol. I hope.
  11. If we are not fishing Erie by then I will show.
  12. 50 perch and 50 cormorants on the way in. What a day on Erie.😂
  13. Not charging this week as the east "landing" is under repair. They said starting to charge next week. I didn't get a ticket yesterday.
  14. I didn't try it but there is no bag and it looks operational. 15 bucks!
  15. Just gobbles this morning around 6ish then nothing. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.
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