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  1. Where did you send your deer for processing?
  2. Trying to figure out who you are but yeah didn’t post that here. but Here is the winter soldier on the wall. Last years buck.
  3. Thanks gents. That one had me shaking and my blood was pumping. What a RUSH!
  4. I’m sharing here good shotgun hunt, 930 this morning.234lbs.
  5. Was out that day, similar results. Milkshake.
  6. Don’t forget to make sure your reel size should be larger ..........10 colours takes up a lot of space, especially if you segment them.
  7. It's the free yearly internship that we do for the government now. But we pay for it.
  8. Foggy. Can't even see it. Check the ice boom cam.
  9. I also used the online function but with no issues. You should be able to go back in and print it.
  10. Sw wind and cold weeks ahead a couple calm days and the bays will be back in business. Sorry frank not yet lol. I hope.
  11. If we are not fishing Erie by then I will show.
  12. 50 perch and 50 cormorants on the way in. What a day on Erie.😂
  13. Not charging this week as the east "landing" is under repair. They said starting to charge next week. I didn't get a ticket yesterday.
  14. I didn't try it but there is no bag and it looks operational. 15 bucks!
  15. Just gobbles this morning around 6ish then nothing. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.
  16. You can't honestly believe that a Merc product is any different than a non Merc product.....as we know that they don't make oil and lubricants etc. They just set specs and have their sticker put on it. Those specs are the same as what other manufacturers have to also produce against. Whether it be for small water craft or oil injection systems.....etc.etc. $ $ $.... My warranty is up on my Optimax. Time to use Pennzoil marine premium plus without the premium price for my oil injection.
  17. I've only purchased that type of fuel in Springville on the way skiing. Don't know about off the reserve. I think there is a website that lists stations with ethanol free gas. That's how I found out.
  18. Naw we were hunting a farm property west of wainfleet that a buddy has permission on. Guy that came in was from the south used a flashlight.......I walked way in on Willo with no result thursday also. One other truck there white ford.
  19. Been out 3 times, one afternoon and a couple early mornings. Only Hens and some gobbles that didn't produce. My buddy got one on the opener. There were at least 15 in the trees on the one property we hunted Saturday but they were spooked by someone who decided to "quietly" walk in under their roosting spot. Lot's more time.
  20. No one is wrong in today’s society......It’s climate change now LOL. Reality is the earth goes through cycles. Is it because of humans or too much cow methane? Whatever.
  21. Sudbury 2.5 feet as of last week. I took the snowmobile out today! But yeah wish the weather would make up its mind. Perch and Turkey are calling!
  22. Bows only nation soon, should be real easy for ducks. NOT. I hear shotgun fire in my back yard all the time. It makes me feel alive......and wishing I had permission to be shooting with them. They were after the coyotes this weekend past is my guess.....what else?
  23. Not broken, the high water level along with the wind let the ice float right over top. It is still in place.
  24. I'm sure they'll lay off once they can tax the pot heads. That is a whole new market of untapped taxes just waiting to be had. LOL. Go to the US for some gas and beer. 60 bucks for 3 cases at duty free and pay 11 bucks each for duty. Have some chicken wings when you are over there. I doubt things will get better.
  25. Depends I guess. Turkeys see colour but from everything I'm reading the key is no movement. I'm staying clear of HStone NpCa.
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