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  1. Should be fine. Heads up there is a snowstorm
  2. I’m not certain, but I feel like if you’re casting 3/4oz spoons or heavier mostly, the baitcaster might be able to outcast the spinning reel. Your best bet would be a musky or full size baitcaster, I use an abu Garcia ambassador that’s pretty nice. With 15 or 20 lb braid you should be able to haul that thing. Not sure you’d want to be casting a 10-11’ rod all night, and baitcaster in the dark is a bit harder to deal with.
  3. Ostrich head in the sand syndrome? One cold winter after a few warm ones doesn't mean it's not real lol. And I know I'm going to get a lot of flak from the old boys on here who can't own up to the fact they've screwed up, and don't want to change their ways.
  4. River is mud and jammed with ice. Need I say more?
  5. Read this https://www.ontario.ca/page/fishing-limits-size-restrictions-and-catch-and-release It says "fish caught during a closed season must be immediately released in the manner that causes the least harm to the fish". Certainly not crap I don't think. Coming straight off the MNRF website.
  6. Taking a picture is not immediate release, which it must be for lakers right now as well as sturgeon
  7. I see what you're getting at Roman but Tyler is right, the garbage is not directly placed there by humans. Cleaning up can't hurt though, as eventually that garbage will end up back in the river when the water raises. Theoretically, all the garbage in the great lakes basin will end up in the niagara
  8. I saw the paid parking thing for the glen, didn't know it was for the pool too!?! Should lower crowds a bit anyway. But still hate NP for all the crap they've done to screw up the river.
  9. Maybe a dumb idea, but...learn to cast with your arm without tennis elbow? (assuming you don't have it in both elbows)
  10. No experience with an elbow injury, but wondering, is it the motion of the fly cast? Can you do the motion without a rod in hand? If so, maybe a 7-8ft rod built lightly would be better. just an idea
  11. Catfish


    Are the ones for larger fish like broom sticks? I'm not familiar with tenkara, but isn't it impossible for the fish to run, as the line is just attached to the rod tip?
  12. All the flies that I've caught fish on are heavily weighted. I hope to get a carp on a dry fly soon though, but will have to get lucky.
  13. Thanks everyone. @smerchly No scent added, they don't seem to care too much anyway, but it may help. I can't imagine they smell that good to a fish, with the head cement and my natural scent that I leave on everything while tying.
  14. Fly fished carp yesterday morning for the fourth time, was very tough fishing. Found a stacked spot where pods of 6-10 fish were slurping across the surface but couldn't get any to take a dry. Did manange to sight fish two late morning, one being a decent 20-25lb carp that took me to within a few turns of my backing.
  15. Been using an 8 weight with 8lb fluoro tippet.
  16. Awesome fish there. I will be fishing tomorrow morning probably
  17. They sure did put up good fights, and yes I do tie many of my flies, particularly the streamers.
  18. Thanks to Flycarp for helping me get my first carp, and on the fly! Thank you for the advice and flies. I ended up going 2/3. Awesome meeting you. #1
  19. Catfish

    First Wraps

    Looks nice and classy. I've been doing single pewter trim bands on each end of the guide on a build I've been working on. Definitely makes the guide look good.
  20. Haven't fished the credit this early in the year ever. But the water is probably gonna be up a bit and little off coloured from the precip and melt off. The loafer may not have the stability needed since it's a bigger trib, but should be fine in the slower water. Depends onclarity, if it's gin (which I doubt) I'd go for the 4 lb. Me being more of a power angler, if its not clear I'd go for 6 or 8 lb.
  21. I ordered from this guy twice and both have been good experiences. His 'the best' cork is pretty nice but I hear bogos on ebay has nicest around.
  22. Cool. Nice work Cliff. Do you have any original IMX blanks left around?
  23. Bronte is closed after Dec. 31 unless I'm missing something. Only from lakeshore rd to the lake is open I believe
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