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  1. The NPCA has a survey online about the Wainfleet Wetlands and Quarry Hunting is allowed at the wetlands and I would encourage anyone who hunts there (or might in the future) to fill out the survey to highlight the importance of hunting access. I know there's been more interest lately for visiting the Quarry and the beach close by, but good to remind the NPCA that hunting is important too. Survey is online until March 22 https://getinvolved.npca.ca/wainfleet-wetlands-public-awareness?tool=survey_tool#tool_tab
  2. Spencer Ray in Caistor Centre http://www.birddogs.ca/wingshooting
  3. We hunted 89B, ended up with 2 bucks a doe and a yearling/fawn. Saw tons of deer at some properties and zero at others. I missed a big buck Tuesday AM, and got this nice 10 point Friday afternoon on a push.
  4. Hunted yesterday and got a dove, pigeon and goose before lunch. Put the birds on ice and hunted the rest of the day and managed one more pigeon. Saw a few flocks of geese and would have liked to get a couple more birds down but I'm really happy to be on the board.
  5. We managed 3 doves and a lot of misses. Didn't hear or see any geese though so I'm still not sure what my plan for Saturday will be. Great to be back out hunting though that's for sure.
  6. I bought some last year at Fishing World, this year I picked some up at Sail.
  7. I'll be out Thursday after work for my first goose hunt of the season. Plan on hunting most of the weekend for geese but probably go after doves during the afternoon. Hopefully get out sometime this weekend to do a bit of scouting. Getting really excited!!
  8. Great photos, nice job fishing through the elements! I'm also interested in what area you were fishing. I went up for a 3 day weekend and stayed in Wolsely Bay back in mid-June, we hooked limits of pike and 4 walleye plus plenty of out of season bass. Beautiful part of Ontario.
  9. Targeted doves a few times last year and had a lot of fun. We would post a shooter at various spots around a cut field (corn, wheat, beans, whatever) and have a hunter and a dog walk the fence rows and push through any bush. Doves would flush and fly to another spot in the fencerow where hopefully another hunter was waiting near by. Also had the chance to hunt over a pair of mojo doves and quickly ran through a box of shells, tons of fun. Throughout the season also harvested a few by chance as they flew over our field goose set ups. Last year I shot Challenger 12 Gauge, 2 3/4" #7s and they wo
  10. Congratulations, great job! Good to see some success.
  11. I saw a few hens and one jake while hunting all day Saturday. I heard two toms gobbling throughout the day, and moved around a bit but couldn't get them to come out. The hens and the jake I saw were completely silent. I'll hopefully be back at it next Saturday with a slightly revised gameplan. Goodluck everyone!
  12. Me too, I've had good luck with Federal Sabot Slugs so I was hoping for similar results. I also tried some of the other cheaper brands that unfortunately didn't work very well. Just need to find a zip tie or some string for my tag and I'm all set for Saturday. Wish I could get out on Friday but I just started a new job and will have to be a weekend warrior for the next little while.
  13. Spent some time at the range this morning testing out some ammo. My Remington 870 liked Winchester Supreme 3" #5 and Federal #6 with Flight Control about the same at 25 yards, and the federals outshot the winchesters as the distance increased. Also did some scouting on Friday and found lots of good sign and heard some gobbling the next woodlot over. Getting pretty excited!
  14. Thanks for the tip, that was my plan. Years ago I went to Costa Rica on a field course and they recommended permathrin applications for all our clothes. It worked wonders on all the tropical bugs hoping for similar results against the ticks.
  15. This will be my first turkey season and I'm getting pretty excited. I've secured a promising property in Haldimand and have been trying to do some scouting here in Niagara. Just picked up a few more brands of turkey ammo to test out at the range this weekend. I have some strong American DEET/Permathrin to hopefully control any bugs that survived the cold, But have been considering picking up a thermacell to take care of any mosquitos, we'll see what the spring brings.
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