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  1. i plan on eating it... im not the type thatd waste our resourses
  2. noahterfry


    anyone know where I could catch some gars this spring? I have never caught one before and I was thinking of either fly fishing for them or bowfishing... any suggestions are accepted thanks
  3. nice pike, we pulled out a few small ones out of there while ice fishin
  4. I memorized the regulations of the areas that I fish
  5. I was talkin with a guy yesterday at the boat launch. he said he hooked a huge one
  6. we were in between the aqueduct and the canal, free boat launch and parking
  7. Went out again today with the old man this time. We were out for about 3 hours before my battery was starting to go dead and we decided to head back. we managed to score one walleye on a crankbait trolling with the current on the lowest speed on my electric motor in my cartopper. Pretty good day fishing. http://s1282.photobucket.com/user/noahterfry/media/firstwellandriverwalleyeJuly27_zps12cdf92b.jpg.html?sort=3&o=10
  8. went on the river in my 12ft aluminum yesterday for about two hours trolling a worm harness and a crankbait. with in 2 minutes from the launch we got one on my brothers crankbait but forgot the net so it popped off at the boat. pretty cool though considering it was his first pickerel. might go out again today!
  9. did u happen to hit your head? I know those are signs of a concusion.
  10. Does anyone have any experience bowfishing? What do you do with the carp after? I am saving my money to get a bow but I want more info. thanks
  11. went there today, caught a few decent ones from shore and a snapping turtle...
  12. noahterfry


    my brother caught one of those on the fly... lol
  13. personally I think the fine should be huge for poaching.
  14. id like to know the same, the way they have it is ridiculous. there should be a map on the signs.
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