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  1. I got a few baby channel cats and drum the other night. Saw a few carp just a few feet from shore as well
  2. We are going to need to make a concentrated effort to clean up after these people. My first trip back to my favourite spot (back in Niagara after a few years up North) and there was more garbage there than I have ever seen, all fishing stuff. I biked -without a garbage bag- am going back tomorrow to clean it up. Just have to hope we make an impression before an impression is made to the public that fishermen aren't being responsible.
  3. My favourite thing about Bass Pro Shop is the tank, and the Mounted Bowfin (didn't think such a thing existed). I definitely prefer the authentic feel of Peter's tackle much more and they keep adding to the carp stuff . It is also much closer to my work, and I've been going there since I started fishing.
  4. Beautiful Bowfin! I will have to start trying for them at night. Good Luck on your last night out.
  5. Welcome Pro P1Ke I haven't had any luck with the bowfin yet. They will definitely be out in the summer. Last year I started catching them in June, but I haven't tried going for them in the spring until this year. Good luck catching them, they put up a great fight
  6. Not to mention the expenses as well, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have stepped on rods taking a picture, snagged lures, gotten seasick all over the deck, and gas ain't cheap It takes a some knowledge to be able to go and catch a certain type of fish, it takes a lot more to teach someone else how to catch the fish, especially 7 days a week. I have the utmost respect for these guys.
  7. I have never had a problem with this, I also use 20lb braid and a wire leader if that makes a difference. (they can easily bite through 20lb braid....and hooks) They are really hard to grip for pictures because they are so slimy and it's very difficult to get under their gill plate like some other toothy fish. Their head is all bone and they close their gill plate tightly when threatened. I've been meaning to try out landing gloves to see if they help, but I haven't caught one for a while.
  8. That's exactly what I've been doing I haven't tried minnows before though, just worms. Do minnow stay on the hook better? Go for the thickest weeds, if you are catching bass, you are in the right spot.
  9. I think he means dropping them back into the water from the bridge, a fall like that would seriously harm the fish (even the small ones).
  10. Went there today, got a couple bullheads, white perch and sunfish I went in the (upper?) pond area and there were lots of weeds but there was enough room to cast in, landing might be a problem for anything big.
  11. Don't try it with bowfin either their teeth might not be noticeable but they can certainly bite through line.... and hooks I would hate to see what they could do to someone's hand
  12. Don't know if a close up would help Thanks for all the help, It would probably be a lot easier to Identify if I didn't hold it by the hook, will be corrected next time I think it's a hybrid, never thought sunfish would be so hard to identify Edit- looks similar to this http://bigbluegill.com/photo/big-hybrid-bluegill-from?xg_source=activity (a little smaller though)
  13. Hello I'm new to the forums and to fishing as well. I have caught sunfish before and I know I've caught a bluegill and many pumpkinseeds before, but this doesn't look much like either. Is it a Green Sunfish or some type of Hybrid. It's the biggest Sunfish I've ever caught and I'm quite happy about it. Edit- I want to know since I want to try catching as many different species as possible at this point.
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