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  1. What’s that copper looking thing under it?
  2. The fish must be on the move smerch. Nice hole is your finger. Ouch!!
  3. Thanks a lot fishingking. Is there a place to launch a yak around that area?
  4. Anyone been out on the lower? Thinking about taking my yak out and trolling up river from the mouth area. I’ll try cranks and worm harnesses. I know the 🐑 heads will be out to play but hopefully I can run into some catts and walleye.
  5. The hospital should have an express lane. No need to wait 9 hours for a fish hook removal. Glad your ok smerch. Take it easy for a few days.
  6. Hope you still have your finger smerch
  7. Results are in 4 biggest fish. Tyler 93lbs ✔️ John 66.5lbs i don’t know how I can top that session but gotta start doing some homework. Round 2 probably starting around July 01.
  8. Oops posted the wrong video. Nice vid though. I’ll get the right one.
  9. It’s Canadian carp society. It’s a paid membership so not sure if you can follow it without being a member. Check the site out or even you tube to see what it’s about.
  10. The official totals haven’t been counted yet but I think I took the match. An absolute epic day. That was harder then 12 hours at work. I’m cooked and my arms feel like their going to fall off. Last ten min of the match rod goes of and this thing will not come in. what do you know another rods goes off. Lost that one because the one I had would not come in. It ended up being the biggest fish of the day at 24lb 5oz and MY NEW PB. Had a ton of fun fishing against John from the “angler files”(YouTube) he was on fish most the day also.
  11. No prob Norton. Better then seeing you at the bottom of the harbor like these two idiots that just sank their sportspal. Fishing has been unreal today. 3-4 fish in the net or sling all day pretty much I can’t make a video and weigh them before another rod goes off. Had 4 in my net and had to pull the rods out so I could deal with the fish I had. Kayakers/canoes crashing my lines all day. Had one girl get tangled up in my lines and when reeling one in the other one goes off. Strong south/west wind today.
  12. Got to the swim this morning at 4:00am for a 5am start time. I’m fishing a 12hr challenge series with “CANADIAN CARP SOCIETY”. 30 guys competing 1vs1 style the winner moves on. You can fish anywhere you want. Video the fish being weighed and sent it to the official. 4 heaviest fish count. Started of slow then bang a double header and another one shortly after. I believe I’m ahead 7lbs right now. Beautiful morning so glad I’m not working.
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