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  1. Another andrews 👍 hopefully he’ll be a carper like us
  2. A trailer park? That’s just Ridiculous. Sorry for your loss smerch.
  3. Shore fishing tomorrow on some northern tribs. Water is up and hopefully the 1st decent run came in.
  4. I don’t remember what my old baitrunner was but it was a 3000 series and was enough line capacity to handle pretty much anything. I used it for salmon, cats and carp.
  5. I’m looking forward to fall fishing smerch 👍
  6. Is it like this every year? Lake O beautiful all summer long then September 1st comes and I don’t think I’ve seen Grimsby buoy under 1’ (2’ wave).
  7. You’re right smerch. Don’t think I’ve seen worms all summer. Good luck out there. do you fish a worm harness on a 3-way?
  8. Jesse is Canadian carpers name
  9. Just looked at it closer and the Canadian flag is in front of it. Definitely Canadian carpers van.
  10. lol nice. Looks like Canadian carpers van. He’s the one that was putting the Lorne Morley meet up on every year. I kinda want some personalized plates. Gotta think of something
  11. Good deed smerch. The fish gods will be on your side next time you’re out.
  12. Nice reel and beautiful fish smerch. I gotta get out soon
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