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  1. A couple epic catches from this tourney. Both state side beautiful fan tail and a 50lb4oz common. Tons of 30’s being caught. The guy with the 50lber total weight for 4 fish is just under 159lbs.
  2. When I first looked at it I thought you caught a new species (gar perch). No pike but better then a skunk.
  3. Bags look good. I don’t put floaters in mine. Brown eggs?
  4. It’s easier to cast a bait caster with heavier floats, lures etc. I’d probably put mono on it since you’ll be float fishing with it. What rod are you putting it on? don't forget to stop the spool before your rig hits the water
  5. Very informative. We also use all those rigs here. Thanks for sharing the video.
  6. The deeper unit is a castable sonar unit. It’s connects to your phone.
  7. That’s the one I’d be looking to get. Maybe I’ll try and see if anyone has them for a black Friday sale.
  8. Smerch you always have the best contraptions. Looks like your stove will work well.
  9. Nice fish knightfisher. Banana on the boat smerch? That’s why you got skunked 🍌
  10. Anyone using the deeper sonars? Thinking I might buy one.
  11. Why make floats with a green top? Never again I’ll use one. My eyes are perfect and still hard to see Especially in foamy water.
  12. If you make a salmon fish what type of salmon would you use? Pretty sure I read you should use farmed fish since it has less Contaminants then wild fish.
  13. Fished a couple rivers yesterday. Saugeen was pretty much blown. A couple fish were caught but we left anyways. Went to Medford, water was clear but not much going on so headed to Thornbury. Water was nice lots of guys fishing. River seemed slow till we hit the fast water and Hooked around 15fish between two of us. Lost them all. The bows went ape $h!t when hooked. Trying to land them in the fast water by yourself with no net was impossible. Could’ve walked them down river but then there’s like 10 guys below you. The fight is the best part anyways. Light rain all day mostly but end up being d
  14. Tyler0420


    Nice catches. Monster pike.
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