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  1. Thanks for the replies guys I’ll have to try out a few more places.
  2. smerch you gotta try it. I always thought gross I’ll never try that. My girlfriend took me when we first got together now it’s my favorite thing to eat.
  3. For you sushi lovers out there where is the best place to get it from? sofar I like august 8 the best. my favorite roll is the Philadelphia roll. does anyone make their own? Where do you get the fish from?
  4. Dave you b*#chin out? Or an excuse to buy another setup?
  5. What slobs. Nice spinner bait though.
  6. Tyler0420


    Jack you are alive....
  7. Wish I could get out with ya. No chance of getting work off tomorrow.
  8. Tyler0420


    Monster bass. Congrats maybe we’ll get out, I’ll supply the roe.
  9. Nice photos. Hopefully you get to shoot one.
  10. Let’s Us know how the suit works out.
  11. When I went to Germany I was reading about fishing licenses. I didn’t need to write it because I was just visiting but they have an exam they have to pass.
  12. Probably a lil early but always worth a shot. Makes catching them now more rewarding. Plus it’s the Niagara you never know what you’ll get.
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