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  1. Glad you guys tracked down the owner
  2. I just got in not sure how many hours I’ve been outside pushing cars down my street, shoveled elderly people driveways, helping neighbors out. our roads are brutal. I live in new construction so “unassumed roads” the city doesn’t plow them. oh ya no fishing
  3. Fishing the river is always fun. Those river fish fight like crazy.
  4. Nice chromer 👍
  5. Any ice we did have will be a mess after yesterday/today.
  6. Nice catch. Maybe an early spawner.
  7. Still watching this video now. Amazing fish caught so far.
  8. What does tanning some pelts mean?
  9. Nice shot. Some good eats there
  10. Happy new year. this year we’ll catch lots of fish and some big ones to.
  11. Let me know if you Need anyone to split the bill with ya
  12. The only one I know and probably the best is paul castellano from cast adventures.
  13. Congrats on the catch. The upper or lower?
  14. Damn I was really hoping to see a carp pic smerch. Maybe there’s some hungry carp in the canal.
  15. Good luck today with the carp smerch
  16. Couldn’t weight them and put them back fast enough
  17. Anyone have any good outings this season? id have to say mine was a carp outing during a “challenge series “ Canadian carp society put on. I was up against a great Niagara angler (John from angler files). Had an absolute epic day. Close to 20 fish most 18lbs+. Broke my pb 3 times that day and ended up wining by 30+lbs
  18. Have a safe and happy holiday everybody 🎄 Hopefully Santa brings everyone lots of fishing gear and the fish gods are nice to us this season coming up. stay safe and enjoy the holidays NFN. Thanks for another great year.
  19. Should be done by the end of the day Bruce. Enjoy your days off.
  20. Hopefully I’ll get out carping soon before the cold really sets in.
  21. I notice that only the wealthy areas have that option of pushing your leaves to the curb for the vacuum sucker to come and suck them up. Don’t want to rich to work too hard they could break a nail.
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