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  1. That’s a monster goldfish. Nice day to be out.
  2. Congrats smerch. Some nice looking fish. 5 fish is a great day of carping.
  3. Damn I’m missing out. In two weeks a place was getting kayaks in. Now lock down who knows if I’ll be able to get one anytime soon. nice fish. Can’t wait to get out.
  4. I was there on Sunday opposite side of the piers though. Didn’t look like too many people were fishing. I’m sure there’s always fish to be had though.
  5. Anything shimano or diawa should be good. I used a diawa 3000 for a couple years before I upgraded to bit pit reels.
  6. Anyone fish the canals of lake simcoe for crappies? They should be starting to fill the canals any day now
  7. I’m hoping for some pbs this season. Hopefully I’ll be living on the bank may-oct.
  8. Ya 45-50 degrees that spot should start producing. Water was 41-42
  9. Line will be two reels .40 mono and one 30lb braid. If there’s spare spools then probably more braid and some .35-.38 mono. that’s what I’m currently running also. going to see what other guys are running before I pull the trigger
  10. Guys should only be fishing the river for catts n carp. Everything else is closed I believe. Especially trout, right to the edge of Lake Erie. The guy in the pic was coming from the launch. I’d have to check the reels but I think line cap is 390m/.40mm,540m/.35mm 3 of these coming soon. My shimano 14000 will be my spod reel.
  11. Fished yesterday For half a day with no luck. It was nice to be out. Maybe should’ve tried the canals where the water would be warmer.
  12. Nice laker. Were you trolling spoons?
  13. Happy Easter everyone. Get out there and enjoy the day
  14. Thanks DrewN. This week I should be getting 3 matching reels for my set up. Just waiting for them to come In
  15. Nice to see you get out smerch. Today was nice in the sun but still chilly. I’m thinking Sunday I’ll get out.
  16. I just ended it before anything started. Wasn’t because of any specific post. Let’s talk fishing
  17. Nothing “cheap” smerch. These are all majors carp companies not Amazon rip offs. I’ll still see if I can find you one 2nd hand.
  18. I use a 9’ med/heavy rod for everything from perch to steelhead.
  19. My rod case only holds two rods with the reels attached. My 3rd rod and spod rod I’ve just been taking the reels off and the rods fit in the case. Haven’t decided if I’m going to buy a 4 rod case or another 2 rod case. I’ve spent over 1500 in the last month on carp stuff so a bag and a new pod might have to wait till next month. I can look around for you for one someone might be getting rid of now. Looks like carpkit has them for 130-150 for a two rod case.
  20. Now you’re talking. Was out today on the upper. No luck I was fishing a mud line coming out of a creek. Then my buddy texts me and says the fish are farther out on the gravel. Only fished it for half hour before I had to leave. Wasted my whole day fishing the wrong spot. try some creeks or creek mouths. There are fish being caught.
  21. They were around when the ice was here.
  22. Thanks for the info. I’ll be purchasing one in April. Hopefully they have stock. One last question, where did you buy yours?
  23. Thanks I might just take you up on that offer. did you look at the hobie with the mirage Pdl system? Wondering how they compare.
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