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  1. You gotta get that boat out more smerch.
  2. I don’t think it was too rocky. I checked the bottom before I put bait out. Felt silty with a bit of weeds. The shoreline was a nightmare. Probably 10’ down, huge boulders plus the rain didn’t help.
  3. Yes it is. I thought more fish would of came out but we still managed around 10fish between 5 of us. This was Burlington side of hammy harbor. Fat boys did lose around 5 fish to hook pulls and a cut off.
  4. Nice. Can’t beat a leech on a drop shot. The fish can’t resist it
  5. Sounds like another great trip. I’m not really one for using lures. If I do nothing better then early morning/Late evening poppers.
  6. This is one of the guys, had a great day hanging out with Curtis
  7. Thanks I’ll msg you. Having the summer off of work doesn’t get any better then that.
  8. Nice smallie. What bait did you catch it on?
  9. Yes they said they fish port colborne, the rec, pretty much the whole canal system, martindale, cdp etc….
  10. We were lucky to only have the rain , sun and clouds. The storms seemed like they stayed around the escarpment area. I think the carp gear is going to take a rest now till the fall time. Going to try and lay the smack down on Erie eyes in the kayak, maybe even some Lake Ontario kings/bows. I have another fun tournament this Saturday coming up out of port Bruce. (Walleye) 23 boats and I think only two kayakers. Hopefully Erie will be nice to us kayakers and let us get out there.
  11. Yes smerch that’s them. Rennie is their go to spot to catch some fish and hang out under the willows. Some of them might start posting here.
  12. That would be a nice way to get home.
  13. Well that’s it for me. I had a great time and made it further then I thought I would. Only landed a 20lb carp but need 90lbs to win. Showed up to my spot in the morning and 4 vehicles were there. I’m thinking how the heck are there this many people here. Ended up being “fat boys fishing” and one of the guys was actually fishing his part of the challenge series. He lost also but put up a good battle. He ended up with 50lbs of fish but needed over 80lbs to win. It’s was a great day fishing with “fat boys fishing” they might be the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Not to mention team work. One guy hooks up and everyone is clearing lines, grabbing a net, getting the sling ready. Fish is weighed, pic taken and fish back in the water. It’s was a great day out.
  14. Baited my swim for tomorrow’s challenge. Haven’t fish this spot before. I’ll be fishing 10-25fow. Mostly focus on the 15-18 range. I was slacking I should’ve been baiting all week but my day doesn’t end till 9pm and don’t feel like doing much after that. rain tomorrow hopefully the fish will be feeding.
  15. Maybe the cold night shut things down for a bit.
  16. Ya I’ll be targeting 15-20fow I think. Maybe put one rod In closer
  17. Nope. I usually get a notification when I open the site that there’s a private message but lately I haven’t been so I’m not seeing messages for a couple days sometimes. Looks like you made my decision for Sunday. I’m going to fish Hamilton harbor instead. It’s going to rain but gotta do my 12 challenge. One guy already did his and scored 89lbs. It’s going to take a nice bag of fish to win this one.
  18. Thanks for the offer though I might take you up on that once I’ve been down it with someone else.
  19. On niagara kayak says their qeeenston heights trip is 5-6 miles and 2-2.5 hours.
  20. $hit sorry I thought i replied. do you kayak?
  21. Any pics of this homemade lure? Nice fish
  22. No it’s not fly fishing only. One section of creek is single barbless hook, no live bait so make sure you check the regs.
  23. Id say a coon smerch. Those things will get into anything.
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