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  1. Nice photos. Hopefully you get to shoot one.
  2. Let’s Us know how the suit works out.
  3. When I went to Germany I was reading about fishing licenses. I didn’t need to write it because I was just visiting but they have an exam they have to pass.
  4. Probably a lil early but always worth a shot. Makes catching them now more rewarding. Plus it’s the Niagara you never know what you’ll get.
  5. 19lbs nice one. Seems like you had a decent day.
  6. Thanks Darryl, I hope everyone had a great day with family.
  7. Just so happens I’m off this week😉
  8. Always nice to watch nature in action.
  9. I hate winter, dark at 5pm sucks.
  10. There’s different regions, I think Canada is on its own.
  11. The chickpeas I put in my chum. Not sure if many guys use them as hook bait but guys use them in their chum for sure. I’m fishing in about 7-8fow. The weighing info, we just weigh the fish in lbs/oz and scale has to be on a tripod or weigh bar for a more accurate reading then holding the scale in your hands. The scale used has to be in the picture and they can ask to have it sent in to them if they think something is “fishy”. Biggest 4 fish wins. Some guys In the USA are posting more then 120lbs already. I’ve yet to catch one over 20lbs and these guys are posting 4 30’s. I might be the onl
  12. Been fishing my usual spots this season and not doing too well. So I decided something needs to change. Guys that have been doing well this year are prebaiting spots before they fish them. So i decided I’m going to bait a new swim for the month of October and really only fish here. Second time baiting it and first time fishing it and the alarm is going off. Nice fight no long runs and staying down I was thinking this better not be a Cat. 11lb4oz common. Not the biggest fish but nice when something works out. Looking forward to fishing here the rest of the month and hopefully a couple more
  13. Boat is always the better choice
  14. I’m starting at baiting campaign on the grand so hopefully it will pay off. Only time will tell.
  15. We can just hope they are making it better for us to fish
  16. Nice cloud pic smerch. Where are these carp at?
  17. Could of bought two season passes for that.
  18. Do you cut the moose in pieces to take it out of the bush?
  19. Good luck out there guys. Hopefully she’ll find the one she looking for. Looking forward to seeing some pics.
  20. Nice looking carp smerch. Not sure about the skeleton but maybe you can put it on your front porch for Halloween.
  21. Good job smerch. I’m sure the world will be saved now. Thank god for the eco tax.......
  22. Should’ve grabbed a glass or two and filled them. looks like the work day was over anyways.
  23. Nice salmon. Beautiful day to be fishing. I was roofing all day.
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