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  1. Can’t work today so I think I’ll go sit under a bridge and carp fish
  2. your still a young buck smerch. You get around better then most people.
  3. Nice chunky carp. Kinda creepy the guy taking video without you knowing he was there
  4. Can’t believe the trash people leave behind. congrats on the fish smerch
  5. My parents weren’t even born yet. I think my dad is 59
  6. the carp are putting the winter weight on good luck smerch.
  7. lol. Never heard of the rhyme smerch. good luck with your dewies
  8. Yes bronte definitely gets the run first. I’ve fished it quite a bit the last 6-7 years and don’t remember it ending this early. The fish are usually waiting for high water which they didn’t t have todo this year.
  9. Nice brown Mbocco. I can see the rainbowish in the picture, real life must of been a beauty.
  10. I’ve never cleaned any of my reels but should start. A couple hundred dollars each I want them to last
  11. Ya but that’s crazy. It’s still fairly early for it to be over. I guess the fish didn’t have to wait around for high waters this year. Creek levels were high since the start of the run.
  12. Fished bronte last night. The creek was high and no sign of fish and the pier/break wall both had no anglers on them. No signs of fish out there either.
  13. Yup that’s what I do. Hopefully there’s still some fresh fish around.
  14. Nice to see they are still around. I’m going out tonight.
  15. Good luck tomorrow. Wish I could get out with you. Hopefully soon
  16. Sounds like me Bruce, always a last minute decision. Dose anyone bleed their pan fish? I seen guys bleeding bigger fish(walleye,trout) but never pannies.
  17. Maybe try fishing your deeper swims 20+fow temps are cooling down and they usually move deeper. What kind of mushroom is that?
  18. Smerch take the savings, they already scam us out of enough money.
  19. The reels have the shallow spools on them. I didn’t have enough line to spool the deep ones. I’m guessing there’s 180yrds of 20lb(.43mm) on them. The reels are nice though. Smooth drag and they go from full lock-“bait running” in a half turn.
  20. Nice to see the outdoors staying in the family
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