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  1. I wish I joined nfn 1-2 years earlier. I was looking at carp post from 2011-2012 and there was a bunch of carp anglers back then. It would’ve been awesome to meet Lorne seems like he ran the carp show. Everywhere I read about carp HAMMERCARP was there. Now we have fish-ins in memory of him.
  2. I fished the “fall big four 2020” tournament with the carp anglers group and won my region. Wasn’t hard I believe I was the only one competing in Canada. Canadians and Americans could compete. I didn’t come anywhere close to actually placing but I won a plaque for winning my region. the picture is my personal best carp so it’s kinda nice. Looking forward to the spring big four tournament.
  3. I don’t think their from Toronto. From Burlington to Niagara is booming with new housing. I think this will just be the usual for now on. St kitts wont be quiet like it use to be.
  4. I missed out on Burt dam browns this year. Hopefully in the fall we’ll be able to cross the boarder again. Probably 3/4 of my trout fishing is state side.
  5. Nice outing knightfisher. What’s your favorite way to eat pike?
  6. Sounds like a great trip. hopefully the worlds end so this nightmare is over lol
  7. Maybe 1/4 of the marina had skim ice. Outside the break wall is wide open. Takes a lot to ice up the harbor. Not sure when the ships stop coming in or maybe they keep coming till the ice is too much.
  8. Stopped by Lasalle this morning on my way to work looking for some signs of carp. Cast the deeper around for a half hour no signs of anything. Beautiful day out today.
  9. I’m proud of you smerch. Carp fishing New Years day . Not a bad Day to be out up until now with the ice/snow. I would’ve been out but roofing got in the way. My dad and I were the only idiot it’s on site today🤔. I’ll be out next week in the evenings.
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
  11. Organize my fishing gear. Maybe a tackle bag for each lures,bottom bouncing/floating,carp. things I’d like todo 2021 - carp fish the whirlpool - carp charter mirror lake(mirrors only) -carp- 2020 broke the 20lb mark, 2021 would like to break the 30lb mark or high 20’s(27lb+)
  12. So do you need a license this year? If you turn 65 in 2021 I’d say they should give you a pass on the first 6months.
  13. Bought mine last week. 3year sport license $100.00
  14. Marcum makes some nice cameras.
  15. The main apartment in the house I live in is fully voice controlled. “Google turn on Laundry lights” boom their on. “Google turn on country music” done...
  16. Lmao. now they aren’t just keeping track of you their listening to your conversations also......
  17. Pic from the other night when the snow storm was starting. I’ll be trying to get out some evenings this week. Next two weeks looks like nice weather.
  18. How would you go about landing a fish from the bridge? Drop net?
  19. You have some lovely neighbors smerch. Enjoy your night. Merry Christmas
  20. Hopefully we can meet up sooner then later. Merry Christmas 🎁
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