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  1. We need warmth if u find the. They prolly aren't stacked up yet (50-56) they start to do there thing .... I've been monitoring water temps ! That's all I will say lol

    You can still find them tho .... Look for them to be suspended over deeper water this time year

  2. I was the one out there today in the hut, 4-6" thick, don't go beyond the last set of docks and breakwall as there is still open water on that side. Water was murky and only caught a few perch for the couple hours I was there.

    How Murky was it ? Foot wise vis ?

  3. I used to keep a journal right down to the tiniest of details ! I use a in home weather station that sits on my counter top lol it very cool to look back to it n compare seasons ! You ll find some interesting correlations,I know I did ...don't do it anymore as I found after few years you just know exactly what to do without referring back ! Have fun !!

  4. The stuff will be going to a family who enjoy outdoors but unfortunately I haven't had anyone come forward so as of now it's a no go ! Sad but hey I'm offering I've posted several sites and even called local charities so if no one comes forward with a family to donate to by early next week it will be too late for me to do it .... I wish I did it earlier but I was out of country

  5. Hey guys and gals ! In the spirit of Christmas every year I make a donation and this year I will not make that donation ! I would love to help out a young family who is interested in the outdoors , whether fishing or hunting or any sort of outdoor activity ! I openly welcome PM s , it wil, not be a cash donation but in the realm of stuff to help these families enjoy there favourite outdoor activity ! Would prefer if local ( niagara) !! Thank you everyone and I know it's not a fishing report but trust me this is more than important to me ! Cheers .... Buckshot !

  6. Deetch .... I think we gotta pass on the decoys this season .... I ended up getting some new ones that are foam filled and that tops off the decoy budget for this year lol ..... What price would you be looking at ? If it's reasonable still might be interested

  7. Nice fish Bruce ! Do u find more fish using a single or double blade harness ? I use 2 mostly on all my harnesses ... But I have some good go-to , one blades that work great when they are not to active

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