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  1. I was going to target smallies mainly because I hear there's tons and I won't spend my week searching for eyes and would rather locate few spots to pull enough bass for a few feeds !! Was probly going to stick with drop shots to rocky bottoms with minnows and crayfish ! Was planning on catching my own crayfish but if that doesn't pan out is there anywhere near the park to grab bait ?
  2. Found some decent ones ... Nothing crazy ! The long beards are probly behind again this year ! I'll be out opening day ... Maybe in my tent with heater lol
  3. Thank you sir ! I'll be spending most time relaxing with the wife n kids and good friends ! But hope to take boat to mess around
  4. Any fishing tips for around finaylison park ????mid July
  5. Still Ice .... Starting to break up but still needs time
  6. I could probly help the guy out if you want just let me know some details if not be carful letting just anyone "try" and repair it !
  7. My card is not compatible and you are pretty limited to what u can get for that unit as its up to 1 gig and most cards are going over 2 gig at least .... You can try fishinghotspots.com they might still have something available if not call navico tech support and ask some questions ! ( navico is the company who eagle uses for tech )
  8. I have a maps chip for Erie all way up to Mattawa river ... Not sure if it's compatible with the eagle tho ... It's out of a garmin handheld ... If you know whether it would work let me know if not I'll do some reasearch ! I paid 170 for it but wouldn't be looking for anywhere near that .....
  9. My " Turkey thug" is ready for action ... Quick few rounds to check pattern and she's game on ! Hope they stay in small groups ! And weird because I'm seeing mostly long beard groups too no hens !!!
  10. What kind of reel and what's wrong with it ?
  11. Good on ya ! Another one bites the dust !! Clearly states " graphic" but man quite honestly doesn't bother me one bit ! Just bulging eye
  12. Awsome thank you !sorry to hear about your luck hopefully we get some decent fishin before the thaw
  13. Anyone have a travel report for abino area from this week ??? Atv travel not bad ?? We are equipped to get un stuck but a heads up would be great ! Thnxs in advance !!
  14. Amen ! Lol but on a serious note .... IMO and personal exp. out there this year is not easy travel ... Sled is way to go but we been getting out on atv but be prepared for anything .....and good tires and ground clearance are key !! ... We need warm temps to soften stuff up then a established trail will stay packed but as for now the wind just covers any track... There is a half a$$ trail i wouldn't count on it being smooth travel ! Hope this helps !!
  15. Buckshot


    Heard similar stories..... What a catch anyone verify it ???
  16. Yea it's brutal there ! If u bring it with you ... Take it with you ... Coffee cups and garbage weigh nothing !! And is a two second walk !!!
  17. Thanks guys ! And yes the drake woody is such a nice looking bird ... Have shot a lot but this guy had to go on that log ! The hen ... Lol well we all know that a trophy woodie hen could take years to shoot a really nice long haired one but this girl fills in the picture nicely for now !
  18. Had a good duck season this one past ... Shot a lot diff species ... Both puddles And divers ! Had to get these guys done to add to collection drake and hen woody on root ball I found ony buddies bush ! And a cupped in drake gadwell ! Love the new additions and big thanks to my taxidermist !
  19. Tie rods only adjust your toe ... By what your saying is your " camber" is out ... I'd check the shocks first then really measure your A arms (bushings , bolts etc for wear ) all bikes are usually set with a "negative " chamber for tracking purpose ... If the bike really pulls to the right then yes the tie rod adjustment is out or something bent .... My guess is it was run into something ie: stump etc ! Let me know if you have any questions I have years mechanical background
  20. Try drop shot setup ( sinker on bottom , hook 8 inches up with minnow ) or jigs ... Jigging raps try to find weedlines
  21. Should be no problems but I personally have not wondered out there this year yet
  22. yea and just in around marina etc ... Most bay is really shallow but intercept them from marina out ... But I notice that they are really cruzing marina weed lines early ice ... Then spring they are in pretty good ! Used to catch a lot in around the wall etc when I was younger but don't target them much around here anymore !! But I have seen some very nice pike pulled from that bay
  23. I'll add .... After mid season .. Try the bay in port ... There's sone real nice ones always around !!
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