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  1. Awesome vid buddy !!! That quarry used to cough up alot of quality fish years ago ! Now ... There still big ones in there just gotta find em! But my buddy has a 8 lber on the wall from back in the early 90 s !!!
  2. Where about a is the dam that ur talking about that u cross in the bog ?
  3. There's one on a peice of property I own that borders the wainfleet bog ! I knock out his dams and he puts em up faster than I can mangle them! He is a bank beaver and a good size one to boot... There has been many over the years out there and friends in the area have reported alot of sightings in the past few years ! They are also a bunch in the old feeder canal in wainfleet !! Amazing creatures until they start messing with irrigation lol
  4. Caught many large cats at that spot! There's a good variety of fish around as well but we used to late at night and get the big cats ..... Use egg sinker and back off drag so u can hear them pick it up !!! And the garbage is un real ... Sad , it never used to be that bad !! Oh and we use cut bait and chicken liver .. Usually works best IMO
  5. Thank you sir ! I think the perch may be a tad late this year but hey " ya never knoe till ya try" ill be making a trip up there soon looking for perch and I will report if I find any ! I like fishing off the wall ... Sometimes.... When there's "decent" ppl there ! I've seen fist fights there lol all over a few perch ! If the crowds to bad ill put the boat in !!!
  6. Anyone have any reports on the bite in port maitland ????
  7. It's takes all kinds to make the world go round ! I guess anyway lol but minnows were there but tricky to catch but I managed my limit ! Did not throw a line as the water clarity was not good enough in my eyes and felt it wasn't worth my time !
  8. Went to court house aqueduct to snag some minnows this morning ! And very sad to see the garbage piling up already ! I knoe alot is the general public ... But there's alot of fishing line and garbage from fishermen !!! Folks it's a precious resource we have and line and garbage on the ground ( when there a garbage can ten feet away ) is just plain upsetting ! Lets set an example for the up n coming generation to respect our animals etc! Also not to mention the " fishermen " garbage but found a used " jimmy " lol on the rocks ..... What a way to start my day lol wow !!
  9. I've fished down there lots mark with no issues
  10. Lol I hear ya ! Crazy spring ! Thanks for the I do buddy cheers Info*
  11. LT ... How murky is the marina? I would assume it's a lil messy
  12. Give them a good scratching ! And pull back against the grain of the hair and watch along the skin ! Hot spots for them are around ears and head ! If u find one make sure u remove it with a good chunk of skin attached to its mouth ( the tick ) then have it tested to make sure it's not carrying anything nasty! I use a good set if tweezers to acheive this ! If u take them to vet that's all they do and they charge you ! Also a little pollysporin didn't hurt after the removal and keep eye out for infection !
  13. Thanks guys ! I will do just that ! Although my buddy sent away to renew and it took a few months !!! Maybe he was. a special case ! Lol I shouldn't laugh because he is no longer with us ! But he would call and they kept saying " it should be coming "
  14. My card expires end of this year ! How long did it take to get your new card ? Should I be sending away for it ASAP ?
  15. I've heard gobblers sounding off both in the tree and After fly down but hit the ground and went silent ( or ran away from me lol ) but yesterday as weather got warm had two gobbling around me but same thing ... Stuck to hens ..... Jake decoy ??? Hmmmm maybe or find birds that are in the prowl ... It's a crap shoot sometimes ! Just gotta do everything to stack the odds in our favor and hope that Mother Nature helps a bit too ... Cheers buck ... Good luck folks !
  16. Anyone smack a thunder chicken yet ? Myself ... Have had a tuff go with no cooperation from weather etc ! Still called birds in yesterday but couldn't get the toms away from the hens so it's game on with a new game plan !!
  17. The look in her eyes and smile on her face say it all !!!!
  18. Been getting a few but only been out twice and chicken liver was the ticket for channels!
  19. The ramp is pretty clear but still ice floating around !
  20. Yesterday morning while out scouting I stopped on rd where I knoe one was rooster and doesn't the bugger fly down on the rd at about 20 yards from my car !!!!he took his sweet a$$ time and hopped into the feild where the hens where already n started strutting like crazy ! This weather is a downer but all we need is a little heat n sun n they will go nuts hopefully by the weekend !
  21. Been out alot lately fishing / preping for turkeys etc and in the same locations as every other year ! Last year by this time id already had a good number on me .... This year zero thus far we will see after this weekend tho as I plan to pretty much live in my blinds until there's a bird down
  22. The aqueducts are located 1. At the welland court house 2. And port Robinson and I'm having decent luck just gotta find where they are hiding in regards to the flowing water.! I use dip net with no food when it's flowing and murky and when it's clear and they spook easy I use a still sitting net with food in the net
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