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  1. I have the itch bad ! Spent last few days putting miles on my boots to see what's been going on and found some nice birds! They are strutting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The beer batter is great ! You can make it as thick as you wish !
  3. Lol ! On the stretch from Pensacola FLA to Panama City the entire hwy is lined both sides with approx 12 ft fences ! And they are heavy duty too! Bear signs on sections of the fence too !! It was hard to Beleive my eyes! But southern Ontario bears ..... Maybe they are in the marsh living side by each with the "cougars" wink wink !
  4. Try the bays and marinas I. Around port colborne .... Slow retrieve stick baits
  5. Yea man that was I ! Sorry for not being to friendly was running short on time ! If I would have known I would have dropped the net n shot the poop ! Cheers
  6. Lol I thought u were familiar with Erie ? But to answer your question ( if you are serious) its sugarloaf marina in port colborne and it has o.k. Fishing for panfish , bass , pike etc lol
  7. Dominion rd fort Erie ! Don't knoe address sorry but last night I caught a bunch of minnows at aqueduct !
  8. Anyone tell me if the ice is gone ? Anyone finding any fish there ? Perch pike ?
  9. Both places do a good job at trying to keep a good stock of shiners ! As for tracker I like to support Dave , jmo!
  10. Haven't heard of anyone getting minnows from there since a few weeks ago , I knoe tracker has em !
  11. Sweet ! Lots around now ?
  12. Buckshot


    Anyone finding any minnows at the aqueducts I. Welland yet ?
  13. That's exactly it ! Thank you ! Ill report back if I end up making the trip soon ! Cheers
  14. Can someone tell me a couple shore spots to try for pike on the upper ? Of course not looking for honey holes just a starting point maybe ? I knoe guys get em at a marina but can't remember which one and where it's located ! Looking to make a trip soon to try my luck as most of my local spots are still a bit away from holding fish ! Thank you for any replies much appreciated and If anyone would like a partner say tomarow ( Sunday April 6) let me knoe ! Thanks again folks
  15. There are several species to target there ! Perch pike and bass! Like spiro said perch u need to find structure that they hold to sometimes they hold in 12 FOW or sometimes they hold in 30 ! Pike try casting weed lines with stick baits etc ! And bass .. I do well drop shoting them using either minnow or jigs ! You will see guys in dain city bridge alot and they are fishing for perch but Beleive me there are way better spots for perch when they are in !
  16. That group will break up into seperate groups but hopefully they stay close by your feild! Start scouting try and find how they use ur land ie: potantial roost locations - look for droppings and feather to identify a roost tree jakes and toms have a j shaped poop! When opening morning comes try n get close enough to roost tree and when they fly down try n coax em into range ! It's not as easy as it sounds and remember that turkeys are very Smart! Wicked vision so be very still and find a big enough tree to sit against that will cover your entire back - if they silhouette you , your toast!
  17. Make sure it's deep cycle .... The difference being deep cycles can withstand being recharged all the time opposed to a car battery with relies on the alternator to just keep the battery at full charge but if u continuously drain and charge a car battery it will begin to loose voltage over time due to internal cell plates become weak !
  18. With these nicer days I'm seeing birds out of the bush more ! Also seen a jake strutting this morning !
  19. Yes I see that ! It's horrible ... I work on a farm and " farmers feed cities" !!! But the coming of time depicts a future of alternative means !! I'm not a fan .... There's sonething to be said about a good ol garden in correlation to ones health !
  20. Right on! Nice pics ! And as long as the temp starts up it will put them into the "mood" ...my experience with the bush bare they become a little less receptive to calls unless it's a hot bird! They rely on their keen eyesight to pick everything up ! Decoys may be a big factor for early season enticing ! I can't wait I'm itching... New " turkey thug" coming to so can't wait to see what it can do !
  21. Very near to see them in action ! But I just hope everyone will be safe ! Life's to short ppl ... Don't increase the odds of that statement !
  22. I'm behind sobeys south Pelham !
  23. Look at that beard dragger lol ( baboom)
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