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  1. I am addicted to speck fishing! So much fun with the small rods and light line. Love the pictures you posted. Makes me want to go, hopefully soon!
  2. Went Fishing to Grey Bruce area yesterday and had a great day
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I figured the water would be high, but surprised by the color. Plan on wearing chest waders anyway. Going to try and do a day trip next week!
  4. You got got me going now! Still waiting to go for the first time this year. Was going to go today but the weather scared me with all the rain we have had I figured the streams/Rivers would be unfishable but from the pics water color looks okay. Beaatiful looking Brookies!
  5. Anyone heard any reports from Grey Bruce on Rivers/Creeks with regard to water levels ? Was hoping to go next week but with all the rain not sure if it would be worth it?
  6. Grey Bruce next Thursday!
  7. Used to buy alot of stuff from hear at one time. www.jannsnetcraft.com
  8. Great Video! The River has it all and we are so lucky to live near a fishery like this. Thanks for sharing!
  9. mslovak


    Try the mouth's of the creeks on the upper
  10. Great Job on the mount!
  11. Nice looking stringer of fish! Heading up to that area next week for another day trip, cant wait!
  12. Awesome looking fish! I am happy to get 10" Fish!
  13. Way to Go! They are a Beautiful Fish!
  14. Planning to go back up for another day trip in a couple weeks to Grey Bruce . Looking for some tips from you experienced Brookie fisher persons . We have been targeting the pools , undercuts and log jams on fairly fast flowing rivers with stone botyoms . Is this the best approach or should we be looking in waters with silty bottoms with less flow?
  15. Just got back from day trip, only a couple small fish to show to show for. Weather was great and got a lot exercise! Still a lot to learn.
  16. Thanks for the feedback guys. Tired of looking at google earth , going fishing! Mike
  17. Nice Fish and great idea about the clean up offer.
  18. I have a question for you experienced stream/creek/River fisherman. A friend and I have a day trip planned for Brookies for later in the week to the Grey Bruce Area. My question is what effect will the rain today have on clarity and water level and should we be concerned. Thanks in advance. Mike
  19. Love the rebuild you did for me last year on my Fenwick blank. The new wood and cork handle sure beats the old metal and neoprene!
  20. Stopped by the Stanley Av. bridge a couple weeks ago. Could not believe the amount of garbage! Must have been at least a dozen bags of garbage and a tarp someone dragged there full of roof shingles! Disgusting!
  21. Going on a Brookie scout trip this weekend! Can't wait, only second year targeting them but can't stop thinking about it!
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