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  1. They stock them in a few mountain lakes in Alberta , also brookies ,cutts ,brownies ,rainbows ,tigers and the odd bull in same area
  2. Short Hills and Jordan Valley are a couple more tick hotspots
  3. There is 4 to 5 inches of ice ,we caught a few keepers then it died off midday . Still nice to be out with enough fish for a small meal.
  4. No trespassing signs all over Jordan harbour by shipwreck .Guess they own all that area by the bridge or so it seems.
  5. Seen some huge carp cruising lake Ontario shoreline today.Not sure if they are feeding or in spawning mode.
  6. Grand river ,lake Erie when calm,Welland river,Chipawa creek
  7. I was at Charles Daily today and the heat seems to have really gotten rid of most of the lake flies ,midges ts.
  8. I tried charles daily yesterday and like you said the flies were brutal,the pond is loaded with baitfish right now .
  9. I grew up on christie st in port, that part of shoreline was eroding 40 yrs ago .It has been a ongoing battle for years.
  10. Gizzard shad come up through Jordon by the thousands this time of year ,they also tend to swim in circles, so probably gizzard shad
  11. Last year they shut down the dog park at firemans park because of japanese wasps ,not as big as murder hornets but plenty aggresive.
  12. I can not wait to get out with my grandson for first time, he is about same age just turned 4
  13. I found this year simcoe perch is much bigger than past couple years ,but to catch 50 Jumbos in a day is rare 10 ,11 inch fish are the best eating anyways. I always buy a conservation licence that allows 25 perch which is plenty to feed a bunch of people.
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