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    cutthroat dan got a reaction from boogaloo in April 1 st !   
    Short Hills and Jordan Valley are a couple more tick hotspots 
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    cutthroat dan got a reaction from smerchly in April 1 st !   
    Short Hills and Jordan Valley are a couple more tick hotspots 
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    cutthroat dan reacted to Tyler0420 in 1st trip a bust   
    I’ll be fishing the lake out front of cdp soon
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    cutthroat dan reacted to Mbocco in Sunny Wednesday in the lower   
    Nice afternoon so I thought I’d give the river a go for a couple hours.  
    Success!   Nice fight too...one high jump which thankfully didn’t loosen the hook, and 3 or 4 good drag peeling runs. 
    It had been a while since I fished and even longer since I caught, so I’m very happy!

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    cutthroat dan reacted to Snags in Ice fishing Martindale pond?   
    Also re:  Ice Fishing Martindale ... bring a spud with you, it is needed.  If you are unsure of where the current movements are, best to not fish it at the current time.  There are a lot of areas that will develop a skim of ice on the surface, but with how the current moves there will be nothing but a skim of ice (unless we get some -20 nights), but even at that those areas will be very hit and miss.  You may look out and go HEY SOMEONE IS OUT THERE IT MUST BE SAFE, but some of the locals know the waters very well and know where to access to reach some of the more desirable ice spots (might not be as simple as a straight line out).
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    cutthroat dan got a reaction from Brian_b in Simcoe ice fishing   
    Good day on Lake Simcoe.

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    cutthroat dan got a reaction from Surf and Turf in Simcoe ice fishing   
    Good day on Lake Simcoe.

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    cutthroat dan reacted to smerchly in License Time   
    For anglers who do not eat much fish (carpers)   (salmoners)  (bassers), etc.....why not get a conservation license ?
    Can still keep 25 perch each .....   
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    cutthroat dan reacted to 20MileCreeker in Round Goby -School Project   
    Thanks so much for your input.

    The purpose of the project is to try and win a fictitious $100 million grant. His other idea was - he discovered that round gobies exhibit a red fluorescence when exposed to a green light. He may try to convince the panel that with a $100 million he could develop a subaquatic robot that can emit a green light and if it sees the red fluorescence it would vaporize the fish ☠️. Perhaps he could win on creativity. 🤷‍♀️
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    cutthroat dan reacted to smerchly in Jordan Harbour new PB   
    After reading reports of big "jumbo"perch being caught lately , and also reports of a heavy minnow presence in both lakes & the River ,  the perch have been eating well . I saw plenty of bait fish at Port Dal.yesterday , still a lot of small shad too . ....hoping to catch some fatty pike .....if they are hungry....
    Happy Hooking    
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    cutthroat dan got a reaction from Bubba14 in Pike thread, post your pics of local Niagara pike   
    Some saskatchewan gators and walleye.

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    cutthroat dan reacted to Tyler0420 in Huron trib   
    Fished a Huron trib yesterday. Fish are just starting to show up. It was pretty slow a couple guys got one each I managed a busy hour getting 3 hits and landing two of them. Chucked spoons all day(green/silver) some float guys hooked up but all fish lost. Wind was crazy with showers on/off all day. Tangled lines all day long, guys not watching where their casting and think they have to cast to the bank on the opposite side. 

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    cutthroat dan reacted to Ryan in Worms for sale ?   
    I was able to track some down en route to Welland and it proved to be valuable. 3 small Cats in about an hour off the Welland River. Thanks again for all of the suggestions. Never had caught a cat fish before so I drove off happy with the evening. 
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    cutthroat dan reacted to smerchly in Jordan harbour   
    Les carp du jour ......
      33 POUNDS  !!!   Yep , caught 33 pounds of carp today ...15# ...10# ...8#  !!   Being Saturday I had a few spots in mind and the lake front was busy .  Coviditis phobia changed my plans so I ended up at plan R    ...Rennie Park (had a baby blanket to deliver there) .
    So I wanted to try a new smercho rig that would ring their chimes ....a modified bolt rig .  ( 1.5 oz egg sinker ....and 4" above , 2 large split shots to allow a carp to pick up the maize on the hair , move 4" of line to the double split shot and set the hook ....which worked like a charm !!  All 3 carp hit hard and smoked my alarm !  Actually , no need for the alarm , the rod could be placed high in the air with a bolt rig as they hook themselves !   All three gave out a good run and hard head shakes .
     As a bonus .....while sitting in my chair about 6 birds flew close by chasing  a small hawk or falcon which had a mouse in it's claws .....Then a snake appeared beside my rod , in the water and stayed for 5 minutes ...always something to see when fishing !
     As I headed out after 2 hours  ( not 12 hours Fish Farmer !! ) , I met 2 elderly gents fishing the bay with all the carp gear ....had a nice chat and lots of laughs . One fellow said , "when you hear that alarm go off for the first time , YOU ARE HOOKED FOR LIFE"   LOL !
      Checked out CDP ....lots of water going over the berm ......  not good !
       Just took one shot of the first carp ...10 lbs .....tough scrapper !   Not sure what the snake is .... but friendly ....

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    cutthroat dan reacted to smerchly in NEW ROD !!   
    Well .....almost new ....looks new ......
     With all the extra time on our hands , mostly because the weather stinks , I decided to clean up my 1980's 8' salmon custom rod , built by Don Furman . I have been using it for carp lately in places where it's shallow and runs are short . ...using a 4000 Stradic reel .  I cleaned up the rod and the rubber composite handle with hot water and soap . After drying for a few hours I sprayed the rod with a clear coat and sprayed the handle with tire foam and let it dry as with tires . I put my smaller size carp reel on the rod and rigger her up !!  My "brand new" rod is ready for action ........very soon ! Has anyone gave their fishing rods a "refurb"  ?  

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    cutthroat dan reacted to knightfisher in Another Invasive ?   
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    cutthroat dan reacted to Tony in The Rec.........   
    Finally got out for a bit of fishing yesterday.....It was my grandson's first time out and it was a beautiful day.......Fished at the Rec. Canal in Welland....No fish, but we did have fun....

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    cutthroat dan reacted to Snags in I am putting Pike, Muskie, and Bass on Notice   
    Starting with the pike when they open up ... I AM COMING FOR YOU!
    Wasted some time today and this was the result.

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    cutthroat dan reacted to Surf and Turf in Sad Result of Ignoring Symptoms   
    This one is all too true, 51 year old healthy family man dead because of the selfish actions of one A HOLE. Not only did he probably cause the death of this man, he went on to try to fight against being not allowed to come to town meetings, after knowing he was infected! He put all his employees, all his customers and the community at risk. Why? Because he was a selfish, ignorant bastard! Hopefully he is Tarred and Feathered permanently in his community, business 100% boycotted, get a financially crippling fine, and thrown in jail so he can reflect on what an A-HOLE he is.
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    cutthroat dan reacted to dave524 in Broken down truck   
    social distancing

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    cutthroat dan reacted to icecy in Covid-19 Boat Lunch closed   
    If it comes to that yes, because that means our neighbours, friends and strangers don't give a **** about our well being, thus they deserve it. Simple... It's not about listening to politicians it's about common-sense and duty of being a citizen of this country, and being a member of the community and humanity.
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    cutthroat dan reacted to Mbocco in Shore Fishing....O.K.????   
    Most of our vaccines these days are not injections of the live virus.  The flu vaccine is NOT live, merely a protein component of the virus to trigger an immune response.  
    People who have died with the virus may have also died regardless. True enough but there will never be a reliable way to quantify that. 
    Also, the numbers of death and infection are UNDER reported not over reported.  That is fact.  China is a separate conversation where their numbers are completely false.  The Niagara region as an example, most deaths have not been reported and we rarely test.  That is not disputed by our health department here. Talking directly from the front lines I can assure you that there are thousands, not hundreds of cases here.  The vast majority are barely ill thankfully.  I don’t direct them to a testing center as they wouldn’t be allowed to be tested...I just send them home to self isolate.  Ask any ER physician and they will tell you the same.  But, unlike most flu viruses these asymptomatic people are likely the people who are spreading it the most, many of which don’t even realize it.  
    This may not be real to you and most people under 50 will hardly be ill, but I assure you it is very real to anyone older especially those with diabetes, heart disease, hampered immune systems, and/or any kind of lung issue. 
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    cutthroat dan reacted to shadow in Covid-19 Boat Lunch closed   
    Ok,let me see,Rolly 3 joins Mar 14 or so to join a fishing forum to tell people not to fish,if you don’t enjoy fishing,move on to another site,we all know what the world is going through,fishing didn’t cause this virus and stopping people from fishing isn’t the cure,my opinion is the govt should have banned March break travel,but they didn’t and here we are now,we all have to deal with this day to day,try and be somewhat positive or move on,,Rocket Scientist
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    cutthroat dan got a reaction from marktheperchman in Simcoe ice fishing   
    Good day on Lake Simcoe.

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    cutthroat dan got a reaction from мормышка in Simcoe ice fishing   
    I found this year simcoe perch is much bigger than past couple years ,but to catch 50 Jumbos in a day is rare 10 ,11 inch fish are the best eating anyways. I always buy a conservation licence that allows 25 perch which is plenty to feed a bunch of people.
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