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  1. Best bang for your buck is costco.
  2. There is a place in welland. Cant think of name but hes on the corner of prince Charles and Riverside ,I believe? By Pupos
  3. Where did you go last year in the Hearst area??
  4. We managed to get into marten river,finlayson pt. ,and then goin northwest to wakami. Cant wait ,
  5. Me and the wife are taking up camping again. Retired last summer,bought a trailer,and are headin north from late june till Aug. We managed to book sites relatively easy,although we are going a bit farther north than most people want to go. Gonna take a break from waiting for the winds on erie to tell me when I'm goin fishin!😁🎣
  6. Those boats are made for big water. Alot of Georgian Bay island cottages have stanleys
  7. Out there as well. Yesterday was ok. Went solo,and caught 14 perch, only kept 8 decent ones. Todsy took momma and we got 4 and took 2 good ones home. So a little meal at least between 2 days. We were close to the 1000' both days. Just great to get out👍😁
  8. I saw that on line. That sounds like a great deal. Was tempted but my finder is only a few years old.
  9. Yes you can use the same rods. No problem at all
  10. 259 is not out of line for winterizing
  11. The local tackle shops around niagara always have a spring sale for all kinds of good stuff. I got most of my gear at Erie Tracker. Great prices during the sale,beats bps hands down. And knowledgeable staff too. I use 9-dipsry rods for my outside board rods and rigger rods for my inside downrigger setup. I find the dipsy rods are good for boards as they are quite sensitive. You can see when you get hits on them. If the rod is too stiff, I find you cant tell if you had a hit or even if you have a fish on. With the smaller walleye,it happens quite often
  12. I've always left fuel in my 115.I just use a quality stabilizer. My kicker gets run out of fuel, stabilized as well. Then she goes in the heated garage. The boat is stored off site ina buddy's shop. I fog both engines as well. Also do gear oil every fall
  13. It probably won't. As long as there is open water there fine. There are lots around that dont migrate.
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