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  1. They opened as a marina pretty much after Nicholls closed.
  2. This seems to happen sometimes when it's bumpy out there and the powerhead gets bumped up a bit
  3. I had same issue a couple times last year. I found there is a key and a keyway type of joint in the bottom of the powerhead and the top of the base. I noticed that sometimes they dont mate together very easily . This caused my powerheadcto spin until it powered down. Now when I put my motor down to use I make sure the key and keyway mate. Maybe keep an eye on that?
  4. Interstates here. And the prices are really decent too
  5. I believe deep cycle batteries are designed to accept multiple charges repeatedly. Whereas regular type batteries aren't designed for the multiple charges that a deep cycle would get. That's not to say you cant use eithe, just that a conventional battery may not last as long.
  6. Nice. Niagara River?
  7. Your right smerch. They love their birdseed. And lots of acorns around d here too. Between the turkeys,ducks and geese its nonstop bird action around here.
  8. Not a hunter but we get this every spring .
  9. Best bang for your buck is costco.
  10. There is a place in welland. Cant think of name but hes on the corner of prince Charles and Riverside ,I believe? By Pupos
  11. Where did you go last year in the Hearst area??
  12. We managed to get into marten river,finlayson pt. ,and then goin northwest to wakami. Cant wait ,
  13. Me and the wife are taking up camping again. Retired last summer,bought a trailer,and are headin north from late june till Aug. We managed to book sites relatively easy,although we are going a bit farther north than most people want to go. Gonna take a break from waiting for the winds on erie to tell me when I'm goin fishin!😁🎣
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