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  1. I find them very simple to rig. I had to cut a couple feet of my rigger cable due to frayed line. 5 minutes and I was done
  2. Summer weekend nonsense! Lol . I pretty much avoid the launch on wknds in July and august. Especially a calm day. Everyone and there brother is going out
  3. I'm pretty sure whoever is driving would need thecpleasurecraft card. For what they cost I think it's probably a good idea for anyone who even might drive a boat to get one. . Beats getting a ticket,cause we call know how lenient opp and c/o's can be .lol
  4. Refreshing to hear of your honesty. Must be a fisherman (or woman) thing . Lol
  5. American angler filet knife. Can't wait to try it in some lake erie Walter's!. And some paint . Ugh
  6. Hope your right smerch. Hoping to get out before I have to go back to work
  7. Courtesy at crystal beach on a saturday morning? Ha! That's a good one! 🤣
  8. Yep. They were out at crystal
  9. Taken from windmill point about 5pm
  10. VID_28820519_060221_136.mp4
  11. Docks are being replaced with brand new ones at Crystal. Halloween storm destroyed both. They are being manufactured by an outside marine company. No word on when they will be installed though. Can't really get much info at town hall what with the covid 19 pandemic .
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