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  1. Any word if the ramp will be open this spring checked last Friday closed
  2. Niagara’s in the red zone now any Word about opening up the ramps
  3. Drove pass Queenston after work still blocked off Hopefully when Niagara moves to red zone they open the ramp back up
  4. It’s a public place if you Choose to fish with the hordes of people that’s your Choice there’s Plenty of river for everyone to enjoy
  5. Queenston is Definitely no secret spot it’s a public boat ramp
  6. I’m having a hard time finding any information on the Closure of Queenston hoping it’s open for spring
  7. Glen and Whirlpool year round paid parking and next year queenston launch is not going to be free
  8. Sounds like a township Issue for not allowing discharge of firearms on Sunday
  9. Sheepshead Deep fried in fish crisp original
  10. Unless I see something on paper keep fishing 🤷🏻‍♂️Everyone you ask has a different Answer
  11. The Walkway was in need of some repair it’s great they are Fixing the issue
  12. I rather pay a small fee to protect access to a great Fishery .
  13. Download the Fishbrain app lots of people post Locations and you can search fish species
  14. There are brook trout in small streams a lot closer then people think just have to get out and Explore
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