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  1. fine was 65 ,he said there was a sign on the other side of the road,i was parked30 ft from tracks,trespassing on railway property.
  2. Ticket received on Good Friday issued by railway police.
  3. 2 ramps in port maitland & arena ramp in dunnville closed today . All were open yesterday .
  4. thanks ,double dk i think you hit the nail on the head.
  5. Could 2 people from different households fish in a 12 x6 ft. Hut with a door on both ends?
  6. On Wednesday the bugs were bad ,also had those flies that bite in the mix.
  7. i am confused the title doesn't match the conversation.i hope it was a mistake.
  8. jordan conservation gates were open yesterday(sunday)
  9. i passed by jordan conservation yesterday & the gates were open
  10. ford says PRIVATE parks can open saturday .newstalk 610 cktb ,says st.catharines will not open boat launches. also said niagara parks commision will open their launches saturday.
  11. mrgadget


    i keep a log on channel cats ,date,location,water temp,time spent&size of each fish.interesting how years are different.
  12. if other boat ramps dont open his ramp will be worth at lot. the only access to erie walleye.
  13. that day i got 7 biggest was 16 lbs. all on sucker chunks
  14. i fished the grand alone april 4 for channel cats. fishing was good but i was dissapointed.port maitland ramp had recently closed on the west side.out of 20 boats i seen out there 15 of them had 2 to 3 adults in the boat. yes a few of them could of been living at same address.i said to my wife the rest of the ramps might be closing soon.go figure !! did you ever wish to be wrong.😢
  15. i was fishing near navy island on sunday nov 24 .i spotted two bucks swimming in the niagara river .couple hrs later i saw two does swimming to the mainland.i was talking to a duck hunter he said the day before he seen deer swimming to the us side.there was two small aluminum boats parked on navy island.i heard one gunshot in about 5hrs.
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