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  1. Maybe he’ll get pushed south where we can take him on Sunday? 🤣 kerboom! Jiminy Christmas!
  2. It will be good out there. The lake rolled out last night. 

    Fish on!!

  3. Hey Chris, I know the wind finally shifted out of the north. You think the lake is gonna roll out for an evening fish tonight?

    1. Chrisb


      I never know. I just check the winds at the weather buoy and use that as a gauge along with marine forecast.

      Current forecast does not look good. 10 knots is more than I want to be out in. It's not bad but I fish for fun not work and 10 knots is work in my small boat.

      Wind northeast 10 knots veering to east 10 Saturday morning then increasing to northeast 15 Saturday evening.

  4. Batts

    Erie hog

    7lbs..... Come on now. More like 5 1/2?
  5. Bass fishing Lake Erie this year has been very unusual challanging to say the least..... I really dont know why they are not hitting. I've got 20 years experience on the lake and I've taken the kids out twice to get them into some fun filled smallie action. We've got 5 hrs down, and 1 smallie brutal. No idea??
  6. Theres not a name on it?? If so, just pull them up on facebook or 411?
  7. I heard it is still a tough go getting out to decent water. Machines are getting stuck still. I would have thought there would be a decent path out? Maybe March will bring a better chance of getting out. Been way too cold, my 6 year old daughter has been bugging me, but I'm not bringing her out in the cold and if its a nightmare getting out especially back in. That's no fun for the young ones
  8. Cheers to that! Couldn't have said it any better
  9. Yeah, I heard there is a lot of shove ice and hard to find water with the auger..? But I would rather be trying than not! There has been quite a few sleds out way out. Havent heard much about fishing reports. Good luck all and hopefully everyone can have a safe and happy fishing Feb/March
  10. Batts


    Anyone heading out to Abino in the morning?? I picked up minnows this evening cause I have a feeling they will be hard to come by tomorrow. Quad is in the shop, if anyone had room for a lift out in the morning, coffees on me!! Lol
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