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  1. If you aren't chucking heavy baits or using heavy line then stick to spinning gear. I don't go higher than 8 mono or 20 braid on spinning gear. Anything heavier than that and I use baitcasters. Casting light baits requires light line. How versatile do you want your pier chucking rod to be? Spinning gear wins here in my opinion
  2. I was told that fishing is allowed inside the harbour from the mouth to the coast guard station. Lakeside, anywhere you can get to the water. If there are rules or areas that are off limits then there would likely be some kind of signage indicating so. Take this with a grain of salt. I trust that the person who told me does know. But my post here is from memory and may not be fully accurate. Either way, you should be able to find a place to wet a line where you don't have to worry about getting in trouble.
  3. Ben dropped the ball. $9000 in fines is a complete joke. This guy makes a living through the fishing industry. Remember the "Castrol edge" on fishin Canada? Yep that's Ben. https://www.nationalprostaff.com/users/56/ben-woo
  4. As far as blaming the anglers goes, I won't do it. I agree that the whole pro-tourney scene might not be the best for the individual fisheries. But most tournament anglers are very aware of the penalties to bringing dead fish to the scales. For one thing, you can't weigh dead fish. On top of that, they are penalized for each dead fish that is part of their limit. Five 5 pounders aren't very impressive when one of them is dead. 25 pounds becomes 19 in a matter of seconds. It's true that there is a percentage of fish that don't survive "release". But for the most part, well run tournaments have very low mortality rates. In my opinion this was a big time event being run by a fool. This guy was responsible for making sure that the weighed live fish were released in a condition that would lead to very high survival rates. He put forth an attempt that might count as bare minimum. He completely blew it. The mature bass population in the st Lawrence river suffered a significant cull at the hands of BEN WOO. I'd like to know why the Shimano live release boat wasn't utilized for this tournament. I'd also like to know why tournaments are allowed to be run without MNR biologists on hand to examine and care for fish prior to release.
  5. This has more to do with the organizer than the anglers who caught the fish. Not saying all the fish were in good condition when brought to the tournament scales. But whoever was in charge didn't put enough priority in keeping the fish alive. Too many fish in small tanks and not enough aeration. Once a few go belly up, it's too late. The really despicable thing is that it happened both days. You'd think they might have tried to prevent the mortality on day 2. Mr Woo dropped the ball big time. And he somehow got off lucky. $9000? Sounds sneaky, deceptive and fraudulent. "I'll just toss the evidence in the dumpster" is the mindset of someone who knows they will be in trouble if they get caught.
  6. Watch out for yellow grubs in your river smallies. You can usually see them through the skin in the throat area. If you see any in this area, there will be grubs in the fillets. If you keep a bass for consumption, try to get it cleaned and cold ASAP. Not an ideal fish to freeze so eat'em up pronto! Lots of good fishing on the Grand. Keep on enjoying Tyler.
  7. As of march 1, walleye season closed on that section of river (exception to zone 16 regs). Lake Erie is open year round. Further up near Brantford, walleye are still in season. March 15 is the last day (zone 16)
  8. Try wearing an oversized thick fleece layer under your winter coat. Make sure the fleece layer kind of sticks out from under the cuff of your coats sleeves. It will help keep your wrists warm. Alternate gloves. Some light fleece for fishing and something thicker for warm up after you get your hands wet. Gloves that aren't on your hands should go inside your coat or even better inside your fleece layer.
  9. I'm not sure how the grand looks in dunnville. Up around Brantford Cambridge area it is in good shape. You might want to take a look at the regs for that section of river. Walleyes are out of season as of March 1. Trout season closed as of January 1. If you plan to fish the lake, open year round.
  10. I can see how a beaver could be mistaken for an otter from a distance. But if you are anywhere near it, you could easily identify one or the other based on the shape of it's head. Otters have a very defined snout and brow. Beaver faces are basically straight line from brow to nose. Congrats on a cool nature sighting.
  11. According to the flow charts there is a huge amount of water still to come. Brantford flow is dropping now. Last night it was flowing over 1000 cubic meters per second. Thats about 30 times normal flow! It's going to take a while for that to make it's way to dunnville because most of the river is locked shore to shore with thick ice. The next few days could be wild in the Cayuga to dunnville section of river. I would love to see drone footage of the ice jams and flooding that will happen.
  12. Take a look at grca website. There are flow charts for different areas in the watershed. Right now, there is a surge flowing through the central section. The ice in dunnville is in jeopardy. If it holds, expect dirty water over the weekend.
  13. Lake Huron. It's about all you have available for a 26 footer. I follow a few Michigan fishing sites and the area where Huron drains near Sarnia seems to be a good area to fish for walleye. I have no first hand experience in this area. But I've read many reports of limits on bottom bouncers with worm harnesses.
  14. I like my 1 man pontoons. They are very comfortable and stable platforms to fish from. In my opinion, they are better to fish from than a canoe or kayak or any other kind of inflatable. My 10 footer came equipped with a standing platform. Being able to stand up and cast to shoreline structure as you drift along is a huge advantage. I also have an 8 footer that I removed the seat and customized a standing platform/ seat mount. I can mount my 2.5hp outboard or an electric motor on my 10 footer. It flies with the outboard LOL. I only use this toon if I feel I need more than paddle power.The downside to the 10 footer is that it's big and heavy. The 8 footer is much more convenient to get in the water solo and back on the roof rack. I find myself using the smaller toon most often because paddle power is enough for the places I use it. I can't keep up to a canoe or kayak but it's not a race, I'm here to fish! Assembly and disassembly take a while. Count on a half hour to inflate and assemble. I transport mine on the roof rack for convenience and to save time at the start and end of the trip. No matter what you end up buying remember that small crafts are not made for big water. If you pick your days and don't go far from your starting point you will be fine. But we all know that conditions can change quickly. Rivers and small lakes/ ponds are the best bet for not getting into a bad situation.
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