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  1. Daughter and I headed out around 9:30am for a few hours from CB ramp, super calm once again. Tried the usual spots straight out 62FOW and towards Sherkston 59FOW....nothing much there. Moved from Sherkston towards lighthouse 58FOW....kept 13 average size. Seemed everyone was spread out today. Dominion has lots of minnows too. Enjoy the weekend.
  2. Docks going in this week....have a great safe year.....cheers
  3. Lots of Ice still around, can' t see the boom being removed from awhile
  4. We did well on Sunday straight out Pt Abino 60 FOW, the pack of boats were scattered in our area. Hoping to get out this coming Sunday weather (waves) permitting for perch again.. It has been a great September for pickerel and perch for us, hope it's been great to all too.
  5. Launched again from Crystal Beach, we trolled 4 hours this morning for pickerel near the Port Colborne weather buoy. Did better today in 83 FOW, 8 off large boards, 4 off riggers. ( 1 perch off planer board in 83 F0W). Seemed everyone around us did well too. Normally we fish for perch at this time of year, but it seems the pickerel are still active near the weather buoy. Didn't matter the color, all off worm harnesses. Constant marks. A good group of boats near Albino fishing perch, hope they did will.
  6. Indeed it was a great weekend, my son and I launched Saturday from Crystal Beach and headed towards PC weather buoy had to be 60-75 boats there in 83FOW....smaller walleyes than normal....fish caught off riggers and dipseys....fun day!
  7. FYI - half the dock is in, the other half should be in by the end of the week.
  8. We went out last night last for walleye lower river....caught nothing.......very calm evening..... water temperature 50F ....fun night....will try again once the weather turns....didn't see many minnows close to shore either. Normally do well this time of year too.
  9. I plan to be out from Crystal Beach in the morning oct 14....53FOW +/-


  10. Great day, slow start from 8am till 1030am......then the bite was on for us (2) till 130pm........53 FOW. The perch were feasting once the bite was on. Seemed like many did well today. We cleaned 51 perch.....nice size fish too.
  11. Took a drive at 3pm today, lake looks great with north winds, should be good to go in the morning and lots of minnows at Dominion Tackle. Cheers and good luck, will report tomorrow.
  12. just to clarify 1 running yard = 3 feet.....hence, $31/3ft = $10.33 per foot great product.
  13. Check out www.outdoorfabricscanada.com Product is called Nautolex - Marine Vinyl Flooring. Sold by the linear yard x 72" wide $31 +/- per running yard. It took a week to come in. (from Barrie) I have ordered a few items including vinyl flooring, you order on line and they will UPS to your door. 3 running yards cost me $130 with tax/shipping. I have been told it's the same product used on Lund boats. Good luck
  14. remove the number of posts condition required to response to sub forums many times I would like to help a member but can't because it's locked.....FYI the docks at crystal beach aren't coming out until mid November.
  15. Trolled for 5 hours today straight out from ramp from 57 to 62 FOW towards windmills and back.....marked fish mainly on the bottom...but as one said today "they must have lockjaw".....first skunk day of the year. We marked a few nice schools of fish at the bottom.....maybe perch? Good luck to all.
  16. Took love2fish advice as Lake Erie didn't look good for walleye, launched from home base (NOTL).....beautiful rainbow today 195 feet FOW NOTL/Port Weller drop off point....she hit a hot pink spoon with 200 ft of line out on #0 dispy copper colour #3 setting. Had 3 nice hits off the riggers, but nothing to show. Tons of bait balls 40-60 FOW. Winds forced us to the river, lost a small Gar Pike (long narrow nose) 6 FOW. Had a few muskies come around, but no takers. Great day. PS. Coast Guard are stopping boats in the lower Niagara river, fishing boats included.
  17. Flyrodder: Riggers on were set 5FT and 8FT from bottom with 80 FT of line out. Also used #0 dipsey's (Black) #1 setting, 140 to 180 line out (we played with the line distance). We marked a lot fish at the bottom. We caught 3 fish within 30 minutes all at the bottom. We did mark suspended fish, but I won't know if they were pickerel, or... Hope the info helps. Cheers.
  18. On the water at 6am, 5 pickerel in the boat, lost 2, off the lake by 10:30am. 3 off riggers and 2 off big boards. 52 FOW straight out CB left towards windmills. 1.8 -2.1 mph. 1 - Husky Jerk HJ12 firetiger, 2 - Gold minnow HJ12 , 1 - monkey puke harness, 1 - purple and black harness. Great day and good luck to all this year.
  19. I was out today from CB at 930am....surprised the lot was pretty full......straight out from lighthouse 63 FOW....30 keepers....slow start but the schools kept us busy as they came through....trolled for eyes for a bit...zero.....great day.
  20. I agree with Lund SS....braid on perch, walleye, trout rods with flouro carbon leader 4 feet. Cheers to all with Fish in the boat.
  21. Not a productive day, moved various times today from 63 to 56 feet straight out. 12 perch, the winds pick up a bit making the feel difficult. Nevertheless, a great day on the water. Long range doesn't look well. Check out www.windfinder.com/forecast/port_colborne.
  22. Went out at 8:00 am, started straight out in 58 feet moved after a 1/2 half hour to 63 feet and trolled back in until we started marking fish at the bottom. Anchored at 61.5ft, away from the pack of boats fished same spot from 9:00 am till 1:00pm. Caught at least 80 perch all on minnows (if going out check your normal supplier as they are running low). Talked to a few other guys coming in all had different results. Enjoy the weekend!
  23. Lake Temagami - south arm is awesome for pickerel and lake trout. We ice fish every February in Lake Temagami, did well this year with 31 pickerel. All the best and go get them.
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