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  1. Wow, Jim amazing job! Thanks for the fish eye view.
  2. The amount of one legged geese I'm seeing this year so far is unreal!
  3. Sorry everyone I am horrible at posting pictures, the fact that they have even shown up is a surprise.
  4. Got out with my son for a bit the other day, his first carp! He set the hook and fought it all by himself .
  5. Went bass fishing at a local pond the other day and same thing I must've had 6 or 7 on me. I've never seen them at my spot until this year :S
  6. Nice! Way better than working!
  7. Need some bass in my life.

  8. LOL.That's awesome good stuff!
  9. Last year some guy attempted to smuggle a turtle in between Hamburg buns in a kfc container.
  10. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/wayne-county/2014/09/25/man-tried-smuggle-reptiles-pants-across-detroit-windsor-border/16203929/
  11. Nice pics thx for sharing!!
  12. Jer


    Good stuff Smerch!!
  13. Nice! seems you're the Bowfin king..
  14. Jer

    Weekend Fishing

    If they weren't from the harbour Smerch they would be in my belly for sure!
  15. Jer

    Weekend Fishing

    Lol yea my best friend..do you know me? lol
  16. My friends and I hit the water this weekend and had a blast with the fish some nice bass and some more bayfront eyes! enjoy the pics.
  17. Nice hawgs both of em! Grats on the PBs.
  18. Jer

    New Member

    Welcome man lots of great people here!
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