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  1. I can't wait as well but I have been noticing lots of bass still on beds, most likely due to the longer spring we had. Which makes me wonder what percentage of bass are actually done spawning when the season opens? especially in northern waters where the water temps are colder then southern areas of the province. Anyway, good luck this weekend and at least the temperatures will be tolerable compared to this past weekend!
  2. Thanks for posting the articles! Beauties, but I don't see the point of killing a fish like that, the guy should have got a replica of that walleye instead.
  3. I think some of the limits are pretty ridiculous as is, for example; for a sport fishing licence you are allowed to keep 12 channel catfish per person. Why would you even need that amount of fish. In addition to the people who are keeping over their legal posession limits. With the unlimited amounts of smelt that can be kept at a time, I bet lots of them are frozen and freezer burnt over months and then thrown out. Just my 2 cents but I think it's absolutely ridiculous how they aren't any protective limits on them.
  4. Does anyone happen to know which exact locations are part of the sanctuary, Like the marina? I've seen quite a few people fishing from shore around that area, As well as the launch.
  5. I usually use topwaters like frogs, big saltwater poppers, and walking baits around thicker weedbeds/heavier cover in the summer but don't get too many large fish, because the bigger pike are usually in deeper weedbeds during the summer months. Wait till bass opens up to use the topwaters as you don't want to be mistaken looking like you were targeting bass.
  6. Happened to me quite a few times in the past and once this year set my carp rod on my pod right after a cast turned around for a split second and heard my pod scraping against the rocks, luckily I was right behind it and didn't loose my rod, reel and pod ahaha
  7. Glad to here they've been caught, there was an add on kijiji with Brand new X-raps listed for $2.00 a piece so I was a little suspicious ahahah.
  8. They are getting bad this year, even in the niagara falls area many people are getting them
  9. This past weekend I managed to get out for some crappies, lots of smaller ones with the odd decent 10 or 11 incher in the mix. Things are starting to heat up!
  10. I think this is absolutely ridiculous, is there really a need to increase the current allowable catches with the current state the great Lakes are in?
  11. The wings are delicious! Never throw them out, or give them to me! Great post!
  12. You could get away with 20-30 pound braid. If you fishing heavier cover, around thick weed beds, reeds etc. Then I'd say go heavier, but make sure you've got a quality leader.
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