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  1. Im heading to temagami next weekend. Any tips for fishin walleye
  2. hey yeah delmonte and green giant seem to produce the same. I thought I was gonna lose this fish it put up a solid ten minute battle before it took a lap around a water intake pipe. Luckily I had my buddy with me who went in the water and scared the fish back around the pipe again. Took about 15 all together, was really taking my time as I had home Knicks in my line from the fish before. 10 ft Berkely lightning rod. It's really a trolling rod but I prefer it over other carp rods it's got a lot of give but it's a solid rod I can still pull on that and it handles the bigger ones nicely. 17lb flu
  3. Hey guys. went fishin for carp for a few hours earlier today. Only managed one but it was a nice one. Used delmonte corn. Was fishin shore from the queenston shores
  4. Best luck I've had after using 5 or 6 different canned corn was the greengiant niblets. the dollar store cans ave huge peices but they are soft and come.off the hook easily.Tried garlic corn too
  5. Just delmonte sweet corn thanks guys
  6. Well I went out and had some better Luck, only had this one on but shes solid
  7. Thanks guys, I'm going out tonight I'm tying to trying to find that monster carp ahahah I'm not complainig over these tho )
  8. Hey guys, went out lastnight from 6-8. Hooked up a nice carp right away I thought it was gonna spool me, it took a long run right away. played it or solid 5-10inutes then my line got cut off a rock or something. Second one on landed. This one only had me eye. I as soaked as i fished right through the storm lol. Anyways
  9. yeah thanks and as far as can tell uhave go quite a bit farther to the left for the weed beds. where I was theres a lot f rocks nd it goes down deep quickly. Only seen smaller ones following. That's the biggest ve seen in the picture after fishing there everyday for two weeks. im gonna go father down the river today. Bites have turned off n the last two nights
  10. Ya its always a fun fight with a longer rod! Let me know how u do on 12 mile be never fished it
  11. Thanks Ive never fished for channels but lately been itching to but i live in Niagara n the lake and dont get the chance to often to get out to welland
  12. hey everyone caught this guy on the lower near queenston mid day, water was very clear and I couldnt get any pike or walleye to bite. Chummed the water in a small eddy and literally seconds within dropping my hook in the water this carp grabbed the corn and took off. I've never had one take the bait so quickly it was a nice suprise Anyways
  13. Thanks guys! ya I was lucky this guy stayed still for the picture lol. it did get ahold f.my ankle right before lol
  14. Hey my names Dan and I am now finally a member on here. I've been following his forum for a long time and finally signed up lol. Anyways during the last few weeks I havent landed anything of any decent size its been tuff but finally got a nicer northern today. after casting just about everything from spoons spinners and hardbaits all different colours at my favourtie shore fishing spot on the lower river I couldnt get them to take anything. was just about to leave when i decided to throw a silver and gold Williams wobbler on and boom first cast hooked this one.
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