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  1. Spring-like conditions for three days next week, 4 and 5 degrees with rain, should knock the snow down a bit. Then freezing up again after that.
  2. Mike, I've sent you a private message.
  3. Hey Mike, a buddy of mine just posted this on Facebook, does it sound familiar? It seems that I lost my small Plano box while coming off the ice on the Grand River Saturday at the creek. Discovered a hole in my sled when I got home. I know it’s a long shot, but if someone found it, I would really appreciate it back. If not, someone gained some really nice jigs.
  4. It sure does Bruce!! I may be a little crazy but I don't mind shovelling snow at all, just can't do it this year as I'm in a sling for another two weeks.
  5. Happy New Year everyone, all the best for 2022 and beyond!!
  6. I've been busy since last Wednesday sitting on my a$$ and will be doing a lot more of the same in the coming weeks. Had shoulder surgery and now I'm on the mend. It looks like I won't be having a hardwater season this year. 😢
  7. I've heard good things about Astro as well although I have never had work done there personally. What type of vehicle do you have?
  8. That would be my guess as well steelee. For once it isn't the litter bugs making us lose a fishing area but the out of towners who don't adhere to the warning signs about entering the river. Either way, the fishermen lose...
  9. That's a trophy for sure, not throwing him back!!
  10. Oh wow Bill, I hope the missus gets the care she needs and heals quickly!
  11. We had to take ours out and right to the butcher (3 hours worth of work cutting our way to it to get it back to camp). The temperature went up to 18 that day so up it went and he is hanging it, cutting and packaging it for us.
  12. Moose pic 1 pdf.pdfMoose pic 2 pdf.pdf Moose pic 3 pdf.pdf
  13. And apparently I don't know how to attach pictures...
  14. Good day all! I haven't posted much on here the last few months, mostly because I've hardly wetted a line all year. Didn't even get my main boat in the water!! I did however get north this past week for my annual moose hunt and was lucky enough to fill our tag with my first moose, a bull. It didn't have a big rack (can't eat that anyway) but had a good sized body. He snuck in behind me and didn't hear him till he was 30 yards away. Once I heard the twig snap and turned, he noticed me. We looked at each other for about 10 seconds as I raised my rifle. As he turned to leave, I fired. He went about 30 yards and dropped. The excitement was over and now the work began! Moose pic 1.rtf Moose pic 2.rtf Moose pic 3.rtf
  15. Putting on a clinic! Will you take on a student??
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