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  1. Good morning! Im starting to plan the end of summer trip for the wife and I. Last year we travelled as far as Hearst and had a great time staying at Fushimi Lake Provincial Park. This year we plan on taking approximately three weeks covering the Lake Superior route and staying at the following parks...Chutes, White Lake, Sleeping Giant, Lake Superior and possibly Grundy. I'll be carrying my 12 foot tinnie and 7.5 horse with me to do some fishing on smaller bodies of water. Does anyone have any experience with this area?
  2. Anybody ever wonder why the "cat's ass" is a good thing??
  3. A little late to the show here but I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Lets hope for a better, safe, healthy and happy 2021. As far as the ice in Niagara goes, not in the next two weeks unfortunately...
  4. I've been schooled by Smerch again, that usually only happens on the water!!
  5. Really, it changed it to "doo-doo"!!!!!
  6. "Mickey Mouse", "doo-doo Show"...that's an understatement!!
  7. Steve, I may have to follow you around on the ice if you know where you're going!
  8. How did you do today Bill?
  9. I thought about doing it myself as well. Just kind of ran out of time. The end of boating season for me runs right into hunting (what a problem to have!!).
  10. Lyrette Marine, Mike Lyrette is the owner. 77 Courtwright Street, Fort Erie. 905-871-4444
  11. I've never owned anything Suzuki but know guys who've owned ATV's and they were great! Personally I own a 2003 Polaris ATV, and others in my camp own Polaris bikes as well. They've been very good machines and really reliable! I look after it and put premium gas in it and it has never let me down.
  12. My old stomping grounds, I grew up in Emsdale!
  13. What are you running Capt.?
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