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  1. Beauty!! Saw this post on ofc last night. Cold time of year to be out there but worth it for sure if that's the reward!
  2. I find with ours that if something is in between the operator and unit it doesn't work. Bill
  3. Welcome! Lots of experience and knowledge from the guys here, should get you going! bill
  4. Hey Mr Farmer!  Just out of curiosity are you guys heading out for perch?  I haven't seen any or heard of any out of CB but reading the questions about minnows I'm thinking they may be in? A buddy and I are heading out tm from CB but we're thinking of heading to the windmills for some eyes.   Rumblings of them still being around (buddies uncle limited out last week).  But perching would be a nice change.  

    Thanks in advance 


    1. Fish Farmer

      Fish Farmer

      I'm heading to Crystal for a little of both. Doing a little Walleye fishing then looking for a school of Perch.

      Minnows have been hard to get. I'm taking some old salted minnows and a can of salad shrimp if I can get on a school of Perch. Would be nice getting on a school.

      I'd keep an eye out for guys parked on a spot

      Hope you find them, good luck, feed of Perch would be nice.


    2. BillyD


      Thank you sir!  Just thought I'd ask as you always seem to be on them.  Minnows  haven't been in the river (niagara) yet so wasn't sure if the perch have moved in.   They tend to show up at the same time.  I'll let ya know how we do, maybe even see you out there.  Black legend extreme.  Probably out mid day due to morning priorities.  looks to be a nice day out there.  Best of luck out there!


    3. Fish Farmer

      Fish Farmer

      Thanks Bill may see you out there, 16' black Lund side console 60 Merc.

  5. BillyD

    Some pics

    Beautiful lakers! Good job man!
  6. Lol that's awesome!! And here I'm thinking 3 is too young! bill
  7. Hey would like to pm you. Commanda has been on my hit list and my daughter being 3 now, would like to bring her up to the camp there. If you're ok with it would love to pick your brain thanks bill
  8. Beautiful report! Looks like an awesome family vacation:)
  9. Fluoro for sure! Used them for a while now and haven't been bitten off yet.
  10. Hi Bill , nice easy name I can remember   :)......You should do well at Quinte now .  Both spots should produce some walleye . Look for boats .. We like to troll slowly , just fast enough to keep the bait on bottom . We have been doing well using a 3 way swivel with a bottom bouncer sinker with the wire inside , & use worms with harnesses or a floating Gum Drop which saves us a lot of worms & also catches those pesky small perch . They come 3 in a package in different sizes  & bright colours (Can.Tire) & keep slightly above the bottom . If the wind is up we will sometimes drift these baits or bounce lead heads & worm off the bottom . I hope to get up there in a couple weeks , we have a trailer at Mohawk Bay Park . Good luck .:Gonefishing:

    1. BillyD


      Thanks for the info Bill ?  I'll let ya know how we do!

  11. That's awesome! Can't wait to bring my daughter out for her first time! Way to go:)
  12. Looks good to me! Nice job
  13. Never heard of it until this thread. Good to know for when my daughter gets a couple more years older. My only trout fishing is our spring Algonquin trip, lakers and brookies. St. John's sounds great for kids or a relaxing day!
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