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  1. every knife has it's own purpose
  2. Grab that turkey tag you can take any sex in the fall open all Oct bow hunting
  3. Good luck out there i will be hunting after thanksgiving
  4. I see your point smerch lets hope that don't happen lets hope that if they are going kill the birds that they disposed of them right way
  5. https://www.ofah.org/issues/cormorants/#:~:text=On July 31%2C 2020 the,of your small game licence.
  6. you can bait fore ducks and geese but you have to stop 2 weeks before the season and you have to make sure its gone before you hunt
  7. Yes you can hunt deer over bait ducks and geese you can bait but you have to stop 2 weeks before the season and you want to make sure that bait is gone before hunting and turkey you have to be 100 yrds away from any bait site
  8. Hey Fishingking i don't have any info to your question but do want to say i think it is awesome that your daughter wants to get her hunting licenses i wish her the beast of luck
  9. The RCMP are so corrupt them guns didn't just disappear those guns were sold and if they get away with this gun grab you can almost bet the same thing will happen The truth will come out just like they are hiding the truth about the Nova Scotia shooter in time the truth will come to us the rcmp need to be dismantled from the top down a lot of this gun grab is not just by the libs but by the rcmp they have a big hand in it too. THIS IS NOT ABOUT OUR SAFETY BUT THE GlOBAL TAKE OVER AND THE U.N.
  10. 2 months ago every morning i would go out side clean up my garbage we have cats running around but thought to myself this is not a cat so put up a trail cam checked it in the morning after picking up my garbage can it was a coon this years offspring i put out my live trap had caught took it out of town and released him no more messes i sit out back early morning and watch the squirrels and the birds and sip on my coffee
  11. It already does smerch anyone that has these phones will never give them up and go back to a flip phone it's funny that you talk about these kids staring at there phone adults are just as bad i call them tech zombies i was talking to my neighbor as he pulled out his phone as i was talking to him when i was finished talking to him he did not hear a word i said now if i'm talking to him and he pulls out his phone i walk away i don't understand what power these phones have over people and i guess i never will
  12. This is true as i had mentioned above anyone with a smart phone are being tracked the same thing happened to a buddy he was looking at fishing tackle then he got a notification on his phone all about fishing gear just think about what they can and are doing we are being watched on our phone well not me i'm like smerch i only have a flip phone i will never have a smart phone
  13. Just like the mask all this is really doing is letting the GOV know who is going to comply the last i seen that only 4% has downloaded the app people do not like the fact that the Gov has his nose in there bedroom so to speak
  14. No smerch it's worse then that the vaccine is going to be from china military and they have already bought the syringes one for every person in Canada from newborns up to seniors
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