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  1. All these business we need to remember they don't seem to think that throughout this hole plandemic it was us the people that did our best to keep them afloat and they do this to us they need to go bankrupt just watch even the vaxxed do not agree with this i have watched people that have the jab say they will not support business that do this even if they open there doors at a later time we have to say no way
  2. Yes i believe your right they should have never complied
  3. Yes i seen that as well and yes Australia did ban gunsa few other counties did as well Australia and the UK are the testing grounds for the take over Trudy is moving fast to catch up
  4. I do respect your choice as every one has that right and maybe this is O'Tools strat but one thing i cant agree with is there are only 2 parties and maybe not this time but these 2 parties will be a thing of the past a lot and i mean a lot of people want real change in Canada and if these parties keep going down the path they are going the people will stand as they are now you didn't see Max in the debate they band him because he is not part of the establishment
  5. Theo Fleury gets it https://policeonguard.ca/police-on-guards-chris-vandenbos-interviews-retired-nhl-superstar-and-canadian-patriot-theo-fleury/
  6. What has O'Toole done to hold Trudeau accountable thats y we are in this nightmare look i'm not saying Max will be PM and i can except that but as of right now i can only vote for freedom PPC Is the only one talking about that O'Toole is only talking about putting a stop to puppy mills and he flip flopped on the gun we are in this mess because all the establish party's are on the same page believe me i wish i could vote conservative i have for a long time but ford and O'Toole woke me up don't take this as a hit on you this is what this country need is fair and free debate not to be silence and shut down for our beliefs Max will probably not get PM but i will feel better knowing that we will have candidates so Canadians will have a voice in that sh@#t hole called parlement that place needs to be gutted right out to much corruption
  7. Thats right Surf turf Turf there everywhere we are loosing room . But good job on the hunt i'm waiting for ducks hope my spot pans out this year
  8. All the candidates in the ppc are not politicians just every day people like us that had enough of this global takeover it's time for real change in Canada HA Mr.T is getting this every were he goes
  9. contact the ppc candidate in your ridding https://www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca/our_candidates
  10. I can tell you the ppc are doing a lot better then people think o'Toole just did a flip flop on guns and the people are pulling there conservative signs out and replacing them with ppc every one is right in line with the agenda but the ppc
  11. They look like they would make a nice sauce
  12. Yes smerchly it has been a long time we are doing good thanks and i hope the same to your family it very well could have been eagles you seen every fall i have a pair of eagles on the stretch of the creek i hunt ducks but i'm not sure if they are still there i haven't hunted ducks for 2 years it might sound silly but it just isn't the same without my dog but after watching duck hunting vids i came to the realization why i loved duck hunting so much so i snapped my self out of it and will be out there once again this year lol yep if the carp don't want it feed the mice
  13. Chris nailed it it is a osprey 100%
  14. Nice catch i night fish for them at night we catch a few of them at night on cut bait along with some nice cat's
  15. Looks so beautiful with all that is going on in the world today just shows how beautiful our world really is
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