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  1. I agree with every word smerchly very true as well as gun owners and with the gun grabs coming after us we don't need this stuff adding fuel to the fire that's all it's doing she does need to stop
  2. Nice catch smerch 12 more you can make a fur hat
  3. Merry Christmas to all of NFN members and to your family's
  4. I understand that verado but not every one can go north and no one should have there rights taken away or have new comers come hear and dictate to us what we should or shouldent be able to do if that was the case
  5. Ya after i posted it i seen that i hope it went well as well
  6. https://www.ofah.org/firearms/town-of-grimsby-discharge-of-firearms/ any hunters in Grimsby hear is your chance fight it
  7. As will i we all have to start screaming no matter what the situation if we just bow down and comply we lost .All hunters that hunt in this area should stand up and fight this and even hunters that don't hunt there cause it's just a matter of time this can happen to us we can't let them get away with this HUNTERS GET MAD AND STAND UP
  8. This is just the beginning it's all part of the corruption there taking all of our rights away slowly for now the pace will pick up soon agenda 21 and 30 look it up we have a fight on our hands
  9. Awesome good job you guy's had a good hunt good to hear im still trying hope it ends tonight but then i love getting out as this time of year i get to busy and have to pick my days and still have some good time as long as the weather holds out (the wind) i lost more days of hunting this year do to the wind not being in my favor but tonight is a go congrats Bubba
  10. that's how them boys get so big they don't play the game lol he's a big boy for sure
  11. Congrats on your buck nice tender deer
  12. congrats Darryl looks like a good size doe
  13. Good stuff were you hunting by your self or a group? i only bow hunt so im looking forward to sunday and get back at it congrat on your buck
  14. Thats what happens when we do trade with Country's over seas we don't need them but when both Fed and provincial Governments are shutting us down where else are we going to get things CHINA Fords new slogan CLOSED FOR BUSINESS UNLESS IT COMES FROM CHINA we can't build business we must shut them down
  15. every knife has it's own purpose
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