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  1. Nice catch i night fish for them at night we catch a few of them at night on cut bait along with some nice cat's
  2. Looks so beautiful with all that is going on in the world today just shows how beautiful our world really is
  3. I didn't even notice his 3 rods been so busy i can't get on very much lol.I can just picture you squirming with 3 fish on that would be some work for sure
  4. Been in lockdown lol i just got the email today i guess i just haven't been paying attention thanks for the clear up
  5. just read the M.N.R news letter today we can use 3 rods for fishing for carp[only]
  6. Congrat genec very nice looking tom
  7. Congrats on your bird Surf and Turf i'm playing cat and mouse with 2 toms this week there a challenge they don't get big for being dumb. Nice tom you got good job
  8. I called the mnr on Monday TO see if there was a change in the opening day date no its still on Sunday bow hunt i didn't ask if we are able to hunt if not i think they would of said so if you look back at the first lockdown you could hunt turkey just not on public land only private i will be hunting
  9. I agree with every word smerchly very true as well as gun owners and with the gun grabs coming after us we don't need this stuff adding fuel to the fire that's all it's doing she does need to stop
  10. Nice catch smerch 12 more you can make a fur hat
  11. Merry Christmas to all of NFN members and to your family's
  12. I understand that verado but not every one can go north and no one should have there rights taken away or have new comers come hear and dictate to us what we should or shouldent be able to do if that was the case
  13. Ya after i posted it i seen that i hope it went well as well
  14. https://www.ofah.org/firearms/town-of-grimsby-discharge-of-firearms/ any hunters in Grimsby hear is your chance fight it
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