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  1. if I can swing it then yes, it wasn't cheap haha, but the girlfriends dad has a 18.5 Lund which I'm sure I can talk him into picking up some more gear so we can get there on our own... hopefully... haha
  2. yeah 12 rods was nuts, he can actually do more based on occupancy obviously, us having 6 our max was 12, but he has more clamps available for more rods lol just insane
  3. Thanks for all the kind words everyone it was a blast, and yes 12 rods is a handful but he had no issues, basically he said we're in store to stare at his butt all day long, and we did! haha he was a tireless worker always doing something. and he used two of these, one per side off with heavy fluoro I think, it was multi coloured and thick
  4. Ended up finally getting out to lake St Clair for the musky trip with my brother, girlfriends dad and uncle out significant others had gotten for us for our birthdays last year, two failed dates due to weather and this one was up in the air till the day before too! at the boat for 7:30am and off we went in a nice comfy 30' fiberglass. We got out to the mouth of the channel, and loads of floating debris was in the water, logs branches, a 40' tree haha so we took it slow till we got past all that and once we reached our location the captain Terry started rigging up, all 12 rods! It didn'
  5. can't wait to see what comes of this, he deserves a life long ban on fishing and owning any fishing equipment I hope they strip him of everything
  6. glad to hear a first hand review... I'm going to be looking at one in the coming year or so, the seat and seat adjustment looks amazing!
  7. depends on water temps etc, but I've had success with downrigging about 2km off shore of Jordan harbour, near the buoy. the depths can vary though.
  8. Yeah I forgot about the wheel, that makes it far easier than hauling it over your shoulder, even though I think the 11.5 is in the 75lb range and 10' in the 65lb range still whatever saves your shoulders for casting! haha
  9. At MEC they have the Feelfree Lure, in a 10' and I think the next step up is a 12'5". Been looking at swapping out the scanoe for one if possible as they look like a fantastic sit on top kayak built in rod holders etc and with a 36" beam you can stand and cast when in nice water. Another option would be a pontoon but that's a whole other beast lol, works for a lot of people though!
  10. Sweet fish! that first pic is a great action shot
  11. Ah good to know, fishing the actual whirlpool would be bad in a boat yes haha. not familiar with the area and names of spots in the area
  12. Nice catch! how do you get to that area? I'm from Hamilton and just started my musky setup, I have a 15' tin and a scanoe I can use, but if it's a strong current I'd rather stick to shore fishing.
  13. Depends on what kind of a setup you currently have, if you're handy you could rig up a side transom and have it to the left or right depending on your dominant side you could potentially setup a trolling motor, but be mindful of your kayaks max weight allowance, a deep cell battery is not light the foot pedal powered ones aren't cheap new...http://www.sail.ca/en/catalogue/paddle-sports/kayaks/5636/mariner-12-5-propel/ used, not much better but at least there's a potential for some wiggle room, depending on the seller http://barrie.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-boats-watercraft-canoes-kayaks-pad
  14. Haha that's the girlfriends dad's Lund tyee, and to DaveC the riggers are a cannon electric system, they work nice!
  15. Hey everyone the name is Lucas I'm from Hamilton and usually go for bass, walleye or when possible I get out on Lake O or Lake Erie with the girlfriends dad going for Salmon or whatever else decides to take a nibble. I've just recently started gearing up for musky and started last year I met up with another member from the OFC board and we ended up boating a couple so this summer and fall hopefully I'll be able to slot some time to get out and fish for them. Too bad most places are a 2+ hour drive lol I have a 15' tin and a Coleman Scanoe at my disposal to have some fun in and try to get out
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