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  1. Nope.... I betcha if i go back in there with my buddy that has permission, we'd get another 15... I know enough when to leave a property alone. Hasn't been touched this year...
  2. After three years for hunting rabbits I finally got permission to hunt a property out in Dunnville with some good sign. The first year, a friend of mine took me out one morning to one of his spots, and we got 6 in 3 hours. Went out a couple more times that year and got a few more. Second year only got 4 more on the same property on a couple of outings. This season i've been out once in a different field and didn't see a thing. Gonna try and put some more time in this month on that property I got permission for. Should be good. It's nice just to get out of the house and do some walking.Plan on
  3. Thanks Markster. Kingston is out looking closer to the Niagara area... I'll check out colettabayguides.
  4. Hey guys. Been hunting deer up north for 12 or 13 years now. Just started rabbit hunting a couple of years ago but I'd like to get into ducks/geese... Bird hunting anyway. I live in Thorold, On and was wondering can anyone give me some direction where I can find a repetable local waterfowling guide so I could go out and enjoy a hunt and learn some basics on shooting birds. Thanks guys.
  5. That is so awesome gunner... Great job...
  6. How did ya make out? I wish I had more time to scout for goose and dove. I would love to try bird hunts but I just can't find the time to do so on my own..
  7. Cool niagarasteelheader. What kind of pellet gun are you using? I was thinking of buying one to do some rabbit hunting but I wasn't sure what I needed. I just use a 12 gauge with 7.5 shot for rabbits.
  8. Hey guys. Any rabbit luck this year for you guys compared to last last year? This year seems to be down in sightings and population. I've got a couple this year but nothing compared to last season. Any thoughts!!! Lots of Coyotes this year. But doesn't seem to be more than last season.... ????????????
  9. Went for rabbits this past weekend with a buddy of mine.. Got 3 cottontails. Lots of fun just walking around through the bush. tonnes of tracks where we were... Lots of Coyotes tracks too. Found a copy of there dens in a brush pile... Pretty cool to see.
  10. I hear them every night howling and yeeping... I'm just off HWY 58 in Thorold. Tonnes of Coyotes, Geese, Ducks and frickin' stray cats too. Hopefully they just eat the damn cats... They crap all over my front flower garden... Dang it....
  11. Hey guys. Just wanted to wish everyone luck who's going for deer upnorth for the next two weeks. Good and luck and be safe. I'm going for the second week hopefully to put some vension in the freezer. We'll only be looking for horns b/c this year we only got one doe tag and the guy that got it, can't make it now. Oh well.... It's always a good time anyway. Good luck guys and gals...
  12. Ritterhauf on highway #20 fonthill does a good job. He does our deer every year for us.
  13. You too gunner-2. That's great. You bow hunting around niagara region? Hope you bag one. My buddies are leaving tonight to go to our camp to hunt moose. The owner just told me that two guys just dropped out of deer camp for this year.. Can't go... The kicker is one of the guys is the only one with a doe tag for the two weeks of deer season. Guess we're huntin' horns...
  14. Awesome job Gwhunter99.. I can't wait to get up north for deer. Going the second week of November for 5 days. Can't wait to get away... Good luck when you go back.
  15. Thanks Rainbow. It's crazy how much bush there is out there with not even a house on a certain block. I have my map marked as some possible land out there to possible explore but I still have to find the people that own the property or if it's public land. If I go to the city will they let me know if it's public land or private? If private will they actually let me know who owns it??? Thanks for your help.
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