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  1. verado

    The 12

    I just can't believe what slobs some people are. I wonder what their homes and cars look like?
  2. You really have to look at everything. Six years ago my buddy bought a very expensive, beautiful huge cottage on Lake Muskoka near Port Carling. One of the many plus's is how close it is to this area (I've made it in 3 hours) and you can come and go when you want to avoid peak traffic periods. The fishing is suprisingly good, very few of the local billionaires fish. It is rated one of the top 10 big pike lakes in Ontario and the bass and walleye fishing is also good. In 15 minutes I can boat to the grocery store and beer/ liquor stores that have their own docks. There are restaurants, golf co
  3. It depends on where you down the animal Tyler. In 40 years of moose hunting I have only had to quarter an animal a few times to get it out of the bush and that was in the days before ATV's. At our camp we have a sled that looks like a big toboggan but about four feet wide. It sometimes takes a little chainsaw work but with a big ATV we can slide it out of the bush to the nearest trail and then load it on a trailer. We then get it back to camp whole for hanging and skinning
  4. Sorry Surf n Turf, Gary sent me those pictures and I was so impressed I thought the rest of you might like to see them.
  5. Thought you might enjoy the picture of my buddy's successful moose hunting trip last week near Cochrane. moosehunt.zip
  6. Your story makes me laugh Corey, you and your buddy are doing things right. When my kids were little we'd be at a cottage with my buddy and his kids. He'd say let's go fishing and pile his kids into his boat and head out to the middle of the lake and start trolling and casting, that is the only way he liked to fish. They would never catch anything and the kids hated it. I would take mine to a weedbed in three feet of water where they would catch sunfish and rock bass by the bucket full on their little snoopy rods. My kids loved it and still do. His kids would run and hide when their father sai
  7. I don't shore fish either so I don't normally see much of this but I have picked up line and bait containers while out on the lake. One thing I am seeing more of is people who have cleaned their catch then dumping all the heads and guts in the garbage pail at the launch ramp. These pails are in a high traffic area and they soon stink to high heaven and attract swarms of wasps. I would think it would be better to dump them in the lake away from used areas and let the crabs, fish and gulls take care of them. As for myself, I use my own garbage disposal, but this fall when we go to once every two
  8. Nice fish and gorgeous picture.
  9. Looks like a fantastic trip and to enjoy it with your family even better.
  10. With the most recent gun ban, Ford is on record for being against it. He said why waste millions going after legal firearms and owners when almost nothing is done to stem the tide of illegal firearms and their criminal use.
  11. Anyone considered to be operating the boat, no matter what the speed or duration, would need a license. If stopped in that scenario, an officer could possibly overlook that but rest assured, everything else would be checked with a fine tooth comb. Two of the more common infractions are your waterproof floating flashlight does not turn on and your life jackets are not in good repair or a proper fit for all passengers. I have a very large friend who likes to fish with me but none of my adult jackets would even come close to fitting him. I always tell him that if he wants to come with me, he has
  12. Just about every variety store (at least in Niagara Falls) sells worms.
  13. Sorry to keep ranting but I am just so damn angry. When I read the extensive list of newly banned firearms, I have to admit I recognized very few of them. However, the top of the list was the Ruger Mini 14. This rifle is just an ordinary semi-auto hunting rifle, no extended magazine, no collapsible stock, no suppressor etc. but the Trudeau government has had a hard-on for this gun from the very start. The only reason being that this was the firearm used in the horrible massacre at the school in Montreal. This was merely throwing a bone to Wendy Cukier and the various gun control groups. As man
  14. You and I did the same things Smerch. My last year of high school in the late 60's was at St. Catharines Collegiate. There was a cadet group there who would bring their rifles every Friday morning and store them in their lockers until afternoon practice. Before we drove, my buddy and I would get on the city bus every Sat morning in the fall carrying our shotguns and as you say, the shell belts. We would ride downtown to the courthouse and there we would get a transfer to the bus out to Pelham. We would stand around the corner of King and James for 20 min or more waiting for the bus and no-one
  15. I am as angry as the rest of you. I have been a hunter and competition shooter, handguns, rifle and shotgun all my life, and I do not want to see my sport regulated anymore than it already is. However, at the risk of angering some of you, I feel that the firearms industry and publications have kind of shot themselves in the foot on this one. As a good friend always tells me, to keep business fresh you have to keep re-inventing the wheel. The .300 Win Mag is a perfect example, it's been around forever and you could not ask for a better all around cartridge for North American big game, but it is
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