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  1. I still have my original Lowrance green box Fish Lo-K-Tor. It's a portable flasher that runs on 2 6 volt batteries, a friend and I bought it together in 1970 for about $150. I tried it a little while ago and it still works. On my first big boat I had a Sitex paper graph then I upgraded to a top model Lowrance paper graph. They were ideal for the salmon fishing on Lake O. I still remember the odour they gave off when operating as the stylus etched on the paper and all the black dust that used to accumulate on the screen. Now I use an Elite 7Ti and am very pleased with it.
  2. I have a 2014 19' Lund Tyee with a 200hp Mercury with hydraulic steering. Since day one, I have been very surprised at how much effort it takes to turn the wheel. Like you, I have mentioned it to the dealer several times but was told everything is fine and it is working like it should. My 9.9 pro kicker was purchased and installed at the same time. It is connected to the main motor for steering whether in use or not. I have never tried disconnecting it to see what difference that would make (I would think a lot). One day I will do that but over the years I have just got used to it. On the plus
  3. For many years I have done the winterizing myself on motors ranging from small to large 2 stroke outboards and various large 8 cylinder GMC and Ford blocks. Never had a problem and it was quite easy. My present rig is fairly new with both main motor and kicker being 4 strokes. So far, I have had the dealer where I bought it (Bay City, Hamilton) do the winterizing. They charge me $246 for the big motor and $103 for the kicker (plus taxes) This includes changing the oil and filters, the gear oil, fuel treatment, seal kits and complete lubrication of all components. The service is excellent, sinc
  4. Yes there is a waiting list for both and I have no expectations of getting one for the upcoming season but you can always hope.
  5. I would like to get a slip or at least a launch pass at Bertie Bay Boat Club.
  6. Sounds like a good setup Surf and Turf. That's a good idea for the planer board mast especially since I never use the electric for trolling on Erie or Ontario, the pro-kicker handles that. I use my boat as a family craft as well but when fishing I always use the downriggers simply because I am usually by myself and find them much easier to handle then a pair of planing boards.
  7. Beautiful boat, I'm sure you will be very happy with it. When I purchased my boat in 2014 I outfitted it with a pair of Canon Magnum 5T electric downriggers on Canon tracks and for rods I used Bass Pro Shop LPD86M 8'6" medium action equipped with Strata Max-20 reels with line counters and spooled with 20lb mono. Each rod and reel with line came to just over $100. I know this is not high quality but for six years they have functioned perfectly for walleye on Erie and I am still using the original line on both downriggers and reels. I do not use planer boards so I can't say how this set-up would
  8. I've never fished in an actual tournament. I have bought tickets in the Orillia Perch Derby and the Salmon derby back in the 70's but never had the inclination to try a tournament. Never really thought about it but I guess the rules should be looked at for future contests. Smerch has a great idea about an official weigh-in boat. That's something that should not be too hard to arrange and would cut out the bad publicity of anglers standing on a podium with dead or near dead fish to weigh. A little tongue in cheek but could you imagine if us hunters did the same thing? All line up in the morni
  9. I knew a bear guide north of Thunder Bay. He put about 16,000 km on year on his ATV's, liked the Honda, Yamaha, and CanAm, didn't like the Arctic Cat or Polaris. His oldest machine was a beat up Suzuki. He was waiting for it to die but it never did. Didn't look after it at all but said it always started and never left him stranded. I think that all the major brands of outboards are pretty high quality. I bought my 200 and 9.9 Merc in 2014 and have had no issues. Something you do have to consider is the availability of parts and service in the areas you do most of your boating. Suzuki and Honda
  10. Deer and other wildlife still have to eat regardless of the weather. Heavy rain, snow or winds might curtail their activity for a day or two but if the weather is extended you can be sure that they will be once again searching for food.
  11. My cousin owns a beef cattle farm on the north side of mud road (AG & Turf). You could not discharge firearms on that side of the road but archery has always been legal. How could that bother anyone? As you know, it is not about bows or guns, we hunters are hated by all the new residents in these areas. That is why I no longer hunt in this area, I spend my 2 weeks in the north where hunting is understood by most of the residents,
  12. What a beautiful buck. Next year he'll be even bigger.
  13. Never tried it but I have always heard that WD40 was a good fish attractant. Some say the new version no longer has fish oil in it.
  14. Fishing is a strange thing. I have sat in a small ice hut with holes in each corner and all the fish came out of the same hole even though the others were all within 6 feet of it. My Dad and uncle for years fished Algonquin Park for the opening of trout season. They both used wire lines and big 606 Dominion Canoe baits. My uncle constantly outfished my Dad and he claimed it was because he always handled the motor, a cantankerous 3hp Johnson, and he always had the smell of gas on his hands.
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    I just can't believe what slobs some people are. I wonder what their homes and cars look like?
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