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  1. I know the feeling. I look at my boat wrapped up in the garage and I am itching to go. Might have to buy a new one this year (in my dreams) as I see Mercury has introduced a new 12 cylinder 600 hp verado. A unique feature is that for steering, only the lower gearcase turns while the engine itself remains stationary. Makes sense, why turn that whole 800lb engine.
  2. We also enjoyed another successful hunt at our Haliburton Forest camp last week. A cow on opening morning and this fine bull 2 days later.er
  3. It took a while but goby's have become one of the favorite meals of bass and walleye, hence the abundance of jigs, tubes and lures with a goby finish. Years ago when gobies were first starting to show up in large numbers, I was out fishing in Mohawk Bay on a sunny afternoon. We started to notice a huge amount of large dead fish floating on the surface. On getting close to one we saw it was a smallmouth and not dead but floating there with a huge extended stomach. Later the marina operator told us it was a common occurrence. He said the bass stuff themselves with the gobies and he believed there was something a little toxic in them that the bass were not used to yet. He said they lie there for a while on the surface while digesting and then slowly swim away with no apparent side effects. These days, a goby coloured soft tube jig is the go to lure for most knowledgeable bass anglers.
  4. Fishing and relaxing with the family. That's what summers are for. Great pictures.
  5. I have been fishing this area and all over the north country for over 50 years. I have never targeted musky but I also, in all that time, have never caught one by accident either. I have had bass and walleye stolen from my stringer many times by what I assumed were muskies.
  6. My personal best was 6lb 1 oz. It's the only fish I ever had mounted. I'm starting to forget what a sunny morning looks like.
  7. For years I drifted the upper Niagara in the Black creek area. The only presentation I ever used was a 3 way swivel with a bell sinker on the bottom and about 3 feet of line attached to a silver flatfish or quickfish. It was dynamite on smallmouth. The only problem arose during the late summer when seaweed was very heavy.
  8. Beautiful, exactly what a hunting camp should be.
  9. You're absolutely right Smerch. The guy on the left in the Quebec Tuxedo is my Dad and the guy on the right is indeed Jack Hills. He was one of my buddy's father-in-law and a great guy. Spent a long, cold night in the bush with him one year when we got lost. Sadly to say, everyone in those photos is gone now. My one buddy worked as a Geo-phycisist for mining and exploration companies all through Canada's north. He would pick the campsite from aerial photos or first hand experience on the ground. He would supply two big prospector tents and the air tight stoves to heat them. On arrival, first thing in the morning, we would cut the pine logs to use as support poles and set the tents facing each other about 25 feet apart. A carpenter buddy brought a lot of 2" strapping that we would use to build a dining fly in the gap between covered in heavy duty plastic. We also used the strapping to build shelves along one side to hold our camp stoves and other camp equipment. Old carpet was brought up for floors in the tents . There was usually 6 of us so 3 cots were placed in each tent. We had tons of room and I don't think I have ever been as cozy in a cabin as we were in those tent camps. We did that for probably 20 years in a row. Now I stay in a 1930's era hunt camp in the Haliburton Forest but I still miss those old days.
  10. Several years ago I received a flyer from Bass Pro for the great Canadian fishing week. Every ad had a maple leaf on it and they also said shipping would be free. I ordered a one piece ultra light rod that was $150 on sale from $300 figuring it was coming from Canada. After I placed my order, they informed me that due to the size of the box the rod would have to be shipped in, there would be a slight extra charge. The rod arrived the following week along with the bill for $150 plus the shipping and duty charges of $185 US. I immediately called them and was speaking to a lady with a strong southern accent. She informed me that absolutely everything that is ordered online from BP is shipped from their main facility in Missouri, regardless of what the ads say. I asked her if she really thought I would order a $150 rod if I knew I had to pay $185 in shipping, so I said I was going to return it. She agreed and said this one time she would waive the shipping. I learned my lesson and have never ordered anything online from them again. I don't know if it is still the same since BPS and Cabella's have merged. Anything ordered from Cabella's (guns included) is shipped from Winnipeg with no extra charges, duty or US funds.
  11. Quite a while ago we were featuring strange boat names that some of us had. Came across this photo of my 1979 24 foot crestliner and thought I would share.
  12. A few pictures of some early bush camps for moose. Can you guess what the one with the birch logs is? That was roughing it.
  13. Great story Surf and Turf. Reminds me so much of my first moose hunting trips as a teenager. One thing we did do right was leave home around midnight so we would arrive in our hunting area (usually Gogama or the Sault) around first light and have all day to set up camp. We always used prospector tents with air tight stoves. I've got several photos of some of our camps and I will try to post them. Looking back on it now Surf, I think you'll agree with me, we really didn't know what the hell we were doing way back then but it was fun and quite the learning experience.
  14. I'm planning on making my first walleye outing of the year on Friday if the forecast holds.
  15. Again, an excellent idea.
  16. That's always been my thought too Smerch. Can it take the heat. I've tried the vacuum with no luck but the sticky tape could be worth a shot. Thanks for the suggestions. Like you I have no use for a smartphone or any of the social media sites. I have a basic cellphone mostly for emergencies, don't know my own number without looking it up. I get really tired of talking to people (my own family included) who cannot take their eyes off their cellphone screen for a minute
  17. For many years I have had a compact Canon digital camera of excellent quality. I always brought it on hunting and fishing trips. When I went on my African Safari several years ago, I took literally hundreds of photos while traveling to the various hunting areas or when sitting in the blinds. They included all the plains game species as well as countless giraffes, zebras, baboons, ostriches, even some hippos. On my return home I immediately popped out the card and made my way to Walmart to print out the pictures. I carefully placed the chip on my console but had to stop abruptly and the chip slid under the dashboard radio and heater controls. I can't reach in with anything larger than a very tiny wire and although I have tried many times, it is still there. Short of dismantling the dash I don't know what else to do to retrieve it. On the subject of older cameras and film, I know some professionals still use them but it has been a very long time since I have seen any stores offering film for sale or the developing of prints.
  18. I think you are right. As long as your jackets are in good condition with no rips, tears, missing buckles etc. they are deemed legal. You also must make sure you have the proper size for everyone on board. I had a couple of 300lb plus fishing buddies that my life-jackets would not come close to fitting. I told them if they wanted to continue coming with me, they had to invest in a proper jacket. As you are probably aware, the newer style light inflatable jackets only count as jackets if they are being worn. There are some regulations that sneak up on you though. I noticed my boat registration paper (which you must have in the boat) for the boat I bought in 2014, expires soon. With all my previous boats they were lifetime. I have not yet looked at the procedure for renewing it but I would not be surprised if there is a cost attached. On a different note, I just received my new PAL, renewed for about the 5th time. This is the license that allows you to possess and carry a firearm and must be in your possession at all times when carrying, using, or transporting a firearm, regardless of the sport. Not too long ago I noticed that along with the license itself, you must also carry the paper it comes with that states the conditions, such as restricted, non-restricted etc. One is not legal without the other.
  19. I understand the proper name is freshwater drum
  20. No disrespect to you Trouter but I have not been a shore fisherman for many years so I would not have any idea as to where to direct you. My favorite spots used to be Lake Gibson at Decew, St. John's pond in Effingham and the sand docks at Queenston. Welcome to the Forum.
  21. I'm being a bit of a smart-ass Smerch, but I noticed that Trouter has 1 post on this forum. Maybe you should have told him to check out your other 17,200 posts for information on fishing this area. LOL
  22. I ask the wife to stand on them then run.
  23. I think you're right about the pollen. I can wash my vehicles and 3 hours later they are covered in a fine yellow dust. I would park them in the garage but between my toys and the grandchildren's toys, there is no longer any room. As for the bugs, I have reached the stage where I want to be comfortable when fishing. No heavy waves, freezing temperatures or dressing like a ninja to keep the bugs off me. I'll wait for a better day thank you.
  24. Isn't it great when things work out.
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