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  1. My New Years resolutions are always the same for fishing: Catch any species I haven’t caught yet Set new PBs with any species I have caught Have fun every time I go out Introduce someone new to the sport
  2. I think another idea would be to limit the bag size for tournaments. Instead of the five heaviest fish you catch to bring in why not make it the three heaviest. In a 100 boat tournament where every boat brings in 5 fish, thats 500 total. In a 3 bag limit its only 300, 200 fish get to swim away where they were caught, much better numbers for the fishery and I dont think tournaments anglers would be turned off by this idea. I wish the MNR would enforce both this and the weigh boat station ideas.
  3. Bass Fishing Tournament Organizer Fined for Dead Bass - Wired2Fish.com
  4. Forgot to mention the fish measured in at 14.5 inches long
  5. Well back I was for more action at Jordan harbour, brought my pike and trout rod looking for some, well, pike or trout. I wasn't surprised when I ended up with a perch and a bass since I always catch fish i'm not geared for. What I wasn't expecting was to get my personal best perch while casting for trout with a #5 blue fox vibrax.
  6. you've got a good solid week of beautiful weather, probably the last we'll see of these temps until next year unfortunately
  7. Forgot to add the beautiful sunset at the end
  8. Went down this evening to fish the last hour of daylight, thought i'd go for some late season pike, and I know this meant my odds of hooking up with a trout if anything were good since half the time I go there for pike I get a trout, half the time I cast for trout I get a pike.....and tonight didn't disappoint Got a nice male about 6-7 pounds casting a silver/purple rapala bx simmer
  9. There really aren't too many better feelings in fishing then a new PB of one of your favorite species..... WTG congrats 👍
  10. I can’t stand fishing with the crowds during spring and fall runs, drives me nuts, just can’t seem to enjoy myself in traffic. Great on you to stick it out for some success
  11. Happy bass opener to all Lake Ontario (zone 20) anglers, looking forward to phase 2 when the rest of the province opens up next week, going up to moon river with some family, can’t wait, six more sleeps 😁
  12. Yes, I definitely also have a few questions, it sucks for those other boat owners who lost their vessel because of someone else’s stupidity
  13. The schools of fish I saw at Jordan seemed to be in the 20inch range or so, bout 6-8 of em, they seemed to be a bit larger then I thought they would normally be for a gizzard shad, at first I thought they were a school of Asian carp 😧
  14. I was at Jordan a few days ago, saw the same thing as I was fishing for pike, definitely a gizzard shad
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