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  1. Have you checked beach marine under the skyway?
  2. Lol, so waited for a week just to hear go somewhere else for info, awesome..... does the mnr actually have any power when it comes to enforcing public land access or are they always just going defer these issues to the municipality?
  3. I went 1/3 last week shore casting in grimsby, yes the browns are in and the fishermen have followed Although near 4 feet long you say? I believe the ontario record is around 38 inches long, if you said you had a near 4 footer you're well into record territory my friend, I'd be mighty pissed about that. Congrats on hookin up though, those browns put up a great fight, hopefully you can get a photo op of a giant fish next timed, well done. And I've gotten nothing on my spoons, but my minnowbaits and crankbaits have been gettin bit as well
  4. That’s a very handy tool, didn’t know about it, thanks for sharing
  5. I agree 100% its way more difficult to buy a house these days if you're a young person, that's why it took me until my thirties to make my first purchase, but the housing markets has really boomed during this pandemic period, its almost surreal.....since my first deposit just under three years ago my property value has already risen 55%, at the time I moved in.... like you said the city coffers who benefit from the inflated house market tax are having a great time, but if your a first time buyer, when a lot of people lost stable jobs and house prices going through the roof its just very hard..
  6. That’s why I bought one in Grimsby by the lake, nothing wrong with a good investment opportunity, plus my building wasn’t blocking any access to fishing areas 😁
  7. I agree that a good portion of this has to do with the trash, and I remember seeing a trash barrel near where the shore trail meets the lake rocks and its overflowing, been there many occasions and I wasnt sure who put that there or was responsible for it, but clearly one barrel wasnt enough
  8. I was there a couple days ago and saw the access blocked, if you still have questions you should email the MNR about this, I’m pretty sure unless the marina paid to put those rocks there or are leasing that property it’s considered public and shouldn’t be denying access. I don’t know specifics about this exactly but forward the email you got from the marina, see what they tell you and please let us know
  9. Well I got out today in the evening for about an hour or so, weather was absolutely amazing. Went 0 for 1, had what looked like either a laker or brown on for about 15 seconds and unfortunately it shook me off. It seemed a pretty decent size, was pulling hard, nice to have that feeling in the rod again, gonna try again soon. Fish was hooked on a 5 inch smelt imitating minnowbait, nothing touched the cleos.
  10. All the replies are much appreciated, thanks... I’ll probably be giving it a shot as soon as I can
  11. I eat too much food on Easter weekend it usually gives me more then one major dumping
  12. Hey everyone, with these warmer temperatures I've been wondering if its time to put the ice fishing rods away and start dreaming of soft water opportunities. I've always loved casting for trout in the spring but was curious just how early these fish can be targeted from shore. What's the earliest in the year any of you have gone casting for trout with any kind of success? Much appreciated BT
  13. My New Years resolutions are always the same for fishing: Catch any species I haven’t caught yet Set new PBs with any species I have caught Have fun every time I go out Introduce someone new to the sport
  14. I think another idea would be to limit the bag size for tournaments. Instead of the five heaviest fish you catch to bring in why not make it the three heaviest. In a 100 boat tournament where every boat brings in 5 fish, thats 500 total. In a 3 bag limit its only 300, 200 fish get to swim away where they were caught, much better numbers for the fishery and I dont think tournaments anglers would be turned off by this idea. I wish the MNR would enforce both this and the weigh boat station ideas.
  15. Bass Fishing Tournament Organizer Fined for Dead Bass - Wired2Fish.com
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