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  1. Nice to see the fall bite is still strong. Although you feel bad for the Rudd, it is considered invasive so you might not hear any groans about getting rid of a few
  2. Sweet catch, definitely a nice bonus… bit of a rough war wound it has on its back, looks fresh
  3. Sweet catches, screw work I’m going fishing is something I wish I could say everyday
  4. Nice salmon, bet they were a great fight, what lure caught these? As for the eel, was it an American eel? I thought these were endangered and catches are supposed to be reported
  5. How many per pack do you get for $20, I hope you get at least 10-15
  6. If you want to avoid birdsnests then #3 is the most important rule most novices and amateurs don’t understand, it’s why you have a loop sticking out of your spool after you cast and started reeling. To eliminate line twist I attach my spoons and spinners with a snap swivel, tied to a leader which has an additional swivel, this double swivel approach hasn’t let me down. I also strictly use spro swivels and have been happy, DONT cheap out on terminal tackle, especially with salmon, you wouldn’t do it with muskie
  7. I wish my commute involved my canoe
  8. Unfortunately I’d prefer to keep my lure a secret lol, it’s a 6.5 inch soft fish plastic jerk bait of my own design, made the original out of play dough and used plaster of Paris to pour a mold around it, I’ve caught plenty of trophies with it, just need to make a smaller and larger version of it
  9. Went out for an hour last night to Jordan marina, saw about 6-8 other anglers fishing. As soon as I geared up the gentleman beside me caught a small sheepshead about 2-3 pounds. After about 20 minutes I notice something slash at my bait, missed it the first time but not the second, set the hook into my first bowfin in quite a while. Small guy only a few pounds, but this is the first one I’ve seen or heard of coming out of the marina, although I’m sure they are around. Fish was caught on my own homemade soft plastic lure
  10. That stinks Tyler, but if I were you I’d get the di/si if you could, technically you already paid for it, and I also thought 600 was a bit pricey…… when I first started using DI on my helix I found it was entertaining and informative, the first time I used it I was on a northern lake, fished eight hours without a bite but since I had my eyes glued to the screen, learning all the fine details underwater kept me satisfied, I never want to go without it again to be honest
  11. Just got an email from humminbird about upgrades to various models in the helix series, I hope you got yours for a good deal
  12. I loved my helix 5 when I had it, lost in an unfortunate canoe accident I wasn’t apart of…. I had the gen1, got it when it first came out, but mine only had DI, no SI or gps, did you get one with any DI or SI? I found the down imaging to be very useful, helped me fish out a lost rod in 20 feet of water, I could literally see it laying on bottom
  13. Well done, must’ve felt great 👍
  14. 25” would probably be in the 8 pound range, wow that’s a giant, I would mount that beast
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