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  1. Wow congrats Bill. That beats my PB by a long shot. That mama is a clean looking healthy fish that will be waiting for you when she hits 40.
  2. I agree Bill. Looks like a sauger but clearly a walleye. The colours are from changing habitat locations from the spawn probably. Nice fish.
  3. Well done. I was out today and got a few crappies. Let us know when the salmon start and I will take a drive and meet up with you and Tyler.
  4. Did you take the yak out to Dalhousie yet?
  5. I was out crappie fishing a few days ago and can tell you the small mouth bass are bedding. The water was very clear and I could see so many bass just waiting to attack anything that come close. I personally don’t pull bass from their beds but I am sure if you target them you will have a slam fest.
  6. I was fishing my local lake and found almost 7 degrees from the shallow bays to the main lake. Water temperature this time of year is key for crappie. Don’t waste time in areas that don’t produce. Crappie will hit if they are there. No hits in 10 minutes I move to another area until I find them.
  7. I didn’t go out because of the wind. I stayed home and cut the grass instead. I really don’t like fishing in the wind unless I am trolling.
  8. It is considered zone 20 part of Lake Ontario. 2 rods are allowed. If it was zone 16 all the people there fishing for trout are poaching. I checked this out before and it is zone 20 two rods if you are in your boat or kayak
  9. Yes if the wind holds off. I hate fishing in the wind lol
  10. I am heading out to catch some perch tomorrow.
  11. Is it fishable by boat?
  12. I haven’t travelled that way in a little while so is the whole west side shut down for fishing? Can you still access it at this time or the east wall only? Maybe time to bring the kayak and fish the west side.
  13. I have not been for a longtime but usually this time of year is real good depending on the water colour. When the wind stirs up the lake and blows it in the river the fishing slows down. If I was closer I would drop the yak in and give it a shot but not sure if it’s really worth the trip. I can tell you the bass walleye and perch fishing are all very doable in the kayak on Lake Erie. We will definitely venture out for sure. Throw in a few drum for fun always make for a good time.
  14. I have fished the upper many times in fort Erie between the two bridges in my boat but never in a kayak. I can’t see an issue on the Canadian side but towards the middle and American side the current would be difficult in a yak.
  15. I jig the mouth or the Niagara Bar and prefer this method for this location. The Bar is like a big shelf that holds a smorgasbord for hungry feeding fish. Drifting while presenting a jig, spoon, three way rig with minnows or roe, or anything vertical is the technique most commonly used. But when fishing out on the main lake I think vertical jigging is tough unless you have found some sort of transition point or structure holding fish. Vertical jigging is not a search method but is a great method once you locate them. Again this is only an opinion but works for me.
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