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  1. That’s the 2 sizes I use in gold and silver.
  2. Hey Tyler YouTube Stingeye Spinner and watch a few of the Niagara river salmon and trout videos.
  3. I actually prefer a spinner over a spoon when casting. I find the vibration angers the fish and causes a reaction strike especially when nothing else can get their attention.
  4. Tyler this is my take on BC vs Spinning for pier casting. I find if I am casting for hours I prefer a bait caster but never for pier fishing. Accuracy is not an issue on the pier so cross that off the list. Bait caster rules for minimal line twist but if you use a good inline swivel to attach a good fluorocarbon leader 12” in length minimizes the twist. Windy days bait casters just plain out suck on a unsheltered pier. Line capacity on a bait caster designed to cast all day doesn’t work for me in a pier situation. Cast it out far, get a salmon on and you better hope he doesn’t want to go home or you run the risk of getting spooled. You can’t chase from shore. If I use a high capacity reel my arms and wrists just pay the price. As for line weight if use anything less than 20 braid or 12 mono and hook a big salmon with a heavy drag the line will dig into the spool. I love bait casters and use them regularly but for salmon pier fishing I prefer a spinning reel. As for wind knots I don’t have any issues unless it is below freezing and the braid type absorbs water. There are braids or super lines that don’t absorb water if your intention is to fish below the freezing mark. Another tip on braid or super lines. When your line is finally ready to change just reverse it so the fresh line on the bottom of your spool is now on top. The majority of line on your reel never gets used. Again this is my opinion for pier fishing not any other type.
  5. I prefer canned corn as a hair and hook bait because of the high natural sugar content over maize. If I am having issues with gobies or perch I put the corn in spawn netting and fish it on a hair like a boilie. You can put it on the hook but you will have a higher hook ratio on a hair.
  6. Tyler if you launch at queenston you can drift down river all the way to the mouth. Don’t go up river from queenston the current or back current is too strong.
  7. Didn’t happen for me. I was only out for a short period and tried a new spot. I think it has lots of potential. I put about 25 pounds of chum in the area. I will give it a shot in the next few days.
  8. Now let us see if I can christen the net.
  9. Just replaced the net with a 2 ft heavy duty rubber basket.
  10. I see you signed your anchor like an artist signs a painting or a sculpture. Nice touch. Many moons ago I think everyone had an anchor like this….classic and still functional.
  11. Great idea. I am actually replacing the netting with a deep rubber net. I prefer it for when fishing with lures and it also works as a mat when I don’t have one available.
  12. Started the morning at 9:30 using 2 rods with corn. One scented and one plain. Update: 10:00am scented 12.2 pounds 10:55am unscented lost fish 12:30pm done. hope to update soon 😎
  13. If your kayak is a sit on top the law requires only a PDF with a whistle as long as you are wearing it at all times. You don’t require an orange safety kit or anything else.
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