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  1. You mean the 12.8 million from the out of towners taxes don’t you? The garbage comes from locals as well as people from out of town and both should be ashamed of it. I suppose the used syringes and broken alcohol bottles are all from out of town people. As for wanting only locals to be able to use a certain area suck it up you live in Ontario and all public lands should be available to anyone that wants to use it. Don’t let the rest of Ontario turn into a lake simcoe no access to the water situation. Anyone that purchased a fishing license has the same rights to fish any Ontario waters period
  2. Actually $5 is nothing for parking and the ease of launching from the ramp.
  3. I park on the dirt section beside the marina when I go to Jordan but I don’t want to get towed while I’m out trolling. Not sure if I can park there anymore.
  4. Are you launching from Forty Mile Creek Park or Nelles Beach?
  5. You are so correct. A rudder is an absolute necessity unless you are running rivers in White water. Pretty soon the crappies will be running and we should get out catch a few and maybe enjoy a shore lunch. Tyler hurry up and get a kayak so you can join us. I am on the water at least three days a week from now until the ice stops me.
  6. That’s where I got mine. I have the Sportsman 120 PDL. The difference in weight between a 106 and a 120 is very little and I don’t consider that a factor. I load mine in the back of my truck which is a 6’ 5” bed and I don’t need a bed extender. As for stability the 106 is very stable but the 120 is better for the big lakes by far. I also enjoy the extra carrying capacity of the 120 and of course the extra room. I run an electric when trolling all day although the PDL system is easy to maintain trolling speeds without breaking a sweat. The reason for the trolling motor is when running two rods
  7. How do you know this? Do you or can you find something in writing? The marina keeps putting signs up for the dirt part and that is where we park and launch our kayaks. I am sure if it was not part of the marina they would be prohibited from putting the signs up and the Parks would stop them from doing it. I just don’t want to return with my kayak and find no truck. Has anyone actually spoke to the marina firsthand and not “heard” from someone about the dirt side?
  8. We kayak fish early spring in Jordan harbour. Always with a buddy regardless of water temp on the big water. The harbour is nice because you are pretty sheltered provided the wind is okay. If it gets rough you are very close to shore.
  9. I know the ramp is closed but is parking still available for shore anglers?
  10. Maggoty are very easy to keep and farm. You can keep them all year with minimal effort. A good source for the larger maggots is the pet store.
  11. Definitely can’t even shoot a pellet gun from your property. In my area it was minimum 10 acres and now it was increased to 18.1 acres. Your only hope is to get permission and shoot from the farm behind you. You can’t shoot from 1.5 acres even if you have permission to hunt the land behind you. But check with your local bylaws to be certain or a confiscation of your firearms and a $5000 fine is sure to follow. It is getting tougher to shoot on our own property as hunters as the developers grab more agricultural land and turn it to residential.
  12. You mentioned you are across the road from a subdivision. I don’t know where you live but in most areas the local townships have adopted a no discharge within 450 metres of any planned subdivision. Although a firearm is usually based on over 500 FPS your municipality will include all firearms even under 500 FPS so that means pellet guns, compound and crossbows. Just saying....be careful because laws are definitely not in favour of us hunters anymore and a discharge of a firearm is not a light charge to deal with. Maybe building a more secure enclosure for your chickens might be your only optio
  13. Sub sonic .22 is not enough to shoot a coyote and be humane. As for a compound bow the coyote will still run in most cases. If you are going to dispatch the coyote do it with a proper round. A wounded coyote is much more dangerous than a healthy coyote. A wounded coyote will also try to find shelter near a good food source as in the subdivision across the road. You are either legal to discharge a firearm or your not. Even with the argument of protecting your land/animals you still can’t discharge a firearm if it’s not legal to hunt that particular piece of land. Shoot it with the proper calibe
  14. Well done. Certainly was a nice day.
  15. Before Covid I would use the launch across the river. So much better, parking is great, no lineups (rarely) live bait if you want it. So for a short drive it is worth it to me. I will continue to use the US launch when borders open. The queenston launch is a joke for parking and lineups. Some people have either never learned boat launch etiquette or they just don’t care. I don’t get that on the US side. Hopefully they build a proper launch with an in and out at least and have dedicated parking for launch users with trailers. I don’t mind the cost to launch as almost every other launch has a fe
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