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  1. Thats kind of you to say Cliff... Glad to see it get so many hits... There will be more to come!
  2. Oh and Rile, no tape measure handy... I wish I had one because I'm curious. But between unhooking and taking pictures by then I just want to get them back in the water and let em go.. I know its no problem to measure, but the less I handle them the better off I feel aha.. I am very curious though.. and I wont even guess.
  3. Nice going Smerch! Theres a lot of things I wish I could have done lol.. battery is definitely dead by now if that were possible.. Tried for hours with a really long handled net with no luck... Believe me I was desperately trying lol. Thanks again for all the comments guys, always appreciate em!!
  4. I do know where and about how deep it is where I lost it.. but unfortunately with the bottom as it is, I have a feeling she is burried pretty good.. I would love to try that though. Its taken some time to get things down pat with the inflatable.. Its a solid inflatable thats for sure, give it lots of credit.. But we've came along way from the first time we got it to make it more and more fishable and practical. Never a dull outing though thats for sure! Thanks again for all the views, and comments!!
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments! And thanks for watching! Good luck Smerch! DaveC- I do know the location. That would make my day!... Month and Year if that were to happen haha.. Wondering how long they last underwater with the waterproof housing. Would certainly be interesting.
  6. Thanks guys. Graham - I use the float back that gopro sells 90% of the time. Best accessory you can buy. I was changing over to the chest mount which doesn't fit with that backing on it unfortunately. And I was foolish enough to do that swap on the side of the boat lol. Lesson learned the hard way!
  7. Hey Guys, Here is some footage I put together from Pike Opener this year... Unfortunately I recently dropped my GoPro in the water, and wasn't able to recover it.. Not happy to say the least. So footage was somewhat limited. Hope you guys enjoy it, please share with others. The more views I get = the more excuses to go buy another!!
  8. Pretty sure that's exactly what he was implying... Lol.
  9. Daler - I have the Hero 3 Silver edition. I'm not too sure on how long it runs on continuous filming tbh. Maybe an hour? That's just a guess. I have 2 batteries. The batteries are around $20 and worth buying extra. Jimmyv- setting up and worrying about the camera can be somewhat of a hastle especially when all you want to do is have your line in the water. Because of that I missed some amazing days this year lol.. But you can learn a lot from it. Seeing what you were doing when those fish hit.. Example in that last video, most fish came shortly after a couple jigs. I might only remember the
  10. Yeah NBM! Proud to sponsor NFN. Smerch be careful... I don't know about that Big Dog guy your talking about...
  11. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. I'll try Cliff. Hopefully have the camera out a lot more come spring. I don't always put my favourite songs on the videos lol but once and a while fit them in some how. The dirty heads are awesome though. Glad you liked it.
  12. Here's some footage from a couple outings in the fall. Didn't film much with the Go Pro unfortunately.. So I missed a lot of good days. But here's what I got when I did turn it on. Hope you enjoy. Thanks, Andrew.
  13. Thanks guys! Appreciate it. I know Canafianfcat. Haven't been in a while. Craving it lol
  14. LOL thanks, I would love to fish for a living aha. I love it. Its a pretty light material, I find it much cooler on those hot days when the suns really reflecting off the water. Saved me some sun burns thats for sure haha. Definitely recommend it.
  15. Well.. I'm moving on to trout fishing for the year. Here is some footage from this summers bass fishing experiences. Make sure to watch in HD! And feel free to share with others! Thanks!
  16. Yeah, I change my mind. Don't go in there guys!
  17. I fish there once and a while. The closer you get to the bridge the stronger the current or so I find. It is actually quite dangerous but on the right days (clear water) it's do-able. If your worried just stay farther down to start. Maybe go with a friend as well. I enjoy fishing up there. I just have wading boots with the felt sole for good grip on rocks.
  18. Roe is a good start you can usually buy pretied bags from your tackle shop. Either bottom bouncing or under a float set up depending where you are and what you feel like doing. Also try streamers if your bottom bouncing if you dont wanna buy roe.
  19. Awesome report and great pictures. Way to go
  20. Andrew30

    13 Rods

    I've used one of their flippin sticks I think it was the Omen, from the same guy that Big Dog is talking about. If only Joe would answer this thread haha. I had a good experience with the rod for the one day I used it. Price seems to be pretty good for what you get. Not sure what warrenty is like. JOE R where are you when we need you LOL
  21. LOL. Thanks again guys I appreciate it!
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