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  1. Thanks guys I will take a look.
  2. Thanks bigugli will look it up and take a look. Anyone else have any other suggestions? Looking at their camp sites bigugli it does not look like they have any sites available bank side unfortunately. Am I not reading the map right?Plenty of camp sites offer fishing close by however I literally want to fish and be able to camp in the same spot.
  3. Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows of any good camp sites that you can camp and fish. Prefere it to be on Lake Erie or Ontario. I'm looking for a camp site that I can literally have my tent on the bank where I am fishing. I don't want to have to leave my camp site to fish is what I'm looking for.
  4. Have one and would say it's a bit light for lakers and salmon. Great bouncing rod.
  5. Yeah from what I have heard it has been deemed unsafe. Which is why it was shut down. I have heard that it will not be reopening and will be closed perminatly due to lack of funding to fix the structure.
  6. Sigh... People and thier big mouths.
  7. i disagree. I am not a hunter and am not offended at all by the pictures. Nor do I think it gives hunters a bad name. That's the problem with society today to many over sensitive panzies. That is a general statement before anyone takes offence and starts crying. Anyhow nice shooting.
  8. The walk is pretty gnarly right now. I attempted to walk out on Saturday but ended up just turning back. I did not see anyone out either which made Me a little worried about the conditions of the ice. Good luck and take care!
  9. I would go with a cut bait. can't imagine it will be to productive no matter what you Use. Mind you I have never fished for cats in the winter time so maybe I'm wrong.
  10. Check the non fishing related section of the forum. Believe I seen some posts there about some fellow mudders.
  11. If you want to target "trout" here in niagara I don't suggest doing it through the ice. If Your taking your son I would Highly suggest targeting pan fish through the ice much more action the young one will enjoy it Much more. Where habs is fishing you are Much more Likely to catch pan fish the occasional pike trout are pretty rare in that spot.
  12. Nice catch through the ice, you don't see Many Of those come up through the hole!
  13. Very cool would like to learn how this is done. Think you gave me some inspiration. Do you sell these at all?
  14. Right body of water but would not say it's very productive there. Best way to catch these fish is to cover water. Don't stay in the same Place. Also like any fish there is always a prime time To catch them. Do some Research first find out when they are open season then find out where those fish like to be at that time Of year. Pike can be very productive from shore Muskie on the other hand.. They don't call them The fish of 10000 casts for nothing. Good luck
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