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  1. I'm not sure we need new laws, we have too many rules already. Just need to use common sense. People that don't have common sense don't follow the rules anyway. If the other boater would have used common sense and/or followed the rules already in place they wouldn't have been out on the lake without lights and the crash wouldn't have happened. On the flip side to that is operating a boat at night or day at a safe speed depending on the conditions is a personal responsibility too. Evidently the police doing the reenactment couldn't believe how difficult it was to see a boat with no lights on, even at slow speeds.
  2. Thanks Markster. I made some Goose jerky a few weeks ago on the smoker and it turned out great. These birds are destined to become pepperettes. I usually hang them for a few days but too warm yet for that. Nice young ones get roasted whole, sometimes will put breasts in slow cooker with apple cider then ad BBQ sauce and pull apart like pulled pork, breasts on the smoker too I find good.
  3. Hopefully the ducks are down early this year Gunner!
  4. Couldn't resist getting out for the early season goose season. Nice cool morning, set up went smooth and enough birds were flying to get some action. We were just packing up and two cop cars showed up, here we go. One of the neighbouring properties called in to report that there were people with guns shooting geese behind their house and they are protected. We just explained to the officers what the rules were and that we were following the rules and they were satisfied with that. My buddy follows up with "we might see you again on Saturday, lol" Too many city slickers moving out to the country that don't belong there! Arggh.
  5. Claude and John serviced my boat until they closed up. I thought that they retired but could be wrong. I believe that all Mercs 30hp and under are actually made by Tohatsu of Japan, rebranded as Mercs and 40hp to 60hp Mercs are made in China. That would be enough reason for me not to buy a Merc outboard just out of principal.
  6. I’ve been to the Beer store a few times over the years. Highly recommend, despite being over priced and poor service.
  7. Trudeau says a canoe. He did say that one of the highest priorities of aboriginal youth is a place to store their canoe!
  8. Very painful! The worse is filling up the Yukon and the boat together. My son just got his license and was in shock when we passed the $200 mark. Since we are all still buying gas, we are obviously not paying enough Carbon tax yet. The pain is just starting if we can't get stop the Liberals! Hopefully O'Toole can dig deep and pull out a win to stop the madness.
  9. Looks a bit staged? I think it would be much more believable if she was topless wearing a camouflaged thong!
  10. Oh boy, Oh boy, we had better stock up the freezer with steaks before the Liberals slap the carbon tax on beef too, Smerch! The scary thing is that it isn't far fetched! Maybe they are on to something though, I guess it must have been dinosaur farts that caused the global warming millions of years ago, after their extinction, the earth began to cool, entering into the ice age, then began to heat up again with Wooly Mammoth farts leading us into warming periods, then more ice ages, then buffalo farts now replaced with cattle farts leading back to an increasingly warming period. I think a big part of the problem is all the hot air that the politicians are spewing. We should get rid of them and leave the poor cattle alone!
  11. Lol, yes they are very distracting, I kept looking for the play button but couldn't find...damn!
  12. Hmm, I don't usually use straws but if they put that picture on a box, I'd probably buy a box or two! Ha. Being a glass half full guy, I think see is undoing her top and about to let them loose!
  13. Politicians hard at work for their constituents! Arggh!
  14. The water levels are usually low and the few fish in there get stressed this time of year.
  15. Don't have to be retired Smerch to see the change, yes everything is getting more costly. I still have to do a painful conversion in my head from metric to imperial measurements, and who's going to notice a few dozen grams/ml/mm, disappear. My wife picked up some Dads cookies the other days and they weren't much bigger than a Ritz cracker! Between taxes, inflation and debt it creates a vicious cycle. Costs go up, prices go up, inflation goes up, rates go up to keep inflation at bay, wages go up to keep up cost of living, which drives up costs, then more price increases, taxes go up to cover spending and interest cost on our ever increasing federal and provincial government debt loads. They are forecasting the interest charge on our debt to rise to approximately 3.8 Trillion annually, that will suck the future generations dry. Hopefully it wont turn out to be a financial death spiral for our Country in the coming years. Our current prime minister and finance minister are throwing money around like drunk'n sailors (no offence to drunk'n sailors) With the two of them it's like handing a chequebook and visa with no limit to your 8 year old and expecting a positive outcome with the family finances.
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