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  1. Lol, who is your buddy? That is our gang, I was about to post about our trip.
  2. Yep that current is unforgiving! Back in the 80's during high school, we used to go down to the pool at night, bring a case of beer, have a bonfire and fish till one or two in the morning. Boy those rocks were slippery when the water went down especially wearing Kodiaks!
  3. Hey Fishingking, that's cool that you daughter wants to do the course. The on-line hunter safety course is still avaialble, but not the firearm safety course. Here is the link for the hunter safety course https://www.ohep.net/courses/online-huntered/
  4. Just a reminder that today is the last day for the draw application.
  5. Used to go to the Aquaduct in Welland back in the late 80's great place. No walleye but lots of friendly girls.
  6. I've never had much luck before the middle of September on Erie for Perch. Hopefully the fall is more productive than the spring was!
  7. It's amazing what goes on around us if we take the time to look, 90% of the population is totally oblivious to it. Don't know what they're missing out on. . Congrats to your pooch for making a kill, at least he ate it, hopefully he didn't jinx himself with he Hawk! HA
  8. That sounds like a great getaway for sure hopefully you come back with some great memories and stories!
  9. Good stuff Corey, We pulled a Bull tag for 26. Did a happy dance for the wife and daughters and much to their delight will begin the daily moose call practice. I'm going to try to convince the wife to let my son come on this years trip which would be hist first but he's heading into grade 11 so likely won't let him miss the school.(Mom's are no fun!) We go up for the opening week which is Saturday, September 19th. We will head up on the Thursday and come back the following Saturday or Sunday 26th or 27th. Oh boy, can't wait!
  10. LOL....Hmm, that might be a paper straw, so we should give her a break. Wonder if she wants to go fishing?
  11. I'm with you Smerch. Always laugh when the shocking news flash comes out that it hasn't been this hot on this day since 1963 or something to that affect. The climate has been changing since there has been a climate. Good thing, 15,000 years ago this area was covered by a glacier, not so much now. Might be covered by one again one day? Either way, carbon tax, windmills and Teslas' will be irrelevant.
  12. Wiith Niagara now having moved to stage three, there is bound to be increased couger sightings especially after dark throughout the Niagara Region. Us old guys should be safe but any young fellas had better be on guard. Ok if you are properly equipped to bag one however if you are inexperienced in such pursuits, you could easily be the victim of a unprovoked Couger attack! As well, you have to be careful driving in NIagara area especially after dark as cougers typically don't move very fast wearing high heals.
  13. Yes very sad, just shows you how quickly life can go side ways on you, and a good reminder to all myself included that a life jacket could have saved the grandfather's life and the grandson a lifetime of "what ifs".
  14. Oh boy, my irrational fear of being attacked by sharks in the great lakes and my grandmother pool after dark had pretty much dissappeared 45 years after watching JAWS, now this! LOL
  15. Looks like a great trip, fishing and family, great mix. All the smiles say it all!
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