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  1. Just in from OFAH COVID-19 Outdoor Restrictions Update Earlier this week the Ontario government announced a second province-wide State-of-Emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will begin at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday (January 14) and includes a stay-at-home directive for all Ontarians. That has many anglers and hunters wondering what that means for their hunting and fishing plans this winter. The OFAH reached out to government officials to seek additional clarity and confirmed that fishing and hunting act
  2. A buddies father had one of those. I bought his boat in the mid eighties when I was in high school, I didn't want to buy the graph as it looked to complicated and wasn't cheap at the time. I remember him showing the scrolls with fish marks etc. which was incredibly cool at the time. I bought a small LCD unit instead that probably had 50 pixels in the whole screen, looked like an electronic quarterback game (loved that game), but showed the depth and a rough representation of bottom structure which to me was great at the time.
  3. Come on Smerch, still 8 hours left to go! ha.. Peanut butter and bananas are some of natures perfect foods, you cant live on either but both together will do you well. Add in potato chips and beer and you'll be doing well. Hate the thought of mattress shopping, always try to stretch one more year out of it. Doesn't get as much wear and tear as it used to so should last longer! Yes hope that 2021 is a MUCH better year. Happy New year!
  4. Hoping for the same. Make sure you get on the list if you're not already on it.
  5. Resolutions ranked from easy to extremely difficult Lose 20 lbs by April then gain back 25 by October Drink more Fish more Hunt more Climb a mountain Make more sweet love to the wife
  6. That looks like the "cats ass" of cameras
  7. Yes was looking at either that or an Aquaview. The Aquaview are a bit less expensive or cheaper, not sure which yet?
  8. Was looking at 75 foot cable, but maybe I should think bigger.
  9. Thats what I'm thinking, more curiosity to see what's going on "down there" That would have been cool to see the musky attack!
  10. Yes, you can never have too many toys!
  11. Hey guys, I've felt a sudden "need" to add an underwater camera to the fishing arsenal. Does anyone have any experience as to how well they work especially in deeper water like out in Lake Erie? Both open water and through the ice. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated?
  12. Hate that drive to Simcoe for day trips, overnight on Nippising would be fun have yet to do that.
  13. That's not good, was hoping to get into some Lake Erie Jumbos this winter!
  14. That was reported in most news outlets without combining two separate partial clips, one part of the daily briefing and the second "off air" discussion, the "they" referred to is likely their assistants that create notes etc., rather than Alien UN Overlords. (p.s. I have little use for the UN or WHO in their current state) Why take the vaccine? Simple to protect yourself and others. I would'n't depend on a local medical experts off the cuff joke, or a writer from bitchute, or any other journalist for that matter, but rather common sense. These vaccine conspiracy theories are ridic
  15. Not too many can claim two moose the same day! The second one must have been a bit "slow" though to show up 20 minutes later to the same spot, but still counts just the same...LOL!
  16. That sounds like quite an adventure Smerch! Given the prospect of having to pack out three moose over 4 portages I might have opted for the broken ankle! Probably less painful and got a free helicopter ride to boot!
  17. Thanks for the chuckle! Maybe I should give that a try, all those fancy store bought lures didn't work a damn for me this season! Maybe try tipping off the hook with a piece of hotdog, fish won't suspect a serious threat!
  18. I run combination of dipsys and jets off boards using same rods from both. Medium heavy Shimano Talora 9' I have downriggers however I don't care to use them. Planer board mast is a Big Jon. I have a removable minnkota mount for the trolling motor and purchased a separate mounting plate, bolted a piece of oak plank cut to fit the top of the plate and the mast fitting is attached to it so I can quickly install or remove the mast and switch out the trolling motor by just sliding out the retaining hardware. Love Ram rod holders too. In a perfect world I would like to be able to run the trollin
  19. I'd be hesitant in letting bass pro touch my boat if it was for free. I have heard/seen too many hack jobs done by them. I have an I/O so more involved and expensive than O/B, I alternate between doing it myself and having it professionally done. Last year I did it myself this year I had Mobile Marine in Grimsby do it, can't say he's cheap but seems to know what he's doing. $80 per hour + parts, fluid etc., seems about the going rate.
  20. Yes pretty miserable looking week for sure, don't mind being either wet or cold, but wet and cold is never fun! Hopefully you apply your hunting skills more affectively this week than I did during the November hunt!
  21. Way to go, nice when you can space them out far enough to accommodate time for field dressing between shots! LOL Hopefully your hunt group gave you a promotion!
  22. After shooting a fine specimen of a drake wood duck earlier this fall, I decided that I had to get it mounted and that it would make a great early Christmas present for the Mrs. LOL! No better craftsman than Gunner-2 from our site here to make it happen!
  23. Good to hear that your son is taking an interest. I do however agree with Smerch. Maybe a better topic would be that of invasive species in general, how they got here, their affect on the local ecosystem and how to avoid potential new invaders from arriving and establishing. Maybe an app, or function on MNR website to report and upload a picture of unidentified potential invasive species? Just a thought.
  24. With more and more "city folk" moving down all through the Peninsula it's going to continue to get worse. They move to the country then complain when they hear gunshots come waterfowl season, hunters killing bambi and when farmers are running equipment at night, spreading manure, etc. Just to add insult to injury many of the ones that like to come down here to visit on weekends, show no respect to locals whether it be through trespassing on private property or littering in parks and waterways.
  25. Good going Bubba, getting away this year is even sweeter than usual and it sounds like you make the most of it!
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