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  1. Good on you Smerch. Yes, shovelling seems to be a high risk activity. Fathers of two of my kids friends had heart attacks this week both snow related, both in their 50's, one made it one didn't.
  2. I bought a snow blower years ago to save time (and my back). It didn't end up working out that way though as I ended up clearing mine and then four neighbours yesterday so no time savings after all! Oh well!
  3. This was child's play compared to the blizzard of 77, That was a true balls to the wall blizzard, this was just a little dusting in comparison.
  4. Agree, unfortunately I'm finding that getting older and wiser isn't nearly as much fun as being young and stupid!
  5. Looks like it's starting to shape up nicely. Going to get the Argo ready for the first Erie trip of the year. Need to be ready! A buddy wanted to hit the Grand today, I took a pass but maybe next week. Something about thin ice and current doesn't excite me any more! Must be getting old?
  6. That's a bummer. I've done a few fibreglass repairs and they are very time consuming, not really difficult but kinda tedious. If you had to pay someone else to complete the repair it would be cheaper to replace. Once you grind out all the damaged glass you are going to have a hole the size of a basketball to glass back in so definitely not a quick fix. Once you have all the damage removed then one carefully laid layer of glass cloth on the inside, then you can start building it up on the outside until you match the thickness of the rest of the hull. If you want to pm me I can give you some tips
  7. Ski wax and elbow grease should do the trick
  8. Talk to Rainville's auto on Montrose Rd, White Pigeon. Dan is a top notch mechanic that is the most honest guy around. He'll tell you the best option with no BS
  9. I bet that walk was uphill both ways and you had to share one pair of boots with your siblings for the trek, and fight off bears and Indians on a daily basis! The good ole days!
  10. I was ten during the blizzard, luckily my mom picked me up from school. A lot of kids were stuck there for a night or two. I remember the one side of a buddy's grandmothers house up the street had a drift right up to the roof ridge. We were sledding down her roof! Cars abandoned everywhere on side streets etc. totally buried you couldn't see them. I believe a snowmobiler hit a chimney in Fort Erie if memory serves me correct. The only good thing that came out of the blizzard was snow days. After the blizzard if there was any snow at all they would cancel the buses. A few snow flakes in the air would have us glued to the radio and praying for a snow day!
  11. Glad there are some old weather veterans still around. If a Hurricane hit and flooded Toronto today, they'd have us riding recycled bicycles as our only option of transportation and eating tofu and grass clippings for our three squares a day!
  12. The wife can't argue with that logic! Ha
  13. It would be interesting to know what all those customs agents are doing with only two lanes open? They've been twittling their thumbs on full pay for a year and a half and only two boths open when it's time to get back to work? On our return trip from our deer hunt in NY two weeks ago, it was painfully slow coming back and they sent a team of three agents to check out my guns! Arghh!
  14. Congratulations on a beauty buck! Not a bad way to cut your teeth for sure! That is a trophy for anyone! If that was mine, I'd be getting Gunner-2 to do up a nice mount!
  15. Golden Anniversary Beer, haven't tried it but sounds like a fine premium brew! Ha... I bet those customs guys probably had some good parties every weekend!
  16. Yep, you nailed it. I'm a big Ruger and Leupold fan. That rifle is chambered in 308 and handles like a 22, great quick handling woods rifle. I have three Internationalls, 308, 243 and a 22. along with two other M77's in 338 and 204 For a dependable hunting rifle you can't beat them.
  17. Take a man's beer, that's just wrong. Well at least it was American beer, hopefully they picked it up at Tops for $4.99 case. Back in the day we used to get Milwaukee's Best, terrible stuff, I don't think it was actually brewed, probably beer flavouring mixed with alcohol and water, then into a can it went.
  18. Direct from police and fire. Basically if you are off trail and doing something that your average person would know better than to do. If you are trying to access a fishing spot that you think that most wouldn't have the balls to try to reach, you might want to give it a second thought. Try to scale a cliff rather than take the trail like everyone else and fall, it's likely going to cost you. Wade out to a rock so you can extend your cast by 20 feet or get that perfect drift, then you're gambling your own life and money. If you ask for a rule book they will tell you to stay on the trails, and definitely out of the water.
  19. Well the moon, planets and stars aligned so we were able to make it down for this years New York opening weekend. The first time leaving Canada in 18 months. Hit duty free going across into Buffalo to pick up some beer and whisky, only 4 other people in the whole store. The US customs agent seemed just happy to talk to someone, didn't ask if we were bringing anything in, didn't even ask to look at our guns, just shot the shite about hunting for 10 minutes while the cars backed up behind us. lol Met up with our American friends Friday night had a nice dinner, drank lots of beer and whisky while catching up and telling war stories. We were met with a bit of snow on Saturday morning, saw four does but as hard as I could squint I couldn't get them to grow antlers! Another nice dinner, more beer, more whisky, more stories. Sunday morning was a bit warmer. Has two does walk in front of me around 8 am, kept waiting for the buck to emerge from behind them but no such luck. Then about 9 am, three deer came running up the hill from below me all in a line, one doe, then another, the next one must be a buck, nope damn. Then about 10 seconds later up comes another deer, yep antlers, it's legal, it was about a hundred yards below me and a hundred yards to my right so I had a few seconds to assess. I had my heart on a big buck, but we didn't have a deer down yet, I waited as long as I could looking down the hill to see if a bigger buck was behind him, no 8 pointer following, he was now directly to my right about 100 yds out, so I get on mim, I let out a "baaah" to get him to stop, but he kept running, so followed through and dropped him in his tracks. Ended up being a small 6 pointer. I kinda felt bad since he was working so hard to catch up with those does, poor little guy. Should be tasty though!
  20. Well, I got the following scoop on the weekend. The trespassing charges are at the discretion of the police. Basically if you are doing something that they deem as stupid, that puts yourself, or others at risk you will be charged with trespassing. If the fire department has to come out to rescue you and they and the police decide it was because you did something that common sense could have avoided, or you went somewhere you shouldn't have been, you will also receive a bill for the cost of the rescue which can easily run into the thousands of dollars.
  21. Unfortunately it's not always "out of towners" that lack common sense. Years ago we use to fish off the deck of the power plant on the lower. One day some idiots decided to walk inside of the plant and take the elevator up rather than walk up the access road. That was the end of that. We used to fish below the dam at Port Dalhousie there was a young local guy that started wading out probably 4 feet from shore up to his knees in hip boots. Once he drowned doing it they really cracked down there too. We used to walk down the Maid of the Mist access road and fish the whole area without being hassled, I don't imagine that would go over well now. All you need is one or two people to steal, damage, litter, hurt themselves and sue to ruin it for everyone else.
  22. That was totally avoidable and certainly not an accident. They should send him a bill for the cost of the rescue. Instead of no-trespassing signs post a sign that if you need to be rescued you will be responsible for the cost. I bet if that guy new he would be responsible for an expensive rescue he would have jumped off that rock before it was too late. 35+ years ago we used to go down to the whirlpool at night take a case of beer, make a fire, fish and hunt for lures until the wee hours of the morning half in the bag and don't ever recall hearing about anyone needing to be rescued. Seen people slip on the rocks and get a bit of a soaker many times, those rocks are a slick when the water goes down and I have taken a few tumbles myself on them. Kodiaks with the soles worn smooth don't grip slimy rocks well! There was a guy a couple years younger than me at high school that went scuba diving there to get lures, he didn't make it out alive.
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