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  1. Hmmm, if I had vultures circling my house Smerch I'd be concerned. Hopefully it's hanging around for your neighbour! Ha It's amazing what can see if you are attuned to nature! That would be cool to witness. Poor baby dove, you don't want to end up as Vulture crap...not a dignified ending for sure!
  2. Duncan you purchased a terrific property for deer and turkey. I shot a huge 8 point buck 2 years ago in the field adjacent to your property. Myself and a few buddies hunt the general area quite a bit. A good buddy of mine lives just down the street from you. If you want to pm me I can put you in touch with him.
  3. Maybe narrow down you question a bit. I can tell you it is heavily hunted, and surrounding private properties are heavily hunted as well. Make sure you know the park boundaries, the section you have boxed off is 1/2 km from the park. The park ends at the mud side road that runs along the east side of the park.
  4. I think we'll be fine, same with fishing.
  5. Reminds me of going to to my grandparents house house as a young kid, they had a closed in front porch that was more of a storage shed in use, lots of treasures for a young boy to rummage through. My grandfather had a few old rods like those, one had a big sinker that I managed to hit the neighbours kid in the head with, there was some blood and lots of crying but he eventually healed up. On another visit I dragged out grandpa's golf clubs and the same kid put a ball through another neighbours side window and I took the blame for it. Guess I felt bad about the sinker incident. To S
  6. Supposedly the ticks got here catching rides on waterfowl which is why the started and are worse along the north shore of Lake Erie. I believe that Deer are their primary hosts not sure about tree rats but wouldn’t be surprised. They definitely creep you out when you find one. My godson is an avid hunter and must have dragged one home with him and it ended up on his moms leg, she didn’t notice it until it was embedded and fully engorged. It didn’t go over well! Turkey hunting is the worst as you usually sit right on the ground usually tucked into some brush so lots of opportunity for
  7. Not to worry on the weather Smerch, I just found out that my boat is stuck in storage until May 1st due as they put it at the back of storage building rather than front like they were supposed too, so April is bound to be a stellar month! Argh! Ticks are scary critters, knock on wood ,the Ultra Shield has kept them at bay so far. With turkey season fast approaching will be putting it to the test soon. I think I would sooner take my chances coming down with COVID than Lyme disease.
  8. It will be nice when it warms up and everyone can start fishing reports again! LOL
  9. Hmmm, did not know that. I heard of guys using them for muskie bait. I don't think I've ever caught one even worm dunking as a kid.
  10. Do you catch them for bait or fertilizer?
  11. Sounds like an exciting outing. Don't worry. all us guys tend to overestimate the size of fish, among other things and underestimate the cost of gear and the number of beer we had when together with friends, so it all balances out in the end.
  12. Hi Tombo, not sure I can help you with destinations but saw that you used to spec fish in the same area as we did growing up. I remember drifting worms in streams you could almost jump across. Fish in the morning and shoot ground hogs in the afternoon. Good times! The most plentiful and large spec fishing I have ever seen was in Algonquin park, only did one canoe trip back in high school caught a ton of trout on spinners, wasn't into fly fishing back then.
  13. Some of my wife's colleagues that were due for their second doses last week and this week have now been postponed. Both doctors and nurses.
  14. If you are to question the science on these vaccines, the big decision to question is Health Canada's blessing to increase the time between the first and second doses to four months. That one is a totally political hail of mary due to shortage of vaccines. They are even delaying the second dose now for front line health care workers as we speak.
  15. There is nowhere for gas prices to go but up. With the increased carbon taxes last year and again this year most didn't really notice or care as the gas price was so artificially low. As the economy improves, demand goes up, crude prices go up and carbon taxes keep increasing as the Liberals have clearly stated that they will, fuel costs will continue to rise and the cost of everything will increase along with them. The carbon taxes stated goal is to make fuel prices high enough to cause enough pain to make people cut back on use. The real goal is squeeze more of our hard earned money to help
  16. You have to get out and explore. Many of us figured it out long before there was internet, gps, google earth, forums etc. It has never been easier. We put in many hours and miles of hiking and casting over the years to find "productive spots" didn't find them on the internet. Getting away from the crowds and finding your own secret spot is very rewarding.
  17. My wife who is a nurse just got her second dose this past week. Looks like the rest of us will be waiting a while yet. Hopefully we don't end up like this guy that left a message on his friends answering machine. HA AUDIO-202.amr
  18. The late season goose opener ended up being pretty uneventful. Got to our spot at 5:30 and went about setting up in the pouring rain. We had one flock come in and commit around 7. They came in low and from our right and caught us off guard as we were all hunkered down in our layouts trying to shelter from the rain. I was the farthest to the left so left them to the other guys, our one and only bird for the day went down. Another flock came in right behind the first one though higher and not before we regrouped so off they went. Around 7:30 a dear came out in to the fiel
  19. Yes they were. I don't think I was ever in the Dain City Tavern. Wasn't too many bars in the peninsula I didn't hit at least once. Another landmark being lost is the Palmwood in Crystal Beach, that was one of my favourite hunting grounds in my 20's For better or worse can't stop "progress" or roll back time.
  20. Yes, I remember it as Rasso's Best Value back in the 80's(my memory could be off though). I remember John yelling Ma, Ma! and she'd come out of the house side to help, the old man would be sitting in their kitchen looking out to see what was going on. You'd go in and ask for something and he would dig back through piles of stacked cardboard boxes drag out a seemingly random one, then stick his arm in up to his shoulder and pull out what you were looking out and yes then look in the Labaron catalogue for the price. The only place around you could buy a shotgun, some lures and a loaf of bread! I
  21. Looking forward to getting out for a goose hunt in the morning. With the warmer weather they have been on the move the last couple of days, hopefully they will co-operate in the morning! Anyone else heading out?
  22. There are lots of places you can launch a boat on the lower river besides the Queenston launch, you just need a long winch line and a 4X4 Truck 🤗
  23. Yes I would agree, she is not doing hunters any favours. I would bet that this would be more of a shoot than a hunt. If you personally get your jollies out of shooting a Giraffe and it's legal then go to it, hang a picture on your wall at home, but most people, hunters included aren't going to be impressed at best. Seems like an attention seeker and "Shite disturber" part of the obnoxious "look at me" crowd.
  24. Those Stanleys are solid boats for sure. The "landing crafts" they make are amazing.
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