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  1. Jmac77


    I have found that the smelt usually run around the full moon in April.
  2. Tried fishing off the docks for perch in Port Dahousie,not a bite! Went over to Renne Park and sat on the quickly melting ice, only caught one small perch.Might try it again this weekend if the ice is still safe.
  3. I saw guys fishing on the ice at the Beacon today and yesterday.Don't know how thick the ice is.Be safe!!!
  4. Did you catch those perch at robinhood?
  5. Lottery win!!!!!!! Which will ultimately lead to more fishing!
  6. I tried a few of my crappie haunts this morning,my strike to fish ratio was much better.Zero bites zero fish,perfect I think.
  7. Tried my luck at Gibson this morning for some slabs.My strike to fish ratio was to say the least atrocious!Many thanks to Bigugli for the conversation and the jig heads,might be just what I needed to get back in the game.
  8. Does anyone know how far out from the mouth of the Niagara river to the sand bar.I was thinking of checking it out on Thursday.
  9. Jmac77


    Has anyone heard if the perch are biting at the Beacon?I was going to try lake Erie tomorrow but I think the winds are going to be to high.
  10. Anybody hear if the perch are biting on Lake Erie yet?
  11. Nice pike Bill! I see the water is down in 12 mile creek its a good time to get some cats.
  12. I recently bought a new fish finder for my boat.When I start the motor the fish finder shuts off.I am going to purchase a new battery and run the electronics separately from the starting motor.The motor keeps the battery charged so I am wondering how to wire the batteries together so both batteries are being charged without affecting the fish finder.
  13. Thanks guys for your kind words and for helping to make it a wonderful day.
  14. The will be a memorial celebration of Barrys life held on Saturday April 18th at 6 Keele st in StCatharines from 2:00 to 5;00 pm.All are welcome and hope to see some of the members there.
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