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  1. true enough guess i got lucky
  2. I found dr.very insensitive “just another stupid fisherman” .most painful was when they cleaned area before the shot with a cotton swab, that tended to snag the 2 remaining hooks on treble,pic is another instance.then the freezing 1 shot and wrapped the old skate lace around the base of hook gave her some slack and yanked her out.A quick hard pull is the trick.The pic was last year tying some pickerel rigs and as you ,snagged me.Aware of wait times at hospital I took paracord fastened a loop on wall put shank threw loop down to the penetration and after 5min and growing big enough kahonas I snapped hand back voila.Play with the bull ,get the horns. But that is best way to remove hook kinda like pulling a tooth with string and a door😀😀
  3. They can be invasive
  4. Had a hook removed in Parry Sound the operating tools came in on a silver tray and consisted of Channelock linesman,Channelock needle nose,Channelock side cutters and 1/2 a skate lace. Had the hook out fast but had to wait for Tetnus reaction from needle.I asked Dr. if it was Bobby`s skate lace he just grimmaced
  5. you'll get a different brand for every reply ITS NOT YOUR LINE lol
  6. Got 10 off dog from 2 hrs at burgoyne woods
  7. Thnx Lyle so you manually steer minn kota or use a setting.?
  8. Hey Daryl motor brand new 12v group 27 batt. probably allday but too many factors ie speed setting,duration,wind,current,weight of load in boat etc.Manual doesn't really say how to and ive call minn kota 3 times and all 3 techs told me its not what the motor is for and had never heard of such a practice lol.I know guys are doing it ,have been for years .I know i can steer manually but would prefer if it could be done automatically so as to concentrate more on putting fish on the deck thnks
  9. thanks Gil that would be "legacy " mode.when in this mode if my sog is adjusted will my bow mtr come on only to stay on course or is it constantly running?
  10. rececently added a minn kota to my bow, but unsure of how or what setting to use on ipilot control to enable bow motor to steer only as my 30hp tiller propels the boat while trolling..??
  11. as of last wed gate closed still
  12. Those signs come and go. Today the feeble barrier between signs had been dismantled.Being there everyday for my coffee break I see peeps fishing channel under bridge and on the rocks everyday, just sayin. To be nice the Marina management runs a loose ship, a boat with no tiller , no pun intended.I really can’t see them enforcing anything but boat trailers that don’t pay and even then often no envelope to pay n record your vehicle.NB you can use motorized boats inside the harbour if accessed by Lake O
  13. Just wondering if anyone is using power clips . They seem easier to use over any other “snap” type terminal tackle. Also seem stronger but I question line twist unless attached to a bearing swivel???
  14. just took apart my magds pro 30dx it had carbon fibre washers from the factory lol
  15. spinning reels with drag in the spool are easy its the baitcaster/level winds are frightening.The washers themselves are fairly inexpensive under $25.00 or cheaper landed to your door.
  16. looking for advice on changing drag washers on my trollers... magda pro 30's. is it hard ? easy/ send out /or order washers and attempt myself? spin reels pretty easy but I'm intimidated by star drag
  17. if pressure treated plywood or chemicals in that wood are used it will definitely chemically erode and "rot" any aluminum well known fact do not use pt wood in your aluminum boat
  18. Is it better to run system dry or keep system primed???? Both of course with a gas treatment in fuel.running dry risking any rubber in system ie hoses,carb/injector rubber and fuel pump rubber drying out or primed any forementioned rubbers soaking in potentially harmful fuel
  19. Is it better to run system dry or keep system primed???? Both of course with a gas treatment in fuel.
  20. bought a brand new df9.9 in 2009 ran great for 3 years then no spark.....good luck getting parts needed a stator 600.00 but non in canada that was after chasing a coil n cdi also non in canada.It was 4 years old at the time and suzuki canada had no parts I needed.Got a stator from i the usa iboats 425.00 usd then sold mtr.I was very disappointed with a Japanese mtr having electrical issues after 4 years but maybe just a fluke.I was more disappointed with finding parts in Canada.Just saying
  21. Don't know why they have that reg. 1km away you can almost guarantee they'll come back. I was told by an mnr co its to prevent spread of disease .?????????????
  22. Absurd or not I believe the law states they must be released no more than 1 km from where they were trapped. Makes no sense to me
  23. queenston quarries loaded with smaller bass perfect to keep kids catching fish and a great swimming spot
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