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  1. Nice fish guys! Looking forward to getting out this weekend rain or shine.
  2. I've been trying to find crownland for a hunt this fall. I want to get a look at it online and then drive up and scout/ camp for a weekend. The trouble I'm having is with the Ontario crownland atlas It's just not usable on my phone and I don't have a computer. Anyone have any tips?
  3. now that you mention it I would put my money on them being swans. They were being pretty vocal and we could hear their wings flashing through the air. I had never seen swans fly in a V like that before. If I had to guess there was somewhere in the ballpark of 40 flying in 3 different V formations
  4. Today I decided to strap my little guy in the kid carrier backpack and go for a walk through the bush at the humberstone marsh. When we got there just feet off the road I noticed a deer carcass. It had been skinned and butchered so I gave the poaching tip line a call and reported it. First time I've ever come across this. Also while we out there we had what seemed to be a flock of snow geese fly overhead. Was I right? Snow geese in niagara? Never have seen them down here before. Other than the potential poached deer it was a good day and I'm super happy about getting my little guy out in the wood. Starting him off early that's for sure, hopefully he can get his first fish this summer.
  5. Thanks for getting this organized Tyler the sticker and streamer are great! It was nice meeting everyone and being able to put faces to the names. Next meet I will make sure I'm able to get a line wet.
  6. I got pinned down for 24 hours in Pennsylvania due to a commercial truck ban so I'm only going to have a one day weekend. If I go fishing my wife might have a yard sale with all my gear haha. I'll come out at 7 for a coffee but unfortunately I can't hang around too long.
  7. That way is definitely cutting off the corner and most likely quicker. For someone out of town taking the QEW might be easier. 406 to the 140 to netherby would also be a good option.
  8. From Hamilton take the Qew to the netherby rd exit. Turn right and follow that about 15 km to the first set of traffic lights. Make a left and follow that road to the end. Big open turn around where everyone will be parked
  9. I've fished for steelhead before but with no luck. Just tried to mimic what I have seen in videos. If the meet changes from ice fishing would somebody be able to P.m. me and just let me know what kind of tackle I need to pick up. Steelhead are on the top of my list for new fish species to target this year.
  10. This is awesome! I'll be out for sure. Never have ice fished the rec before and I've been in welland nearly my whole life. Usually I head up to Quebec for hard water. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there.
  11. Im planning on starting this. How in depth do you go? Feet of water, water temp, length and weight of fish caught? I just listened to a podcast where a coyote hunter did the same thing. Really interesting stuff, he took notes on the weather, distance, time of day and a whole bunch more. He sold over 3000 pelts into the fur market.
  12. This is some sad news, never did have an outdoor mentor so this site helped inform me on a lot of things I never knew. I got lucky enough to meet up with a fellow member who took me out fishing the welland river and scouting for ducks. Gave me the confidence to invest in gear and this coming season I will be out chasing waterfowl on my own. Just sucks to think that opportunity won't happen in the future for another person looking to get out fishing or hunting. Please post if a Facebook group will be created I'd sure like to join. Thanks for all the how to tips over the last couple years they were appreciated looks like I missed the last page of the post great news the page is staying alive. I don't post all that often but I will make a point of being more active.
  13. Sorry to hear Gunner retired this year but at least you have a ton of good memories with him out on the water. It has to be equally as tough for him
  14. I was thinking of doing something along those lines with burlap and then brushing it in. At least that way if it gets destroyed or vanished for some reason it's very little money invested. It just really bothers me that people would do stuff like that. Nothing is sacred anymore. Good tip fishingking at least if I dont get a deer I can have hopes of bagging a Turkey in the spring . I had trail cams out last year and caught people trespassing, took them down at the end of the season. They got packed into a box before moving so I never set them up. Could be lucky. They might have gotten stolen as well. Thanks for the reminder genec I must have been looking at the rabbit season because that one is open until the Feb 28th. Either way still a good excuse to get out of the house after the holidays.
  15. Due to moving into a new house I haven't been able to get out for deer this year. This past weekend I finished up all the odds and ends around the house and figured I would head out to my stand and make sure all was good for a hunt next weekend. Walked up to the tree my ladder stands was on and the stand was gone! The straps holding it to the tree are cut and laying at the base. After a few choice words I decided I wasn't going to let some jerk ruin my day. I went home grabbed my shotgun and went out for small game. Ended up with two squirrels in the freezer ready for dinner next week. Felt really good to bring home some meat but the face on my 1 1/2 year olds face when I showed him the squirrels made it all worth it. Gonna make an outdoorsman out of him yet. Anyone else hunt squirrel in niagara? Thinking about hunting them into the new year since my deer season is over before it started. Also if anyone has any recommendations on a quick set up blind since leaving a stand out on private property is no longer an option.
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