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  1. Wow all those sound more interesting haha! At least it wasnt brand new or too expensive. Will make sure to keep my bail open or a close eye on the rod at all times. I usually jump right in if a rod falls over or a lure is snagged, but with the depth and snapping turtles on that day i think ill pass!
  2. Don't ever walk away when you leave your rod still for carp or catfish, watched it for 10 mintues with no hits, so decided to walk away for a minute to scout and splash!...rod and reel were gone. Drag wasnt set loose enough i suppose. Anyone else have any similar experiences?
  3. Will do! Thanks for the info, researched into it and says they're invasive...wouldn't shame on it tho it was a stunning sight.
  4. This neat chubby fish was caught while fishing for crappie down by Allanburg Road. Has red fins which I thought was cool. I've been told it is a shad, roach, rudd, mooneye, or carp. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks
  5. @dave524 oh I didnt think about it that way, good point. Doesnt matter when they'll spawn, if you keep them whenever they wont spawn regardless. What do I do when I see the guys keeping out of season spawners tho :/ I feel like so many people do it that the ministry wont bother
  6. I've been out fishing a lot this year, and i've noticed in the past few months that a lot of people are keeping fish, which is ok. But recently I noticed that MANY guys are keeping fish like perch, pike, and some bass that are full of eggs! Im scared that the small waters that I fish regularly will have a major decrease in population since every time I go out, I see buckets and buckets of female fish that are ready to spawn, dead in the buckets. Half the fish they keep are not super healthy anyways as the water isnt the greatest, but what I don't understand is why can't you keep the other average fish while you let the reproduces with eggs go so they can increase the population. Maybe it is just me, but I don't want the future ponds to lack life.
  7. Never knew they could get that colour, kinda cool. Also didn't know they were in beaverdams ponds :s
  8. Thats what I'm thinking, but it was so brown in the body, can sheepshead be different colours like panfish often are?
  9. A few days ago I was fishing for bass at Lake Gibson, just near beaverdams, and it was so slow! There wasn't much all day, but all of a sudden, my line took off. I was like, "Oh I hooked a nice bass, finally!" But then, the line kept going, no head shakes, nothing...and I thought no way can this be what I think it is, and it was indeed, a carp (well kinda). It took off with my spinnerbait and I was in shock! I reeled it in, and behold it had almost the whole spinnerbait in its mouth! Then I noticed something else...It didn't look like the usual carp I catch here. It had that gold/brown tint to it, but half its body was grey near the mouth and it almost looked like a mix between a sheepshead's head and a carp body. I didn't have my net handy (cause of course I wasn't planning on catching a "carp") so I didn't grab the fish since there wasn't a flat surface. I took a quick picture, removed the hook, and let it go...what a weird experience that was!
  10. I should try giving fluorocarbon a shot than! Always worried it won't be strong enough but these testimonials have me convinced to use them
  11. I'm trying to prevent pike from being bitten off, but at the same time I don't want the leader to be big and flashy. I know there are black, silver/steel, and fluorocarbon leaders, but I don't know which type I should use...what's everybody's go to leader?
  12. Jig Head


    There is a constant problem I am having with turtles biting my line. I can either be fishing for carp, catfish, or just panfish and whether it's worms, corn, or any other non-artificial bait...the turtles end up biting my hook. Some are painted and the others are big snappers. The snappers end up swallowing the whole hook and I am not going to even attempt to take the hook out for the price of a few fingers. This is constantly happening, and half the time I have to cut the line and leave the hook in, unless its a painted turtle that I can handle. This happens almost everywhere I fish. Is there any ways or tips to prevent the turtles from constantly trying to eat my bait??
  13. It's so sad. I've seen so many people down there throwing spinnerbaits and senkos, and a few guys purposely snagging with their rod. I told them I will be giving the Ministry a call. None of them seem to care and I haven't seen the Ministry down there much at all.
  14. Got my first two yesterday in Jordan, have to use a lot of scent tho.
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