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  1. I always thought they would be feeding on the smelt in like the 80-100fow...... You just opened my eyes to something, I've never used traditional walleye techniques on this lake, that might be my problem.
  2. I know there is lots of walleyes in this lake, big ones too but I can't seem to catch any! Anyone have any experience on this lake?
  3. kinda looks like a yellowish mooneye. curious if they are from the same family.
  4. Do people eat those things?
  5. sea run salmon and trout
  6. Buckshot, I used to take kids fishing for the children's aid society. I'm sure they could find something to do with that stuff as volunteers are always looking for things to do with the kids. Where are you located? I can call the one nearest to you to see if they take donations for the children, if you don't mind dropping it off. Also gearup.ca has a donation thing set up for donating fishing gear for the less fortunate. Let me know, I'm sure we can spread some Christmas joy somewhere.
  7. I have a bait caster brand new I can donate but where is all this stuff going?
  8. That's a hog. I wish Canada did more things like that.
  9. I think the main reason for extinction is their roe is just as valuable as black sturgeon roe. I have heard of sightings this is why I was asking. Last one I caught was in Louisiana, just curious as to if they are still in our great lakes. Thought someone might have seen them in the Niagara system. I guess they are a goner for good. Seeing one of those things feed is really cool. They just swim with their mouths open wide.
  10. Has anyone seen any of these or is it safe to say they are close to extinct around here?
  11. Do they take you out as well? I have a house near Virginia beach and could rent out it for 1200 for a week. Also have a hut I can put on top of fish for you too. 9 bedroom + den. Luxury waterfront. If your interested let me know weeks are filling up quick and there isn't even ice yet!
  12. Other kawartha's don't allow ice fishing eyes......only the gog Being so shallow those fish are venerable Hey cplummer, I thought ice fishing walleye only opened like 5 years ago on scugog..........
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