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  1. Oh yeah forgot bout that pond lol, thanks
  2. Looking for panfish spot for my 3 year old daughter to go fishing, any good spot or are they biting yet?
  3. Just wonder if anyone know copper cliff sudbury its zone 10?....and any good fishing spot there...going be stuck there for 3 weeks.
  4. Keep that spot yourself man..or esle it will be gone in no time lol
  5. Oh yeah for sure....theres jumbo perch in there.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/Port-Dalhousie-Kids-Fishing-Day-May-7-2016-1692836134327840/
  7. Gar pike go after anything small bait lol
  8. Bass season not open yet i believe.
  9. Alright thanks guys, tight line!
  10. Alright thanks...really corn work for trout?... Like on slip float?
  11. Going there today with my kid,,, whats good bait there for trout?
  12. Use dead minnow or shrimp and fish at night,they are soooo active
  13. Wow thats nices...would like get that done with big slabs lol
  14. Depend what area u go to..its all diff..pretty much u have to find out for yourself. go for a day and scout for turkeys.
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