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  1. I've been asking the same question ..walked along lake gibson the water is way down..found an area of deeper water and boom fish were there..6 smallies 2 largies...worth the trek
  2. yea was fairly windy last year too but I don't think as much as this year. Also....not sure if you fish marlatts but ...where the heck all the fish go man D:...usually in the mornings you see the bass feeding on the surface almost no matter the conditions...I don't see that anymore.....also noticed a lot more people than usual
  3. HAH! I've been thinking the same thing the last few days. It's been very blustery just about everyday!!..makes fishing a wee bit of a hassle!
  4. Wanted to share this because I had a bit of a nervous moment when I was recording a snapping turtle and..when I leaned over to take a video I carelessly let my bait fall on its head..it then grabbed the bait and I had it hooked in the mouth. For the next couple minutes I was sitting there with a thrashing turtle..I didn't have my pliers on me (go figure).. well...turns out snapping turtles are strong AF. It bent the 5/0 swimbait hook back enough and freed itself. It seemed just fine after and swam off fine There's a video on my twitter;
  5. Dude those look amazing! Great job!! Btw Marlatts is full of gar..they're in there in numbers...after seeing them stacked together in groups of 3 and 4 doing circles in the corners of the ponds they got to be there in good number. I also notice I only seem to get any attention from them when it's REALLY hot ..the water is CALM and I real in JUST deep enough that the blades start to break the surface
  6. I didn't think today was going to be very good..but.. Caught 15 bass just over one hour..missed a few hits...then the bite turned off (amazing how it happens like that) Went through several senkos (texas rigged)...At one point I caught three fish in a row no empty casts between each fish. I can go a few hours here and never get a bite..so I was having tons of fun
  7. made me double check the picture LMAO.. btw I know this is probably no big deal to a lot of people but when it's your first 1lb panfish..that's a milestone. I don't exactly catch monster panfish from those ponds so it was a nice surprise :D..gosh they are such a beautiful fish!!
  8. I've only ever caught a few of these. Thought it was a bass but..nope! Biggest panfish I've ever caught..pictures just don't do it justice. This was a solid slab
  9. Nice..love them..love them..love them....Now that Muskies open I've been catching nothing but Pike at Gibson haha..go figure. I'll take a Muskie any size I don't care if it's a baby I just want to say "I caught a muskie"
  10. Took me a while to figure them out.. they have really thin long mouth they likely won't bite with a large bait... slow retrieve just under the water where the blades just start to break the surface... I realized they won't notice or turn around if you cast behind them you have to run it by their face so they can see
  11. that annoys me when I see that.. however sometimes it's not immediately obvious what someone is doing last year I was fishing marlatts for longnose gar (right where the bass are in the corner) and I was using spinners...I had a few people stop and ask...you might think well don't fish there....but in actuality..I cut the hook off and tied a rope lure to it ..so if a bass hit it I couldn't actually catch it but i'd hook into those gar. I was bobber fishing the ponds this year and everytime I go there I catch a bass on a worm you can't seem to escape them it's chalk full of bass. So I just avoid the pond altogether unless I'm gar fishing. Been throwing a lot of baits that bass would hit on GIbson..caught nothing but Pike..pike clearly dominate the lake
  12. Most bass don't go back to their beds when they're caught spawning =\...can totally ruin a spawn especially in a pond.
  13. You're being a bit extreme. I love the fish and handle them gently and keep their time out of water to a minimum. If they die they die....I love fish...but they're just fish. You can't super impose what a human feels onto a fish. A human being is a highly intellectual animal with an advanced nervous system. Fish and Humans are a completely different biological organism. Fish don't feel sad or happy or calculate the day ahead..they don't think years down the road and plan retirement..they're just fish...very simple very basic creatures.
  14. I don't eat fish. I catch and release 100% I love them..I think they're beautiful...muskie are big beautiful beasts and I want to catch them because I respect what they are and it gets my adrenaline pumping.
  15. Welp..skunked fishing gibson last two days for several hours total
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